Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bigger and Blogger!

I just touched down on the WestCoast Last night, it feels good to be home. I am going to give a quick rundown of Hawaii and maybe up some pictures later. Let me Preface this by saying I got no ass and I was ok with it. The Flight from Sand Diego to Hononulu is 5 hours or so and I didnt sleep a lick but I got my Ipod random game up. I listened to some sh!t I hadnt heard in years and I only got to around 1,000 songs cuz my Ipod is 10,000 songs deep(I might up some of those bangers later). My Cousin and I get to the airport and get to the rental car place and realize I forgot my license and all I am carrying is my Passport(wtf I also forgot my Phone Charger extra wtf) so I had to call the J-O-B to switch the rental car reservations over to my cousins name. Not a big problem but I was beginning to fear that those were signs of things to come but actually that was the worst of it and everything from there on was gravy.

First Night there and my mind was playing tricks on me the clock said 12am but my body was telling me its 3am, No My Mind is telling me no but my body is telling me yesssss. So I go to a local bar right off the Waikiki beach and near our hotel(the Marriott) and their is hella Japanese people everywhere. I am at the Bar with My cousin who made the trip out with me and my cousin who happens to live in Waipahu met up with us there. Sh!t is on and poppin' throwin back pitchers and hollering at some Chinky eyed hoes. So you know I had my swag on pulled these 3 Japanese hoes to our table and they dont speak a lick of English but they dont seem to mind and I sure as hell dont, Pussy has no language, No Queef. It gets to be 4am or so and I think maybe I can leave with one of these hoes but nope some Japanese dudes roll up and pull them from our table all drunk and ready. At that point I thought they must have known the dudes cuz they seemed to be shocked to see them but whatever I was drunk out my mind at that point and start to talk to the waitress who was giving me the come talk to me look and sure enough we had a couple minute convo of where I was from and whatnot but all I remember after that was taking a couple of shots of Patron and being subsequently kicked out of the bar, not a good look. My Cousin Jesus who made the treck with me was still inside along with my Cousin Juan and they have no clue I was kicked out. Somehow Someway the Bouncer said dude you can go back in but dont drink anymore and by this time its like 5am or so and the place is about to close and I get no action(which pretty much somes up my week.

Ohh Ya I saw all the local ish Dole Factory, North Shore, Paradise Cove Luau(where I was pulled on stage and danced with 300 or so people watching), Surfing the Beach and whatnot. But who really gives a fock about that, I know I dont care to elaborate on the tourist sh!t I did. Unless I saw something peculier or amazing or it had tits on it, I digress.

The only other time I had my game on was when on my flight home,a nice looking white chick(I dont Fux with white girls) who sat next to me on the flight was looking precise and opened a convo with the kid, next thing you know we were sharing my earphones and watching Gladiator together. Come to find out this chick her name was Marlene and she was from Austria but going to school in San Diego the only thing that stopped me from asking for her number was that she didnt look a day passed 19 and my general rule of thumb is 21 and over(havent met the exception yet). Hawaii all in all is dope and if you havent been, you should partake or whatever.


50 Cent didnt make no 400 hundred million come on Allhiphop needs more people, 50 is just a spokesmodel and I would be amazed if he even made 5 million on that ish on the strength of Formula 50 the whole report is bogus.

Also while I was away Common and Kanye decide to drop videos, Common's ish is dope and reminds me of LL's Mama said Joint, Kanyes on the other hand is plain basura and I actually like the song. Kanye also has a Mixtape out, havent listened to it yet......

DJ Khaled getting pranked called by Ralphige, same dude that called Scott Storch, hilarity! also check the Michael Jackson prank call.

Side Note while on my Ipod Shuffle game I ran across this song Novel-Peach and I remember thinking that I used to bump the ish out of this song

.......the innuendo on this song was crazy and not blatantly vulgar and had a sense of how the old-schoolers did it with suggestion in the lyrics not just out-right vulgarity.......

iCandy Nomination:
Natalia Guimaraes who was runner up in the Miss Universe and happens to be Miss Brazil 2007, she is one lovely bird but there isnt much of way of photos of the chick.

By the way Belize my Boy you're rep Looks like a Man, ugghhh Belize the country lost with this one!

Xiang Xiang died
which happen to be the first Panda bred in captivity, I am deeply sadden of the death of this Marsupial. Only cuz it hits close to home and I got nostalgic about the day my Giraffe Willy died, dude only lasted a month in the back yard but damn was he a beauty of a beast. I remember like if it were yesterday when I asked for a dog and Pops brought a 12ft baby Giraffe, Good times.......1 Hundred till next time.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hip Hop Video of the Day!

Kardi Kardi, Kardinal Offishall is a personal favorite and I recently got ahold of his new mixtape which is fiyaaa(good looking G7). Kardi has been doing it for a minute and maybe he doesnt get a lot of love south of the Canadian border but I bet you're favorite rapper knows who he is and respects him and he is currently signed to Konvict Music so you know Akon knows wassup. Nuff respect and if you want the new mixtape hit me on the gmail, 1!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Leaving on Vacation!

I am heading out of town on a trip to Hawaii, so I am going to take a break from the world and also from blogging for the next week or so. This is my first trip to this beautiful Island and I hoping to relax as much as possible. I got a couple of things I need to go to for work than I am scott free. If ya'll have any suggestions what to hit up in Waikiki hit me on the comments it would be appreciated. I dont have any plans to hook up or anything just relax(but if pussy gets thrown my way I am a humble man and will pounce on it), I might take some pictures and post them but nothing major. 1 hundred

Monday, May 21, 2007

Brazilian Soccer is beautiful art!

I was watching the Mexican Soccer League semifinal last night my Chivas vs America and sure enough my squad lost and I was bumming afterwards, But while watching the game I had a thought about some of the most influential styles and or recognizable things on earth and the one that stuck out was A Brazilian Soccer player(ya a brazalian booty too) and how you can tell just by watching a regular game who the Brazilian player is by the style the swag that they play with it is very evident and recognizable(you can even see it in someone who plays basketball check Leandro Barbosa). I have a lot of love for Brazilians and latinos in general but my love for Futbol is unconditional, thats why I wanted to show you guys a couple of commercials that Nike has made over the years that I think best capture the essence of Brazilian Futbol Players! Also that song playing in the backround I have on my Ipod and bump it from time to time to get on my swag.

To manipulate a ball with you're feet in such a manner is a level of artistry comparable to Mozart, Divinci, IMO.

Check Carlos Tevez who is from Argentina but went to Brazil to play his club ball and sure enough he caught the swag, I say if you're not born with this swag, it cant be taught but I do believe you can catch it, No 28 weeks later(which I watched last night and as far as scary movies go, 28 weeks is pretty good).

Some of the players in this clip are not even Brazilian but they have the Swag. I guess one of the best compliments that can be placed on a player who isnt Brazilian would be to say "they play like a Brazilian"

TiTi Henry one of my favorite players ever and he happens to be French but dude is one of the best on the planet and he plays at a different pace, makes me think he is Brazilian or something.

Here are some hot soccer wives and girlfriends. and here.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Fux News the rundown!

So Byron wrote a little something on this White Dude who thought he could run that, buy a house flip a house game. I can wholeheartedly attest to that if you dont know sh!t about home remodeling you will lose in this hustle 9 out of 10 times. Especially in the current state real estate is in and many people losing their homes after the first two years when the variable(I think thats what it is called) rate kicks in then kicks them out of their dream home because they can longer afford the mortgage.

This weeks most popular video in the hip-hop blogger world. Cease-a-Leo whipping out his johnson in a room with Two dudes and not 1 interested chick, No Homo Junior Mafia lost.

According to Fresh Lil' Wayne isnt that bad. And I, Fux also dont think he is that bad and Da Drought 3 is a beast of a Mixtape.

The Spurs knockout the Suns and I am bitter like a mothafucka', Charley Rosen breaks the Suns shortcomings down. Final four squads Jazz,Spurs,Cavs and Pistons and it looks like the Spurs are going to win a another 'chip.

Nice 6 part article on Leandro Barbosa and his road to the NBA.....

3 new Music videos by Fisty Cent aka Courtesy Curtis aka trash. Straight to the bank(actually not that bad), Amusement Park (Candy Shop revisted and shittier, but I guess it for the ladies or better yet them dumb hoes that like this ish), Fully loaded Clip(this is ok not quite garbage, too much name dropping sounds like snitching outing peoples biz in a song like that)(peace to eskay).........the video to Spider Loc's Bluetiful which I think is average and I wouldnt be caught dead bumping anywhere near my household them Ru's would come get me

Amy Winehouse Rehab Remix: Feat Jay-Z and Pharoahe Monche Jay drops his now to be expected average 16 but Pharoahe Monche murdered it(Monche by the way dropped a new video this week) and Peace to Fresh on the Rehab Remix.....

We Takin' Over Remix (c) of aHotMess I like this song by the way....

Screech getting his grizzly on,no homo (c) YoubeenBlinded.........

Jordan's came out today and for the past 3 weeks their has been releases its getting hard to keep up with this ish, I myself have toned down my sneaker fetish somewhat but here it is JIC.....

Peace to Gringo (who came up with the term Fux News) whom I agree with time to time on Hollywood hyping up waif looking bitches way too much and Maxim's 100 seems to be following that steez. Also I would like to know who votes on these lists, 6 whiteguys in their mid 30's who dont really know ish when it comes to beauty them sukkas probably think Sofia Vergara's booty is too big or she is not skinny enough. F that Maxim needs a young Latino and/or a young Black dude on board to help with their top 100 lists(Bol has the list). I am available if they want, hit me on the Gmail Maxim.....On that Note I am out till next time, 1 Hundred.

iCandy of the week, Galilea Montijo!

Galilea Montijo appears on Mexican TvNovelas and she is from Guadlajara(arriba las Chivas) well she came under scrutiny recently because someone leaked an amatuer sextape allegedly featuring her in it, I cant really tell but see for yourself. By the way is somebody is going to name their daughter Galilea she better be focking hot because that name is treacherous, No Shaquanda.

Money Shot of the Day!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

A big Thank You!

The Blogging game can feel like a huge new city and besides the obvious i.e. getting my feet wet, creating a routine and getting to know new people and making friends; the most difficult part is finding your own identity and persona to make your very own blog different than the rest. I have been trying to find my own little niche and to say I am anywhere remotely close to where I want to be would be ridic, but I am getting more comfortable in my own blogging skin. I want to reach the comfort zone where my thoughts when put to print sound as close as possible to how I want them to be read. The reason I mention this and one of the main influences in me deciding to blog a few months back; Dallas gave your Boy Fuxie Gillespie a huge Alley-Opp (check it here) and Thank you again Dallas.
This one is for You D and the reason Spanish News Stations have to be the most informative show on television, viva Telemundo and iCandy Barbara Bermudo!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Vote for my dude Hoodtalk aka GoldenArmz!

Yo so one of my Nahright Brethren is about to get chosen for I Love New York season 2. Go ahead and vote for him, he is a funny dude. Watch here


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jery Sandoval Revisted!

If this beauty looks familiar well its because I have mentioned her here quite a few times. I just decided to give this Colombian lovely some more shine as I had these new Pics in the chamber. I also want to thank the Ex(Ya You Beezy) who used to make me watch a TvNovela with her daily and I at first could'nt sit through it but as soon as I saw Jery Sandoval; the show became must watch tv! And Also if Sarah Shahi is my #1 then Jery Sandoval is mos def my #1a.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Hip Hop Video of the Day: Respect West Coast Hip-Hop MothaFocka's!

So yesterday I was watching Entourage and in this one scene Turtle is picking up a Lincoln and as soon as he turns it on this song was blasting. The scene was less then 10 seconds but I couldnt get the snippet of the song out of my head(no BBD Poison). So this morning I get on my grizzly and sure enough I find the artist and title: Elevation (Free Your Mind) Artist: B.U.M.S.. This is a personal favorite, 1. I didnt even know they had a video for it.

By the way this song "freely" sampled Teddy Pendergrass's: Close the Door, a banger in of itself.

an Ode to Sarah Shahi!

I mentioned her a few months ago, but last night she was on Sopranos getting smashed on by Tony and she looked absolutely impeccable. Sarah Shahi need I remind ya'll is half Mexican/Half-Iraqi or Persian(like me) and I guess for that reason she (without stating the obvious which is that she is insanely beautiful) is my favorite actress!

I upped a couple more for el Gringo and also you can see Shahi on Rush Hour 3 this summer.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Non-Hip-Hop video of the day.........

Shaggy didnt completely suck on this but its Barrington who Kills it! And an Extra video since I am feeling Reggaeish Police and Thieves. Whom I might admit that I learned about through Dallas Penn, he put me Up on the Clash and they covered this song and smashed it. But a Dallas Regular made sure to tell me that the song was originally Junior Murvin's and not the Clashes. Big Up on educating the Youth.

What Do your Dreams Mean?

The other day I was having a discussion with a friend of mine, about me constantly dreaming that I am flying, No My Secret Identity. So she told me I should look it up and see what it means. Sure enough the meaning behind me "flying" in my dreams sounds right on. Here, Bammm if this doesnt describe me to a T right now I dont know what does:
Many dreamers have described the ability to fly in their dreams as an exhilarating, joyful, and liberating experience.?To dream that you are flying, signifies a sense of freedom where you had initially felt restricted and limited.
If you are flying with ease and enjoying the scene and landscape below, then it suggests that you are on top of a situation. You have risen above something. It may also mean that you have gained a different perspective on things. Flying dreams and the ability to control your flight is representative of your own personal sense of power.?

The Funny thing is every dream that I have about Flying is just a regular ass dream until a certain point in each dream I just get up and fly away, No homo. As soon as I read this, I thought I should share this site DreamMoods because maybe it can help you identify your dreams or help you interpret what you're feeling or how you're feeling.

Side Note: So I asked my friend what dreams had she been having lately and she told me she has had a few dreams in which she was "Drinking and Driving". She added that each time she wakes up scared or wierded out by the whole situation because she never drinks and drives. So here is what a drunk driving dream meant according to the Site:
To dream that you are driving drunk, indicates that your life is out of control. Some relationship or somebody is dominating you.

After I read her this synopsis, their was an akward silence and then she said dont think this is about you. I at first didnt think it was about me(I am not that self-absorbed) but then after she said that; of course its about me. I guess, my unwillingness to commit is causing some kind of issue with her mental state. 1 .........

Chris Rock Black Man > White Woman!

Ya I changed My Blog setup, Cuz I am fickle like that. Suck My D!ck.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Money Shot of the Day!

Straight Bangin's Top 25!

A few weeks back I did a top 25. The reason the top25 came up was Straight Bangin' asked all "hip-hop" bloggers and contributers to come up with a list and then cumalitively Straight Bangin' through a point method would come up with a definitive Top25 according to the people who know i.e. us. I cant really disagree with their list I actually think this is as probably as close to a definitive list we will ever get to. So here is Straight Bangin's Top25

Negro Please! this clip is something that got me thinking(I usually dont think)how many times can a person say "nigga" in an interview. Got Damn Tru Lizzy takes it to an obscene level here, I think I counted 60 times in 5 minutes thats an average of 12 times a minute. Either Lizzy needs to step his vocab game up or really slow his roll the sh!ts disgusting B. I do tend to drop a "nigga" here or there and really there is no excuse(I can say its how I grew up) but the word carries a lot of negative connotations and I know we have desensitized the word over the years but to use it in such a manner is irresponsible. 1

Ohhh and Prom season is back WTF!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

RIP Diego "Chico" Corrales

Diego died in a Motorcycle accident yesterday. He was a dope fighter and this 10th round against Castillo shows why he was a personal favorite of mine. He seemed to live a fast life per his promoter's word and it caught up to him. "Diego Corrales lived an 'X Games lifestyle,' " his promoter, Gary Shaw said. "He was a true warrior. He did everything hard and fast. He loved anything to the extreme. He was the kind of guy in the ring you never had to worry about quitting. I don't know how many times he would say, 'They'll have to kill me first.' "

Monday, May 07, 2007

The Best 7'7 foot player in the history of Baskeball!

Manute Bol is my favorite player ever. He not only was known to have spear a lion or hippo but he also Over the course of his career, averaged 2.6 points, 4.2 rebounds, 0.3 assists and 3.3 blocks per game, Take that Gheorghe Mure┼čan . Bol was also known to get his grizzly on with his fists handing an ass whopping to William "refrigerator" Perry a few years back. RIP Bol(I dont know if he died) so JIC here is a montage of clips of the great Bol.

Whats Happening, the lowdown!

New Common track The People: This track is scorching produced by Kanye and it seems Common is picking up where Be left off and thats a good thing. Big up Eskay for the track.

New Calle 13 album (download here) courtesy of El Gringo.
I listened to the album in its entirety yesterday and its definetly a banger and you should cop it if you like good latin music. They sort of remind me of Cafe Tacuba if you dont know who they are they dropped a mother of an album a few years ago called Cuatro Caminos, Get familiar!

Byron had an article on a woman who caged up her son and put one of those dog shock collars around the kids neck. She would leave the kid in the cage and then go strip and do drugs. With the government calling for decency amongst the hip-hop community I am surprised they didnt try to flip this on Hip-Hop and say the Mom would strip to "Tip Drill"

De La Hoya lost and so did my Pockets(no pockets), end of story.

It seems there is trouble in paradise, Internal beef within DickSet, Jimmy decided to put Cam in Timeout. Illseed drops some inside sh!t

If anyone knows how I can get ahold of these "Fruity Pebbles" in size10, Holla at me....

SI got some pics up of fans and there crazy ass tats. The gayest one is of a Vato that has "I slept with Shaq" on his forehead, No Leaning like a cholo.

Is this Picture Real, WTF! Its like one big gang bang of who is who in the rap game.

Great RZA interview here.

*Snatches Late Pass* Termanology feat Trife da God - Think About it. I Have no clue how old this song is but damn its Congas.

According to Jay Leno all Mexicans look alike. Big up Icon for the link

Apparently I was the only person not to watch Spiderman this weekend as it raked in 59mill in one day. I am anti going to watch a movie on opening night, I will catch it sometime this week or on Nabolister. 1 ...........

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Video of the Day,Hell Yeah!

^^^This is one of my favorites! I remember dying of laughter the first time I watched it. On the Remix Jay-Z absolutely obliterates this track.

Also I found this pic of these chicks on Myspace, I dont know them but I found the pic blogworthy. Money Shot of the Day.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Nas Concert Cancelled?

I am hugely disappointed, The show was cancelled last night. I hadnt been that hyped about a particular concert since Kanye came to San Diego for the College Dropout Promo tour. I had a wierd feeling the concert wasnt going to pop off because at around 11pm one of the main bars closed and the bartenders skiddadled up out the place. Sure enough 30 minutes later the anouncement was made and then pandemonium, I was surprised a riot didnt erupt but security was heavy so I guess that tamed any thought of the people causing too much of a ruckus. Word was something went down with security something about them trying to check his bags and being somewhat racist and NaS cancelled(isnt that always the case with hip-hop acts as far as security treating them like criminals or some ish).

My people and I chilled with Marcos from POD(thats my cousin Tony and him in the pic) for a minute chopping it up after the concert and he let us know that he is back in POD and that Sonny Chopped his Dreds, No homo. Here is my favorite POD track, filmed right in the middle of the hood and that barbershop is where my boys and I go.

I am convinced I am probably never going to see NaS perform live and that completely sucks especially since my boy was in Anaheim the day before and said NaS killed it. Well here is a clip of one of the most important battles in the history of Hip-Hop. All I wanted was to see him perform Ether and I would have been good.

Big up my boy from You been blinded who put me up on that video clip.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Carrying on with the Bilal Love, this is Bananas!

I had to up this Common feat Bilal "Play your cards right". I mentioned the other day that Bilal is my dude and all. I found this track and almost Babied myself(you know when he sees Weezy rocking a red bandana like his daddy)N/H Naturally. The best part is Ari on the Congas, Lmao.

Video of the Day,Pharoahe Monche's the Light!

After I noticed that a lot of Top 25's didnt have Pharoahe Monche's debut solo album Internal Affairs on their lists let alone in their top 10 like me(thats utterly criminal). I decided to post this video which is probably my favorite track on the whole album.