Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Breaking up is hard to do ......

I will be taking a break for a few days, while I get over a breakup! I want to Thank ya'll for the flowers and cards ahead of time. I want Beezy to accept my apologies and Hopefully work it out between us and I understand its going to take some time to gain my trust back but I have always given the benefit of the doubt to her and I want her to do the same with me ....... Happier times

Monday, September 25, 2006

Gunfire hits Omaha man for fourth time in a year

20-year-old Brontea Evans has been shot four different times this year. This is the most bizarre shit ever. This dude either has the worst luck or the bestest luck considering how you look at the situation. He has been shot yet he is still alive, I would guess in his hood he might be considered a soldier but in my hood he is a black cloud. Damn what the fuck does this guy got to do to get killed. Not to sound too serious but wouldnt it make sense after getting shot the 2nd time let alone the first time, this dude would have tried to better his situation and get the fuck out of there. Well I guess not because this dude got shot in the same part of the city each time. Its okay though because he is a soldier, I guess.

Friday, September 22, 2006

The 4th Quarter is coming .......

I was wondering the other day could this 4th quarter possibly be the most important time period in hip-hop in the 2000's. I can't think of any more important time in this millennium. Well with all the talk that hip-hop is dead and there isnt any more real hip-hop. The list of influential and popular artist's scheduled to release albums this fall reads like a who's who of hip-hop. Usually this time of year is when the TI's of the company bring out the heavy hitters to try and balance out their record sales. This year being which seems like the slowest year ever for rap album sales, means that its more important than any other time I can think of. Conceivably their is any number of albums expected to go platinum or multi-platinum, off the top of my head I can list these

The Clipse- Hell Hath no Fury , Here its says that we can expect the album early December 2006, well if this is true that means that this shit is probably not going to see the light of day in 2006. I have noticed that The Clipse's following seems to be getting bigger with time, especially with the hipster community; these hipsters make it seem like Pusha T and Malice are the best thing since bareback sex. Look I am a fan like the next man, but something seems out of place with them dumb TI's. If I was them I would be pushing the album out while the iron is hot, but what do I know. When they do come out I expect them to go platinum over a years time.

The Game - The Doctors Advocate , He has a lot to prove with the falling out with Aftermath and all. This dude never seems able to keep his mouth shut but whatever he keeps coming out with banging music. I am guessing by the reception that his street single "One Blood" is getting on TV and Radio, that its a wrap. I believe he will sell in the network of 500k to 750k in the first week of his release deserved or not. His album will go about double platinum and therefore further establishing himself as one of the top rappers if not the very best. I am fan of Game ( no homo on being a fan of rappers) but I do expect a 50 Cent like backlash eventually.

Nas - Hip Hop is Dead - He is the most confusing of all. We are about to hit October and no single, promotion(we can expect this from Def Jam) or anything. Nas name alone will sell him 500k but this is make or break time. I believe this album for him is probably his most important one since Stillmatic. I believe his album may get pushed back but then that would look very bad not on Nas but on the President. Nas happens to be one of my favorite rappers ever but I am always a little confused about his decisions with his career. Anyways, point being if he comes out with a great album he can conceivably go double platinum.

Jay-Z- Kingdom Come - The President is coming, promoting himself is what he is good at ( well that's what Method Man, Dmx and LL seem to think; haters). He will probably have an album somewhere in between the Black Album and Blueprint2, which isnt great by any means but definitely better than half the shit that is out right now. I look at in the way that its great he is coming out with an album but he is going to take a hit no matter what. I can hear it now, " Hov is done", "He is not the same anymore" yada yada and then Cam'ron will come out with the proverbial diss of how Hov is like Jordan on the Wizards. I think his album will do around 500k first week out. I think Hov is the greatest rapper to ever touch the mic, but also the most influential when it comes to in his words "I'm not a business man, I am the business, Man". Dude is like the 300 million dollar man, so take the Biggie's and Tupac's out of the equation and he is easily the best. He will also sell in the network of 2-3 million records...

Puff Daddy, P Diddy, Sean Combs, Diddy or whatever the fuck he is calling himself these days- Press Play- Look I actually despise the dude. I can go on and on about why I do i.e., Tupac,Biggie, Mase, the whole Lox situation, Black Rob, G Dep and him "preserving his sexy" but whatever the dude is going to do his numbers so fuck him.

These are just a few of the albums that are coming out in the 4th quarter, so now you know what I mean by saying that its the most important quarter this millennium. There is actually more artist's scheduled to come out in the fall that may do well like Styles, Lloyd Banks, Fat Joe, Slim Thug, to name a few who may come out in the 4th quarter. I expect all the main artist's I listed to do big numbers and bring hip-hop back(whatever the fuck that means, Hip Hop is here and always will be here). I can remember back like in '98 going to the record store every week and buying something. Those days are gone, I have bought five albums this year Fishscale, King, Blue Collar, Best Thang Smokin' and Food & Liquor and not once did I think I may have missed out on an album and you know why because if I really wanted to listen to an album I would download it from LimeWire; if I thought it was dope I would buy it and if it sucked deleted and I have been doing this for the past 3 years. This is the real reason no one is buying CD's anymore. ONE

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Daily grind a Few interesting tidbits...

  • Game touches on all matters here in this interview he goes on about Rass Kass and 50 nothing he hasnt really said before, but this dude is always good for a wild quote
  • Ghostface bringing Theodore Unit to Def Jam, this actually a pretty good thought not to many people I know have the Unit's first album, that album is Fiyaaa......
  • Yo so this dude try to jump in the Panda exhibit and hug the damn Panda, well needless to say this moron got attacked but the dude was fierce taking a bite out of the huge marsupial ......
  • So you know how these dudes that frequent strip clubs all the time ( look I am not above going to strip clubs, but when I go here -Adelita's-I am actually able to bone if I wanted to) and then become madly in love with one particular whore. Usually this guy is a complete loser and I say loser not because he goes to strip clubs but because he is devoted to one stripper,his thinking is that this bitch gives a shit about him and not just his money. Well here is a perfect example of this type of dude.... Idiot gives a dead mans hand to his stripper

Calling Bush a bitch

  • Venezuela leader takes aim at President Bush, calling him 'the devil' , this dude Hugo Chavez has got some big balls to say shit like this; “The devil came here,” Chavez said. “Right here. Right here. And it smells of sulfur still today, this table that I am now standing in front of.” I actually like the guy, he does go on to say that he is a friend of the United States and that he is at odds with Bush and Washington. He promotes Democratic Socialism and Latin American Integration, even though he says shit I would say(sounding crazy), the dude sounds very much like he is going to be thorn on Bushies side. Well anyways read about the Man here. I am officially a fan......

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Rihanna doin the butt ohh

Yo That's Perfect

Tiger Wooo's Wife Edin, damn she is hot for a white girl

The Daily grind a Few interesting tidbits...

  • Couple arrested in rock-throwing siege ( A stupid ass married couple was throwing rocks at their neighbors homes, breaking windows and shit. I would have to say this is the most bizarre shit I have heard this week. Need I remind you that I here really wierd shit daily
  • 'Nice, Sweet Lady,' 83, Deported for Nazi Past , The former SS guard kept her secret buried, even from her Jewish husband. Now exposed, the Bay Area widow, 83, is back in Germany, this shit is crazy she was a Nazi SS guard at a concentration camp, but then married a Jew. What, so she keeps this secret to herself and then that Jewy Jew of a husband finds out( nope he never found out). She got deported because she expressed no remorse. I pretty sure she probably got forced to join the military, but whatever interesting story it is.
  • Diarrhea Kills Nearly 200 in Ethiopia , these African nations got it really fucked up, no Pepto Bismal or Mylanta, that would have cured up the diarrhea quick fast and saved those people from dying (they probably also have AIDS though), I particularly like pepto after a long night of drinking it helps cure the runs.....

Well enough News lets get in to some real shit

  • Dave Mays and Benzino's Hip-Hop Weekly hits newsstands Oct.16
  • Its good to see this Ho eating ( allegedly Busta smashed her)
  • Foxy Brown is broke, I am not surprised in the least with this
  • Reggie Bush already worth weight in gold Saints sell out season tickets , tell me now Texans that Mario Williams is a better choice
  • Ya'll New Yorkers are straight up gay ( not that there is anything wrong with that) 1 in 10 are reported to be gay

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bilal the best R&B singer ever (that hasn't been recognized)

This album was by far and away my favorite album in 2001, I tried to tell my friends but they didn't get and couldn't understand why I loved the album so much. I still till this day cant describe why this album resonates with me so well, I tend to think it must have something to do with the way it plays out the lyrics making so much sense to me at that point of my life. I was 20 going to college trying to figure out what to do with myself and my life. I can still listen to it track for track and the only song I usually skip is the single 'Fast Lane feat Dr.Dre & Jadakiss' that particular song doesn't seem to fit are flow naturally with the other songs, Fast Lane seems contrived placed for commercial purposes. Well here is a track Listing to the album and how I feel about each song. I didnt look up the lyrics or anything I am just going on memory and feel.

Intro 1:44 : He introduces himself and proceeds to say some random shit, I do remember him saying "put some paint where thereisntt"

For You 3:44 : This song goes on about what he will do for his main chick a la "rob and steal for her" which I dont condone, but this song is just like aexaggerationon of what Bilal will do for his main chick saying the wild things probably to get her attention and for to understand that his love is real. I do feel a connection with this song when randomlyly tell my girl things like "I want to be with you and only you, thats why wouldn'tnt ever cheat" hoping this sticks and she will be happy afterwards. Nevertheless, a great song(I will be using the word great frequently when it comes to this album, but that doesnt in any way diminish the word when I use it. I mean it)

Fast Lane (featuring Jadakiss and Dr. Dre) 4:34 the song I was talking about being some kind of forced collabo by the TI's of the company, still pretty dope though

Reminisce (featuring Mos Def & Common) 4:33 This is a dope song about meeting some chick but not seeing her for awhile but she still resonates in his thoughts, Common & Mos Def drop some gems with the song title in mind, making there rhymes sound like they fit perfectly with the subject of the song
All That I Am (Somethin for the People) 3:54 about where he came from and all that he is, is all he has known and will be, pretty cool song about not forgetting his roots and what he has taught growing up, I feel this shit pretty hard
Sally 3:39 cool song about some skeeziod (term Gangstar circa '95 ish) who got him for all that he had and she was slick with her shit so he never saw it coming, this song is a little different sounding than the others has like a Dr. Dre sounding beat which I am pretty sure he produced or one of his ghost beatmakers(allegedly)
Sometimes 7:10 " you should be nicer than you are, Sometimes" this song goes on with little lines like this hitteverythingerthing Bilal probably wishes to change about himself " I wish I didnt try so hard, Sometimes" The song is a fun sort of funny but showivulnerabilityability of one as a human and what we wish to change about ourselves but are afraid to, Sometimes
Love It 3:46 talking to his girl and telling her that he loves everything about her, imperfections, idiosyncrasies and all. My 2nd favorite Song on the whole album, I guess when I listen to it, I try and think the things I love about my girl and why we are still together. I also like the rhythm of the song and how it flows
C'mere 2:10 interlude or something its done in a whisper so I dont know what the hell is going on
Soul Sista 5:18 my favorite song on this whole album, the beat bangs hard and this shit is just undeniably dope. I think Raphael Sadiq produced this, I first heard this in the movie Love & Basketball ( that movie sucked) and this song stuck with me
When Will You Call 4:45 I guess he gets left by his chick and he is wondering if she is going to call or say anything, since she just got her shit and left. He sings in like a calm voice, almost like whispering it and then slowly raises his pitch. Ok not great
Queen of Sanity 5:19 I dont really get if he is singing about his mind or like a chick that somehow can always stay in control of her feelinga lothere is alot of Prince like antics going on on this song
Love Poems 5:23 cool song about a friend and how if they should take it there become more than friends, something most people go through one time or another in their life. Also, why he is questioning it, if both feel the same way about each other then they should go for it
You Are 4:15 I like the beat to this, this flows perfectly he has a lot of alliteration in the lyrics, So the story unfolds nicely in the mind and makes for a good love story.
Home 5:21 Caribbeanas a carribbean ting to it almost reggea-ish about getting back home and thats where he wants to be, home. ( but dont we all, thats why I live just down the street from my mom)
Slyde 4:04 a song about a chick once again ( this is a Love album by the way), I think he channeled his inner Prince ( Prince is slightly before my time, I was born in the eighties but I vaguely remember Prince's stuff but when I do hear him I remember right away what his music usually sounded like. I myself was very much a Michael Jackson fan growing up, No Homo)
Second Child 6:45 the song pretty much rambles. Describing why I guess the title of the album is 1st Born Second. Explaining what he is and what he got, weird ass song what yellingbackground in the backround

As I conclude my quick rundown of my favorite R&B artist and album, you might ask why I brought this up. Well reason being is that recently I ran across that Bilal's highly anticipated sophomore album(well highly anticipated by me) has ben leaked. Whether the album will be released or not hasn't been authorized by his record company. This totally sucks I probably will download it somewhere the album is called Love for Sale . Thats why I brought up this album.

The Daily grind a Few interesting tidbits...

  • The phrase Weed Carriers hits print Article states that at some point 4 out 5 men(I may have miss read this stat) have carried weed for someone, I have never carried weed for anyone,
  • Book coming out in which troops who served in Iraq and Afghanistan share their stories Excerpts: 'Operation Homecoming' ...... Like I have said before fuck Bush bitch ass illiterate
  • check Mixtape Monday over on MTV ..... So lil'Flip is talking about his mixtape or some such(by the way why the lil in front of his name dude is grown)
  • Howard Stern rumored to return to freeair
  • I Saw The Illusionist this weekend, technically I went to go watch it for my girlfriend , the movie was pretty good. Ed Norton and Paul Giamatti are also in the film and both are pretty much in the top 10 of actors right now. A magician (Ed Norton) in turn-of-the-century Vienna who falls in love with a woman(Jessica Biel) well above his social standing( now this plot isn't all fucking innovative or anything but the movie is still dope nonetheless). When she becomes engaged to a prince, the magician uses his powers to win her back and undermine the stability of the royal house of Vienna( overall the movie in my eyes is a 9 on the special FX and the way the picture is laid with all kinds of colors and shit, anyways go watch the movie)...
  • According to Bam Margera he banged Jessica Simpson while she was married( damn what a ho, wait till you marry to Bone and then start boning other men, what the fuck is that)....
  • Yo HBO cancels Lucky Louie ( what the fuck this show was hilarious and I could count on laughing my ass off everytime I watched)....

I will hit you all up with more randomness later..........

Monday, September 18, 2006

Zab Judah got his ass in some trouble

Here in the NY Daily News:

The wife of Zab Judah had to remind the former boxing champ whose corner he's in the other night. Judah had just arrived at club Sol with Serena Williams when he discovered that his missus, Meda, was there. Making matters worse, Meda wound up outside the VIP area containing Zab and Serena. "She threw a hysterical fit," says our spy. "She grabbed her husband and dragged him out of the club. She showed him who the champ was." Serena found a replacement for the pugilist by texting Busta Rhymes. Zab can count on more drama Wednesday in Queens Family Court, where Natassia Wright, mother of his 4-year-old daughter, Amissia, is due to demand $100,488 in back child support. Her lawyer, Suzanne Kimberly Bracker, promises that "If he doesn't pay up, we're going to send him to jail"

Oh buddy, Zab is going to have to pay up. I myself have a daughter luckily I have full custody and dont have to deal with too much Baby-Momma shit; but Zab's situation is looking very sticky right about now.Anyways I am pretty sure he hasn't wasted all his money on grillz, cars, hoes, Cristal and pigeon's..... A la Iron Mike. Or else he is going to be in hot water and he will be fighting in his mid-forties like Evander Holyfield ....

How My picks faired

I was 11 and 3 against the spread this weekend check it , heading into Monday Night I picked Jacksonville to win and I get 1.5 points, looking good I would say at just near 80% success rate. Will see tonight if I continue my hot streak and end the week on a high note.

The Daily grind a Few interesting tidbits...

  • In prison tapes, 'Junior' Gotti laments mob's loss of manliness , I am assuming his little bitch ass nephews included pampered ass little bitches, I guess they don't make them like they used too. I agree if you catch yourself in the street with some punk and handle your business with your hands, but you kicked the dude's ass, he probably wont be able to handle that he got his balls handed to him and next thing you know you are getting shot over some dumb shit.
  • Sudan man forced to 'marry' goat . Dude got caught by the goat's owner boning the goat, so the owner was like fuck that, he took it up to the tribe and then they made the dude buy the goat and marry it because the owner no longer wanted the goat, which he said was now traumatized for being boned. Goat's are relatively expensive over here in San Diego and I know this because I tried to buy one to make Birria(a Mexican dish, that is usually made with goat meat) but about $300 dollars for a goat that would probably only make enough food for about 15 people and I was having a big party, so I made Carne Asada instead.....
  • San Diego's own Mitchy Slick on allhiphop
  • The Games album is getting pushed back, as long as it comes out in November it should be fine, cuz here in my neck of the woods "One Blood" is banging real hard, so there is no reason not to release the album while its hot and drop another single right on top of it
  • Here is another pic of Nicole Ritchie looking like a starved salamander, poor chick why did she do this to herself, remember on the 1st season of the Simple Life she as chubby and cuddly
  • NY High Schools got chlamydia or gonorrhea issues, I am convinced that this new generation needs their Magic Johnson or Easy-E , Pedro of the Real World ( not that I am wishing ill will upon anyone) just so these stupid ass kids can wake the fuck up
  • Comedian Katt Williams rhyming on 106 & Park,

Friday, September 15, 2006

My NFL picks of the week

  • BALTIMORE (-12 1/2) over Oakland
  • INDIANAPOLIS (-13 1/2) over Houston
  • CINCINNATI (-10) over Cleveland
  • Buffalo (+6 1/2) over MIAMI
  • Detroit (+8 1/2) over CHICAGO
  • Carolina (-1 1/2) over MINNESOTA
  • New York Giants (+3) over PHILADELPHIA
  • ATLANTA (-5 1/2) over Tampa Bay
  • New Orleans (-2) over GREEN BAY
  • SAN FRANCISCO (+3) over St. Louis
  • Arizona (+7) over SEATTLE
  • Patriots (-6) over NEW YORK JETS
  • SAN DIEGO (-11 1/2) over Tennessee
  • DALLAS (-6) over Washington


JACKSONVILLE (+1 1/2) over Pittsburgh

And Another one, I can never forget about Serena's Ass


"Survivor's" Racial Profile

So the new season of racialist Survivor has started, Well I have a couple of thoughts on it....

  • Will the events be catered to stereotypes i.e. , the watermelon eating contest(the blacks), eating rice with chopsticks(the oriental's), making a shack that fits twenty people(the mexicans), saving any goods (the jews), complaining and whining the most, subsequently writing a letter to the producer's of the show(the whites)......
  • will the groups be required to vote off one of their own, or could they trade them like a mexican can trade one of his for a smart chink or a big black .....
  • do the complaining white women get voted off first for being the most annoying sex of any race of woman; known to man kind ( sorry that one was a personal request)....
  • Are math event's to exclude the Oriental's because god knows they will stomp any race out when it comes to math or building electronics ....

These are just some of the random questions I had regarding the most innovative realityTV premise to ever be brought to television. I cant wait for next year's survivor when it will be the skinny's versus the fat's, retards, redheads and the midgets..... YES I LIKE IT VERY MUCH

The Daily grind a Few interesting tidbits...

  • My Girlfriend Jessica Biel has got a girlfriend
  • Feds seize millions of dollars worth of counterfeit Nike shoes after busting alleged shoe ring
  • Utah was 98% white in 1970, well not anymore(Utah sucks anyways)
  • Jay-Z Entertainment Weekly article
  • Rass Kass and The Game get in a fight and Rass Kass has some choice words
  • NYC police: Gang crew hid drugs in toys in $1 million-a-year operation
  • Kelis apparently nude
  • Bush(bush is a bitch) tries to intimidate Lauer when questioned on torture video here
  • Some dude gives 6 chicks HIV; wrap it up
  • NBA Eastern Conference offseason review and the Western Conference review
  • Reggie Bush(by the way he is from SouthEast Dago), family received $100,000 in benefits
  • Beezy this one is for you my dear, Stop blaming Wal-Mart

A couple of Bangers

  • Hi-Tek feat Jadakiss,Papoose, Talib Kweli & Raekwon. "NY, NY"
  • G-Dep the rhyme monster is back "Goin In"

Thursday, September 14, 2006

look closely, its says "fresh and washed" in spanish

The Daily grind a Few interesting tidbits...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Allen Iverson's Mom

She is a Ghetto Queen(her words)

Hbo coming to San Diego

Yo Hbo is about to make a show in Imperial Beach

Nelly Furtado is now a member of my ass club, look you can see it from the front...Ayaya mama

The Daily grind a Few interesting tidbits...

  • Fat Waitress story
  • The 1st 8 minutes of the new Orlando Bloom movie, Haven here
  • Has Howard Stern lost listeners,I dont have Sirius but I still watch Howard ondemand
  • Lindsay Lohan decides to show off her goodies
  • Here are some real nice pics of chicks and their goodies
  • I guess these wildfires are serious, but every year I hear the same thing not unlike this"these are the worst fires in yada yada years"
  • It's official Jay-Z is back, this was probably the worst kept secret Ever!
  • Ten years to the day of his death and I still love 2Pac, here he is on Arsenio Hall
  • I guess one of the Flavor of Love hoes from the 1st season will get their own show

Kelly Clarkson has a nice ass I presume

Back shot is like Whoa!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

"Im Rick James bitch, sho me yo titties"

Here I found some interesting Scandals on Blender about famous Musicians, I particularly like this story

"Crack-Smoking Ingestion of potent crystalline form of cocaine, the drug of choice of funk singer Rick James. In 1991, 24-year-old Frances Alley claimed that an intoxicated James ordered her to strip naked, tied her to a chair and burned her with a hot pipe, after which she was hit in the face with a handgun and forced to perform cunnilingus upon James’s girlfriend. Alley went to the police and—following a separate, drug-fueled assault on another woman—James was put on trial. Charges included false imprisonment, torture, forcible oral copulation and aggravated mayhem."

Damn, Jessica, Jessica you are officially #1 on my list

After Lunch I saw this and Jessica is officially #1 on my list and drops Rachel McAdams out of my top 5, this is beauty and booty at its finest

Flavor Of Love is on some other Shit

Flavor of Love I havent been watching season 2 or keeping up as I figured the show had ran its course. Well anyways, boy was I wrong this shit is a bigger train wreck than last year. All kinds of scandalous hoes and dirty skanks vying for Flav's attention. That nigga is as oblivious as ever when it comes to these hoes and them fighting for his love.( all these bitches want is to get on TV and make a little name for themselves so then there appearence fee can go up and they can cash in) I dont want to give Flav to much credit and say this nigga knows these hoes are playing him and he is just trying to get as much ass as possible but I do think this is the case. I saw one sequence were Flav tungued done 3 girls in a 2 minute span(one of the girls "Beautiful"had a cold sore and subsequently was kicked out, I guess Flav dont play that shit).
Basically a sequence on each show not verbatim but pretty damn near

Flav says "Yo girl dont worry about them other girls, you are here for me and they are just hatin' cuz you are fly and all that preserving that sexy"

Girl sobbing says "Hey Flav thats why I love you cuz your real and know how to treat a lady"

Flav says " girl come give Flava Flav a kiss cuz you know what time it is"

Without fail this sequence of events will take place every episode with at least two different chix
thats what makes the show so damn mesmerizing because I know what's going to happen before it does but I still dont change the channel. This season he has hoes named Buckwild,Delicious,Crazy,Bootz and he brang New York back(by the way the bitch looks like she is on the Nicole Ritchie diet) and these are just some of the chix. I have to say this show is probably like a 10 compared to all other comedies currently on Television right now.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Chargers vs Raiders tonight 7:15 pt

Okay time to show and prove Philip, you are going to the black hole to play tonight. Philip is either going to crumble or come out and perform well. The Raiders defense pretty much sucks as well as the offense, so there is no reason to lose really if Philip does his job and limits his mistakes(I think Rookie Marcus Mcneil is going to start at left tackle and that might be a issue as Raider Derrick Burgess had like 16 sacks last year) anyways; Philip Rivers dont fuck up and Go Chargers!

I didnt know Jessica Biel had it like that but she apparently does!


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Me and My Girlfriend

By the Way this isn't Hot why the Hype?

Buffy the Body, I don't get the hype, it must be the thickness us brothers love that thickness. Why else would you see a decent brotha with a fat ass whitegirl with two kids that are not even his. Anyways this chick gets a lot of hype for her ass but (pun intended) that looks like basura from this angle...

Top 5 Right Now as of really right now after Lunch

After much deliberating and angst I came up with my list in no particular order..... Rihanna, Scarlet Johansson, Rachel McAdams, Jessica Alba and Natalie Portman. This is in no way means other chix couldnt get it but this only means after I ate my tuna salad for lunch this is exactly how I felt.

Green Beans

Jordan V's come out on the 23rd of September the "green bean" look and enjoy

Long Lines for everything

Damn there is long fucking lines to everything, I had to venture out to a government office today(DMV to be exact) and guess what I found Long lines with all kinds of people. I would say the most irritating part about making the trek was that I arranged an Appt. About a week in advance, yet I was still subjugated to be there atleast an extra 30 minutes before I got any help. I arrived 10 minutes early and waited like 25 minutes for my # to be called and then it took all of 10 minutes to show the lady my ID and pay my dues. I guess it was my fault with the advent of billpay and the Internet everything I need to pay I should be able to pay without showing up physically to pay it.

I am usually a patient person but fuck a brother can only take so much, a fucking fatass dude decides to sit next to me and stinks like 3 hotdogs with a side order of B.O. Milkshake and that young girl with 2 fucking kids yelling and running around. Well point being handle your shit on the Internet and avoid government offices.....

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My Lil girl w/her hilariousness

Greeter at the Zoo "Hello Little Girl what's your Name"
My Daughter replies" Sierra"
Greeter at the Zoo"What animal do you want to see today"
My Daughter hesitates for a Second and then replies"The Baby Jaguar"
Followed by laughter from the Zoo greeter and I .......

She is only 3 peops

Mya the lovely chocolate Eclaire

Damn, Mya has never looked so Good put that on my whistle and blow it.....

What is needed right about now

Yo so I constantly hear about shit like this happening in Mexico. Random Mafia related murders always seems to impress me ; in a wierd they should bring this to TV kind of way. Living close to the Tijuana border I hear about the drug cartel and their random acts of violence on civilians, politicians and journalists all the time. I love this stuff and NBC had a miniseries called Kingpin which was great but didnt expand on the Tijuana Cartel's influence and the Mexican Drug Culture. I just want something on television as compelling or as well put together as The Sopranos or The Wire for that matter, but with the Tijuana Cartel inner workings being the main plot for the show.