Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A couple clips from my Vegas trip

Find more videos like this on Nah RightFind more videos like this on Nah Right

Yo So I found Fabe Dogg's twin in Vegas. I was like 'Yo Homie slow up I found your brother' he was like 'WTF you talking about *turns around* All Helll Naw' . Instant Classic. Yo So I am sick as a dog because I went way too hard and ended up in the ER Monday afternoon courtesy of dehydration as soon as I touched down in Diego. Good Trip though and I have some clips I will up later as soon as I am feeling better. Peace go Cop at Karmaloop with your boys rep code on GP.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Battle of the Jams

Ok y'all let me know what song you would fuck with if needed to choose just one, Hi Hater or Haterz Everywhere? None isnt an option. I want you guys to vote for one in the Comments. I did some deliberating after both songs got stuck in my brain this weekend. I will roll with Maino's Hi Hater just because that is the one that makes me laugh and want to say Hi Hater to random people who give me the stink eye[||]. Check the Videos just in case you need a visual to remind you how hardbody both these songs are. Vote or Die!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fux News!

I haven't went in, in quite some time with Fux News . So here I am giving you some of the ish I fuck with on a daily basis in the world of Sports, Music and just plain entertainment!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Its so hardddddddd[||]

Yo already know what it is, my last post here at blogspot. Dont even worry people, Im still going to do this blogging thing, but on a bigger scale over at Alumnah.com. So for my readers head over there and holler at the kid. Im going to milk this writing thing till the titty runs dry. Big Up everybody for reading this blicka'. Make sure you visit me from time to time, drop a comment. I do this for my people and haters thought I fell off. Nah homie's its just gettng started, Im going to find forever for real.


My Blog is worth 15k, so if you wanna cop it on the low, let a dude know.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'll Fucking Represent!

The Greatest Kung Fu fighting sequence ever! The Yoga dude might have been the inspiration for Dhalsim on Street Fighter 2(Ken is that dude) he gets busy with the contortion. If he was a bitch I would hit it just so I can say I did. Homie is mad phenomenal with it, have you ever seen anything like this fucker. I bet he can take on like 5 Hulksters, 2 Herculian Midgets, 1 Cobra and the Elephants that came running from his level on Street Fighter 2( I see you cheat coding mothafucka's). Enough Rambling on my part, grab a beer set back and enjoy! Big up the Homie pockets!

If Rape is inevitable you should just sit back and enjoy it(c) the Abominable Bobby Knight

Big Doe Rehab, Ghostface Bitch!

Yo My Ghost stan status runs supremely deep. I had to post this, Ghost being Ghost. Pick up the Big Doe Rehab, also Pick up the book World Accordding to Pretty Toney. Big Up Miss Info and Eskay for the clip.

Monday, November 26, 2007

You know I go impeccably hard!

I am glad to be back up in this bitch!  As always I would like to big up Nathan and mostly because he respects my E-Gansta and Diddybop.

I would like to put up my Darr up against anyone my Darr is mad reputable. By Dar I mean gay-darr , Tranny-darr, gangster-darr, I can spot any of which anywhere like a white cop spots minorities, *grips up taser*.

I was at the Zoo the other day (what bitch I got my membership game up) and it was read that bears sleep 20 hours a day. I think besides the obvious which is that bears need to get their work ethic up, that polar bears enjoy Coca-Cola. *queues music* The more you know.....

Speaking of the Zoo(my favorite place this side of the Amazon and whorehouses) I saw mad amounts of Meer-Cats them fuckers have an incredible DiddyBop .

The Hulkster is getting a divorce, So sad.  Hurt me inside to find out that his wife was divorcing him because he is the Hulkster 24/7 and can never just be Terry. Why do you want Terry when you have the Hulkster, Brother!

*Fuxie grabs Brook Hogans ass reaches around to make sure there is no balls*   Touche' !

*takes writing break, reads the World According to Pretty Toney*

OK I'm Back

So there is some kind of strike with writers, I heard. Well if you find my writing enjoyable or at the very least funny holler at me. I have no problem what so ever scabbing it up. Is Scabbing even a word. Well I don't fucking care Ima' scab it up if I can.  

I haven't mentioned Superhead in like forever it seems. So I wanted to say the other day I watched a p0rn(on my ipod) with her in it where she completely and thoroughly handled Mr.Marcus. What a performance, pro and true to the art of dick sucking. She most be a connoisseur or something. *stands up and claps*  Like My Homie Crazy from Alumnah.com said "Superhead is the Blowprint"

Somebody intimated to me that I talk too much about sex here, well who cares I might as well talk about it if I ain't getting it. Word to getting dumped by a lovely girl because she found my "Blog" and read it. I just write to write nothing is ever that serious here. Well maybe that one time I mentioned my dick's name "fuerte" I do actually call him that. So what do I do the minute I find out this chick wont return my only call which went something like this "Its Fuxie call me back" , I went out with a chick and fucked her and I put some effort behind it this time. *wipes himself down*

I went to the Charger game with the homies (See Fabe dogg Brian Giles and I here) , We drunk it up and had a generally good time. I was the one yelling "Lets Get All up In Boller's Ass". Anyways, some drunk ass dude after the game caught  something very similar to this to his chin and was out cold, it was quite enjoyable live action I might add. This Good Samaritan type then comes up to me and asks "Hey what did the guy that hit him look like" He must have gotten my drunk ass confused so I was like "What the fuck do you care what he looked like are you the fucking police, keep it moving bitch!". Then I realized, that I at times am mad ignorant and not very friendly. What you don't know cant hurt you(c) Mario Winans. No Snitching!

Mediatakeout.com those dudes over there I kind of cool. They just don't give a fuck about libel or something. I fux with them heavy for all my gossip.

So this dude got arrested for "simulating sex with his bike" (click here for story). Yo this is wild like what did he say to the bike "OK baby we are at 2 speed and I am going to jump up to 10 or is that too much too fast, OK OK I will up it a little first, you ready, breathe easy,ohhhhh your torque and braking is sooooo good right now ugggggghhhh I am coming I am coming". The bike lost inevitably that's for sure, somebody needs to adopt that bike and place it in a good home. Take it out for some rides in the park and WD-40 it up treat that bike how it likes to be treated, which is a bike not some sex object. WD-40 is the grown up version of  "Put some Tussin on it". WD-40 it up(c) Fuxie I made that ish up up by the way. Big Up E-Rep for the article.

So I fancy Myself a quasi-typing comedian. And since every comedian has a "shit joke" here is mine. I went to a friends and used their restroom took off the top of the toilet where it has the pump and lever and took a shit there. Upper Deckered them Up. Done and hold the applause please.

I am going to take this moment and shout out the most ignorant rapper out, No disrespect. That Dude has to be Uncle Murder. I am at a loss of words, really though. This dude says the dumbest most ignorant shit, google him for real though. Word to Bullet, Bullet!

That's why I am Fuxie, cuz I goes extraordinarily hard where some dudes wont. Just like some dudes crip and some dudes blood and some dudes wont. I am going to continue to go impeccably hard at all times no need to slow down ever. Hard is Hard and the only thing soft is my leather, Word to the homie Chea! Till next time, 1 hundred Holmes!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Throwback Video of the day

Nice and Smooth's Hip-Hop Junkies...Whats up with the kiss of the fists at the beginning, extra [||]. Arm Leg Leg Arm Head, I guess. Anyways I love this song and it goes impeccably hard.

Yo Peops I was going to continue the adventure's with Fabe Dogg story but I am going to fallback. I was awaiting some photos from some friends I made and they havent forwarded those Blicka's yet. But I might write up a different adventure story soon. You Can also Visit Hiphopremix.com I went hard over there this week, I left evidence all over their walls. Put Dexter On the horn to check the splatter. Also A......com(still top secret) is Coming soon and you know I am about to go on in over there.