Saturday, March 31, 2007

Teabag that Hoe!

No Homo on this whole post!

Listen to TeaBag that Hoe here

The Man that Punched Mobb Deep' Prodigy in the Face,the Gully Keith Murray!

Keith Murray is one of my favorite MC's of all-time and he is surely one of the most Gulliest. In his wikipedia it states that Rapper Rah-Sun knocked Keith out(wikipedia needs more people or tape), but it doesnt mention the incident when Keith knocked out Prodigy. I found a reference and audio about the Prodigy beef here Either Way Keith is one of the best ever at putting big words together. Billy Sunday had an article where he mentioned the complexity of putting polysyllabic words together in rhyme and that most new jacks LCD rappers arent quite up too par in achieving this feat and when these new jacks do use a big word the word is usually Platinum(LMAO). No Way am I saying that rhyming polysyllable words makes a rapper dope but the difficulty of putting said words in rhymes is what makes a rapper gain some respect in my eyes. Its easy to rhyme Coke with Smoke but if you put this scheme Together:
Violated, reinstated, genuinely illated
You're belated, you'll be checkin me out till the day I'm creamated
I keep you heavily sedated
Illified, illustrated
The original juice, not from concentrated
then thats when you start to notice the difficulty and the Mastery of the english language appreciate the artist that much more imo. Keith Murray is one of the best at this and thats why I say he is underappreciated as an MC. Take a look at some of his work, Get Familiar.

Def Squad - Dont Make no Sense
Keith Murray - Get Lifted Remix
Keith Murray - 5 boroughs
Keith Murray - Yeah Yeah U Know It
Keith Murray - Fatty Girl Damn even Ludacris was on point on this ishh
Keith Murray - Special Delivery Remix A personal Fav Keith killed this!
Def Squad - Full Cooperation
A Def Squad album sounds about right, right about now.
Def Squad - The Game This one didnt ring a bell, I have no clue where its from.
Def Squad - Countdown
Def Squad - Throw Ya Hands In The Air
This is just a remake but dope nonetheless.
Tha Truth feat Keith Murray - Makin' Moves

Friday, March 30, 2007

Its Friday catch ya'll Later, DMX is that dude!

DMX had a reality show on BET and I only caught it once but dude is off the hook. Here in this video he is acting Crackish, I swear he is going to kill himself on some Anna Nicole Smith Type shit. Sad but it doesnt seem like that long ago when he gave life to the game with a sound so unique and different, I dont think I am being Mr.Fantastic by stating that he is one of the few Hip-Hop acts that added something new and changed the game. There is only a few that have the title of changing the game but I can say wholeheartdly that DMX is one of them. Maybe I will go indepth and post about who honestly has changed the game for better or worse but for now this is a quick ode to DMX RIP D.

Teacher dropping N-Bombs and Defending it!

Looking at this tape the kid doesnt look like the type to be dropping N-Bombs at a teacher. I cant believe the brazen teacher defending his use of the word, I guess he is an English teacher that needs a history lesson or two. I myself used to use the word Nigga freely but I have really toned the use of it down the older I have become and it wasnt a concerted effort just a maturation but dont get me wrong I will still use it from time to time its just not as prevalent in my vocab. The Kramer thing just co-signed my thoughts on the word carrying too much negative vibes to be using it like it means a term of endearement.

This brings me to a story of this cat in my History class in 10th grade. The teacher was handing out a book and she told us that they cost ten dollars. So this one Vato said "what if I cant afford it" the teacher quickly replied "Take it out of your mom's welfare check" the class then erupted in laughter. The Vato then said something to the extent "I am going to the main office to tell the Principal and I am going to sue you" then he left. The class didnt hear anything about it then the next day we had a sub and the Vato also wasnt in class. Sure enough the teacher who was a white lady and had been at the school for over 20 years ended up getting fired. Rumors went around that the Vato sued and got some cake but he also never returned to the school and it was never disclosed to the media or anything. So most students got second hand information but I think if the kid really got any substantial cake that shit would have been publicized. Either way the Teacher lost and she should have known better to mess with young a bitchmade Vato.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Non-Hip-Hop video of the day.........

This is probably the group that bridged the gap(no NaS)in my musical taste from being exclusively Hip-Hop to opening my eyes to different shit. Besides,I dont give a flying Fizuck these dudes are the shit! Flea used to kill MTV rock and jock Basketball. I used to think that little midget was on something but he is cool has his own blog and loves the Lakers, sounds like my kind of people. I still think he is on something, on the occasion's that I have read his blog has confirmed it for me.

I never hear them mentioned in the Top5 rock bands of all-time. Is there a reason am I just a Naive listener when it comes to knowing what good rock music is, I think that may well be the case but whatever all I know is that they bang and rock. Which is my way of rating if something is dope or not i.e. Fall out Boy doesnt rock and sux major ass. Under the Bridge

Yo Plus their drummer looks like Will Ferrell.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Throwback Video of the Day

Big up to my Boy Icon from Nahright Fame on the link! This was and is my shit, A+ can probably rhyme circles around most of the wackness out today. This wasnt even my favorite A+ song he had another dope song earlier called "ALL I See" and that song reminds me of this chick I used to talk to in Middle School named Gina and she liked that song. The only reason that she is even a memory is because she was the finest Half-Black/Half-Filipina mix, that mix is hard to come by. I will have to look for a yearbook and find her full name and look on Myspace to see if she has one(everbody does it seems). Then Post her pictures to see if she aged well. No Voyerism just in case.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

How Many Times can this get sampled by Hip-Hop/R&B?

Spandau Ballet True:

I was reading Bol the other day and he briefly mentioned that this song has been sampled alot. Well I decided to see how many videos with a sample of this song I can find.

PM Dawn - Set Adrift On Memory Bliss

Lloyd -'You' feat. Lil Wayne

Nelly- N Dey Say

Queen Pen(ya remember her)- True feat Chico Debarge, we on some other shit(c) NORE Some more Chico No Homo For Sure
This is all I could find but I am sure of many more who have sampled this break or whole damn beat before. Enjoy

Cliff Diving is dangerous.

Click Here for more great videos and pictures!

In Iowa, on Lake Red Rock, there are a set of cliffs that a lot of kids would go to and jump off. The rangers would warn kids not to jump off because lots of kids have gotten hurt and even killed. I never really paid much attention to them and went anyways. A few years back, they finally got a law passed to make it illegal to jump off those cliffs. In this clip, I definitely see why it was so dangerous.

Falling from that high is literally like falling onto concrete. Lucky she only got KTFO.

^^^^My Boy sent me this luckily this chick didnt die but got damn that looked high she had some King-Kong Cajones to be jumping from there!

Eddie Griffin crashes a 1.5million dollar Ferrari Enzo

Eddie Griffin Crashes Ferrari Enzo - Click Here for more great videos and pictures!

Eddie Griffin the Driver is not a funny comedian. I wonder if he has ever made 1.5million dollars in his career(I'm pretty sure he has), I might add that I did watch UnderCover Brother at the Movies and at the time didnt feel like I wasted my money. I Recently caught Undercover Brother playing on TNT and much to my dismay I found that I wasted my time watching it for a 2nd time(Chappelle being the highlight of the movie). So it lead me to wonder wtf I was on the first time I saw it or was it just my young self found that type of shit entertainingly funny a la GoodBurger (which was a very retarded movie that I found funny when I was younger yet I wont even watch it for the unintentional comedy,that I am assuming is very prevalent in GoodBurger).

Never in the History of Niggerdom (c) Katt Williams!

Yo so I was at Omar's house a couple of weeks ago getting ready to go to the club for St.Patty's and I just remember Omar was saying "this shit right here Nigga" for random things like Chips, Beer and whatever else he had nearby. I thought it was hilarious at the time but I may have been drunk. So here is what O was refrencing when he was saying "this shit right here, Nigga". O I see you!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Throwback Video of the Day

Ok, slight exaggeration but this song is dope nonetheless........Out of LF: My Boy Hootie was banned by Eskay today over at Nahright, So if your reading Hootie and you want to post a random comment its cool with me duke.

Other Random News:

So Tony Yayo slapped the shit out of Jimmy Henchemans son, I guess Yayo wants to die cuz Henchemans name isnt a misnomer. Yayo is prolly the dumbest dude ever look at him here being fake and acting like he is for the kids
Young Buck interview and he wasnt feeling Yayo for smacking a kid and doesnt co-sign the actions.

Dallas Penn touched on Haitians being overtly gully when they got mad, that after the Heat won the 'chip people were still saying that Jordan was > Wade, now who would think such a thing!Apparently to some Haitians that was reason enough to plot an attempt to bomb the Sears Tower in Chicago.

Styles P aka Ghost officially signs with Koch I applaud as long as we dont have to wait 3 years per album release and it says he will drop another album this year less then a year since his last, which is def a good look.

New Redman video "Put it down" the song is dope but it is sort of suspect that the video just came out and the album drops tuesday, whatever I guess President Carter has other albums to promote or better things to do aka Rhianna.

RIP Eazy-E who died this day in 1995 and their still isnt a cure for AIDS

Jae Millz Interview so when is he dropping his album, I know I am not the only one who thinks he is hot, No Mims...proof part 1 and 2

1 catch ya'll circling your crib

Saturday, March 24, 2007

A day in the life of my boy Rob

I work with this dude; he is my boy and he is making a documentary on the next year of his life. This is an interesting beginning to his movie

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Guilty Pleasure of the Day

This song is dope along with you should be here, Off the Instant Vintage which is a good R&B Album!
Classic Verse:

Yo, super freak physique. like Raphael Saadiq
Baby love the ganja leaf, everday of the week
Super friends wake up, deluxe gourmet beats
The night is right, I might find me a suite
It's a quarter full moon, now I ride with my swoon
Well groomed, dance hall packed, full room
Lady move, peep my glide, peep my zoom
Keep in stride, smoke the lah smoke the boom
Feel the fumes, consume toxic tunes
Hell bound, species forty ounce typhoon
The ultra-violet scream machine move your body touch
The totem pole wobble Ark builders God rush
Beams of light, stop ya breathin -- it's huntin season
Honey eye-ballin down for no reason
Grab her close, play post, wind and wax floors
Never mind the laws, cause tonight
[All] It's Yourz

Throwback Video of the Day

I am not a big fan of rock music but I do Dabble, No Richard Gere Gerbal stuck in his butt incident. I remember seeing this video for System of the Down and thinking they smashed so I copped the album and wasnt disappointed. I can count the amount of rock albums I have copped over the years off the top I can say Nirvana-Never Mind, Rage Against the Machine a couple of albums, Red Hot Chilli Peppers also a couple of albums, The White Stripes, The Strokes, Alien Ant Farm, Linkin Park once, and thats all I can think of right now but at the time even though I stayed listening to mostly hip-hop these albums I ended up buying were dope and I can still listen to most of them now.

Mos Def Travelin' Man...........

This is probably my favorite Mos Def Song. Belize said that Mos Def is somewhat like the new Tupac. I disagree but I know where Belly is coming from as just like Tupac I always look for the movies Mos Def is in so in that regard I would say their is a similarity. I dont really check for any other rappers in movies but Mos I always do and he seems to kill anything he is in. The Rape Over!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

In light of the Sean Bell trial and Cops always getting away with just a slap on the wrist, F0ck the SDPD

I think the past few years I have really become paranoid when I drive. My head is constantly on a swivel surveying what is going on around me. The sad part is it isnt because I am worried about some Vatos, Blood, Crips or a possible CarJacker but I am Paranoid because weak ass Jake's that have handed out numerous ridiculously dumb ass tickets to either me or my boys and or family. The Following are some examples..... No Front Plate, 2 weeks Expired tags, No Seat Belt, Tinted Windows a little too dark, Not carrying License but it was in the system and clean, Insurance Card was expired but once again in the system because the DMV has direct ability to check on Car Insurance- yet a ticktet for not having the card, Passing the field sobriety test but the Cop still thinking said person was drunk and subsequently taken into custody and past the blood test, Now WTF does that have to do with Protecting and Serving, this is literally getting out of hand. I grew up in a decent area but the "hood" was right down the street and I can remember learning from a young age not to talk to Police and it hasnt changed. I dont know where putting on that uniform all of a sudden gives these regular ass dudes an I run the world Mentality, being perfectly biased when talking about cops I have never ever met a decent police officer!

True Story: My cousin Jesus moved from SD to Utah to do high school and he told me that one day walking home from school he said two cops pulled over and asked him "where you get the money to buy those shoes(he had the Jordan 11's on), are you selling drugs" my cousin said he didnt say anything and they proceeded to tell him "where talking to you spic dont make us take you to jail for selling drugs" my cousin said that he told them that his brother bought the shoes for him and the cops told him "go back to LA we dont want your types around here and we dont want to see you again in the street or your going to have a problem" My cousin said he went home told his brother and mom and they just told my cousin to drive to school from now on.The crazy thing is my cousin now wants to get into law enforcement which is a whole different story, no way does one good honest dude change ages of cultural corruption and decete by the Jake, anyways I digress. This story is not uncommon; this type of sh!t happens ery'day in every city.I understand Police probably deal with a lot of negative shit on the daily basis but does that justify in acting like a complete ass and treating regular hard-working minorities like animals F0ck no!

I dont like police never have and never will and I know there are probably some honest cops out there getting a bad rap.I think our countries police are given too much authority to do what they morally think is right, but if they think its wrong to be black or hispanic then it isnt anything to them to blast a unarmed black man 50 times . Somewhere along the line as I have gotten older I find it hard to respect a highschool educated cop with full authority to kill if his instincts tell him its ok (let alone that he is probably younger than me) not to mention that dude is scared shitless that something might happen to him everytime he pulls someone over. Now a nervous Cop with a gun is all of a sudden a dangerous man armed. I dont know the right why to rectify this because our society is really fucked up(i.e. killing Liquor store owners, robbing old people, etc.) but I do know that giving out shitty ass tickets doesnt help the public perception of cops. What do ya'll think?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Weekend Video Song, U R the one!

I remember only seeing the video once on BET Uncut and I had the D12-World album just never bothered to listen to it, until after I heard this track. I think D12 is fully capable in making good funhearted music sort of like my Dude Devin. I hear they are coming out with an album this year and (its already been 3 years since D12-World) I am actually intrigued with what they might come with, nhjic. RIP Proof

Transformers Movie Trailer/ StarScream will continue to be my dude his gangsta was respected by everyone except Megatron!

This Movie Is going to be crazy all them 80's babies are going to be giddy and by the looks of the Trailer it sort of looks like it might live up to the hype. Here is a quick description of my boy Starscream, if he isnt in the movie I will boycott that shit!
He makes no secret of his ambition to overthrow Megatron as Decepticon Leader. He is more intelligent than the average Decepticon, ruthless and cruel in his actions, but also a coward, in that he is unlikely to take direct action on his ambition to overthrow Megatron, without his fellow Decepticons to back him up
And here is a site some nerd dedicated to my dude StarScream.
Here Megatron Caps my dude StarScream who tried the ole let me just shoot dude in the back move unfortunately for StarScream Megatron blocked it and then blasted StarScream.

Friday, March 16, 2007

No Ravishing Rick Rude this is a tribute to the all-time most pimpest Wrastler

Enjoy The man that used to make the ladies wet along with Gorilla Monsoon........He died in 99' from Roid use which he admitted to doing which was classy of him.........Extreme No Homo on the entire post!

Have a good Weekend and St.Pattys Day!

On this Note I will say that Drinking and Driving I usually partake in but I dont recommend it. Police will be real heavy on the streets so try and figure out who will drink the least amount before heading out and or just get waisted at your crib with your peops that is usually the way to avoid the Po-Po. Unless you chill with the boys and I which could mean the nieghbor dialing up the Jake at any given time they feel threatned by our noise level, no homo. Nevertheless drink to thisclose before alcohol poisoning and everything should be cool. 1

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bow Wow Is the Tim Duncan Of this Rap Game...minus the height advantage! By Belize from

Disclaimer: this is written my Boy Belize and is his Humble Opinion check for him

First off lemme say "I hate Bow Wow". Really. Not a fan of his music, probably due to the age difference, but (!) I gotta respect dude. Seriously. Yesterday me and Cip were talking and I came to the realization that Bow Wow is probably not going anywhere anytime soon. So why (you maybe yelling right now) is the artist formally known as Lil' being compared to Tim Duncan you may ask?

Well, just like Bow Wow, he's one of the least appreciated players in the game. Sure they have the hardware - i.e. 3 Championship rings/3 Platinum Plaques - but I don't care who you are, when you talk to avid sport fans about who's the illest in the game and you say Tim Duncan, some dude is gonna scream "Fuck Tim Duncan!"

This goes for the rap game too, ask any "Hip-Hop" fan (A) what their view on Bow Wow is and you probably will get a unanimous answer of "Fuck Bow-Wow!"

So why the hate? My idea is the way they "play" the game. Tim Duncan is a fundamentalist. He plays the game just like Lennox Lewis boxed. He plays to win. Nothing more, nothing less. Do you think Tim Duncan care if some dude posterizes him on the court? Do you think he cares if you don't like his MC Hammers, of the world can understand this simple rule in life. Lil Bow Wow..errr..Bow-Wow, makes music for women/girls/bitches. Simple and plain, and many emcees have found this hidden gem to success. LL Cool J did it and still does. Ma$e did it (weak and corny 1st single, but that new single with T-Pain will guarantee a Platinum Plaque. You can bet your piggybank on that. Don't believe me? Watch. If Bow has one more catchy single after this, it's a wrap. He'll be multi-platinum by the end of the year, with no heavy promotions, and probably still no love from Hip-Hop listeners. But! He'll be more rich than your favorite rapper and probably get more pum-pum than Mr. 20,000 himself.

Isn't that the goal of every star?

Well, Bow-Wow, just like Tim Duncan, I still don't like your game, but I tilt my brim to you both.

Get your guap.

The only and major argument that I have against this point. Is that Tim Duncan as well as LL are well respected amongst their peers and I dont get the feeling that Bow Wow is even respected on any level, besides most rappers are not fucking with him cuz Bow Wow stays in his own lane. He will continue to be the shortest Nigga in the club and also very successful at playing his position and therein lies the comparison to Tim Duncan and where it ends. Big Up Belize on a strong first effort my nigga and hopefully only the beginning of these Collabo's

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pans Labyrinth-Sountrack Gangsta backdrop

Yo I remember watching this movie and thinking whoever was doing the Score was a fucking genius times infinity! well I looked it up and saw it was Javier Navarrete and I couldnt help but think this is how a movies score is supposed to sound like and the only other time I felt like that or even paid attention was on Kill Bill. Watch the movie here and you can buy the soundtrack or listen to snippets of each song here ....The Movie is dope I might add but I mentioned a few months back after I watched it in the Theater and the only reason I mention the Score now is because I had a dream and throughout my dream or nightmare it was this damn music playing....I wont go into my dream/nightmare today but I did want to say that the Sountrack/Score is cinematic music at its best. Here is another Tribute

300 the movie courtesy of my boy go to his site plenty of E-hoes there!

Get Movie Here.........

March Madness is on and Popping!

Please dont hurt them Joakim.........Yo here is my final four Florida, Ohio State, Ucla , Texas and or USC who is my sleeper.....Ohio State winning the whole damn thing with the way Robert Parrish aka Oden has been playing add in Mike Conley and some D.Cook the Buckeyes are about to Fab Five this tournament unless Durant Carmelosize's it which is quite possible. They will make it to the final 4 then join the Grizzlies and Celtics with Joakim on the Suns true story!

Weekly A$$ tribute!

Here is this weeks rump tribute, props to my boy Rob who hit me with the pic. I will upload some pics of my weekend trip to Bougie Palm Springs later in the week when I have time, but for the meantime in between time enjoy perfection brought to you by Serena Williams!

I just got back to work today and I know I am late with this but still dope!

Here Talib and Fabolous pay tribute to Biggie which I thought was a good look by two Brooklyn MC's that cater to different rap audience's but both come together when it comes to their appreciation of Big!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

I am out to Palm Springs some work function, Holla at ya'll monday.

The Quickest and most successful robbery ever!

This Dude did had the quickest punch and grab ever.........lmao at the Rocky song playing the back.......I bet the cashier didnt realize what even happened till yesterday........

Taking a Queue from my Boy Belize Video of the day

I remember actually thinking Cuban Link had a chance to blow after this he ripped it. I was looking through my Ipod and I have his 24k advance on there no song Titles but as soon as I figure out how to use copypod I will up the album........

Devin The Dude........Waiting to Inhale the Album Pick that shit up!

The Dude album is a bonafied classic and this will be the first album of 07' I actually buy.........The Track with Andre 3000 and Snoop is scorching.....

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Delicious or Grandiose or whatever the f0ck her name is!


Here is a list of things I remain loyal to!

loy·al (loil)
1. Steadfast in allegiance to one's homeland, government, or sovereign.
2. Faithful to a person, ideal, custom, cause, or duty

Here is my List in no particular order:

:Family and Friends
:Work not my employer per se, but the responsibility of working and working hard
:San Diego Sports teams i.e. Padres and Chargers
:secondary Phoenix sports teams Suns,D-Backs and Cardinals except when they play Diego,
:spending two years of my life in Phoenix and going to a large amount of games developed this
affinity to the PHX.
:Jordan shoes preferrably #'s 1-12 but generally all Jordan's
:Diesel Jeans....these aint diesel these are evisu(c) Jay-Z but in my case its the other way, Polo and Lacoste
stafford Wife-Beaters thick and cheap cop at JcPenny's
:Bud-Light and if I drink a soda which is rarely only Coke will suffice, the beer varies but given
the choice of a domestic its Bud-Light and if its not I usually F0ck with Mexican beer
Corona,Sol, Modelo and Pacifico dont mess with Tecate that beer gives huge hangovers and
the shits!I also have never came to like dark beers like Newcastle,Bass,Guiness and the like
those are not my type of beer.........
:Playstation I have never bought an X-Box so I stay with this PS2 untill I cop the PS3 joint
:Inside the NBA w/Charles, Sopranos, Entourage, Dexter, Sleeper Cell, The First 48, The Wire,
BoonDocks, Andrew Dice Reality Show, White Rapper Show, Sportscenter are all shows I
regularly watch or DVR..............
:Booty,Nalga, As$, Boodukadunks, Back, Coolo and boning DoggyStyle
:My Barber Abel
:Trojan condoms above all brands
:Marlboro Lights if I am going to smoke which is rare and I am usually drunk
:If I am going to eat a burger In-N-Out is that place
:Mariachi Music, Rap and R & B above all else this is what I am listening to at all times

These are all a things I am loyal too, this was off the top of my head I am pretty sure there is
more things I stay loyal to. What things are you Loyal to?

Monday, March 05, 2007

Cumbia Sobre El Rio

I was watching Babel and I remember thinking this song Banged! n/h

Kanye West throw some D's on that B!tch.....

Its not Kanye its really his cousin or something......

Two young one's piffing!

This clip has been making the rounds here on the local news. I was laughing through out the video even though its not supposed to be funny and it conjured up one particular childhood memory of my neighborhood. True Story: One day I was coming home from Middle School and I saw Chauncie outside his crib chilling and he was like yo Fux(not my real name) do you want to smoke some weed and I was like nah but who is going to smoke with you Chaunce just BayBay and I so far. I was like get the F0ck out of here BayBay smokes and Chaunce was like ya Teddy taught him when BayBay was 5(Teddy,Chauncie and BayBay are all brothers ranging in age at the time 17,12 and 6). I was like alright Chaunce I will swing by in a minute a need to see this sh!t with my own eyes. Ya lest that I saw little BayBay piffing that afternoon and I will never forgot what

he said "Yo Fux hit this shit its Chronic"
I said: "Nah I'm cool BayBay,next time"
BayBay: "Alright Nigga, Im going to go have a bowl of Cap-n-Crunches and play some Zombie ate my neighbors"
so as he left I was like:
"Yo Chauncie dont you find it odd that BayBay smokes Weed"
Chauncie replied: "Nah my whole family smokes weed, I started at 3"
Me: "get the fuck out of here with that shit"

and we both started laughing after that and never talked about it again. After that interaction when I would see BayBay piffing I wouldnt even blink an eye. So I guess what I am trying to say is that its absolutely wrong to teach a kid how to smoke weed but its prolly worse to teach them and videotape it!

Monday Morning ahhhhh...Lets start the day with one all-time favorite clip!

Yo I remember this like it was yesterday, Jim Everett never recovered damn his whole career was ethered and Jim Rome is still going strong. The reason I thought of this is because there needs to be some athlete or anyone for that matter f0cking up reporters like Jay Marriotti that guy is a complete b!tch white middle america christian rite(sp?) bible thumping moron. I usually change the channel when I see that idiot , I digress........Yo here is the song that Jim Rome's radio show starts off to, n/h on the video though.....

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Bull Riding!

So this dude decides to tie his boots to the bull, WOW was that a mistake! dude was like in his mind *im going to show them who is the champ and tie my boots to the bull* just thinking that should have let dude know it probably wasnt the best thought he ever had........LMAO at the stupidity of people

Consequence Callin' Me

Taking a que from my Boy Belize from here is my video of the day........

Dude who knocked out Fase talks?

What the f0ck is going on? The Youtube era is ridiculous, mothaf0cka's knock somebody out and then stunt on camera.*smh* the shit's disgusting b!

Black Republicans, Juelz and Weezy

Mexico victorious over Venezuela 3-1........

The largest crowd to watch a soccer match in San Diego history – 63,328 – had Qualcomm Stadium on smash last night as Mexico dismantled Venezuela 3-1 in an international friendly and gave Sanchez his first victory as national coach.........I was slightly faded in this pic as you can see, this bag was just pimping the San Diego Union Tribune so I asked her to take a picture with me, nothing major......There was H0es wearing nothing running rampant around the stadium which is one of the main reasons I love soccer........The game was cool it isnt like the Venezuela team are worldbeaters or anything.......The chill part was tailgating before the game, carne asada on the grill, pounding Bud lights, good times! 1