Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fux News the rundown!

I had a huge week thanks to my investigative ability and dumb luck in finding Greg Odens dad. A couple of people shouted me out either directly or indirectly, see for yourself here, here and here. I want to thank them all for the linkage, no chorizo. Lets take a look at what's bubbling around the internets.

Chris Benoit merked himself as well as his family this week, nothing funny about that; Roid Rage might have been the culprit(wtf). Anyways their is something that is rarely brought up and that is how many wrestlers die at a relatively young age and of heart failure(yes roids)check here . But Vince McMahon now that dude is hilarious, I never know if he is being serious or not but dude seems to be on something, yes that kush. Check here I dont ever watch wrestling now days, but growing up it was a big part of my life and something tells me that the WWE is slowing dieing.

More Kim K booty pictures damn the more I try to ignore her ass the more her ass shows up. indirect link by Fresh

Kanyeezy decided to drop off his new video "Stronger" and I dont know what to think the video looks dope but the song hasnt grown on me at all, No Chia Pet...The song is pretty mediocre

The BET Awards was on the other night, I caught a total of about 20 minutes between switching back and forth on the channels and nothing caught my eye besides Lauren London and PE's performance. You can watch the performances here and who ever told fatass Monique that she was funny needs their humor pass revoked. I have ran across many a funny and gregarious/charming fat chick and Monique is not one of them. Tell her to staple her underarm flaps. Also Keisha Cole and Rhianna can definitely get it. Reggie Bush has dropped the #1 brother-dicker-picker-upper Kim K and is living the single life, good for him.

This Picture is so f'ing hilarious, dude does look mad midgety. No Homo

Word Peace to Icon for this. I was planning on going to Six Flags and get my White People on and ride some rollercoasters. F that once I saw this I had a change of heart. Yes Jaceon Taylor and Hootie
The NBA Draft is tonight and I have been reading rumors all week. I hope the Suns get KG without having to give up Amare and give up the Matrix with some sort of combination. Oden and Durant are going 1 and 2 thats a given, everything else is up in there. I will be tuning in. Here is a funny mock draft by the Sports guy and insider Chad Ford.

This woman decided to give her child 25 middle names all boxing greats. Wow, I wonder if the lady is black not that there is anything wrong with that. Grab a Newport.

Big Victory last night by the TRI over Brazil. I was hyped lets hope that the TRI dont lie an egg against Ecuador and continue to play well throughout the tournament and not let down the fans. Who am I kidding Mexico will disappoint they always do.

Yo My boy HG over at Youbeenblinded posted some clips of Guys and dolls, ish is off the hook. He has a clip of some kid who took his Cabbage Patch doll to a baseball game, Come On now! We all know what happened to that kid; yes homo.

Thats it for today. I may have missed some ish, So what. Keep it Classy folks, 1 hundred!


Big Homie said...

Stronger grew on me too. The song is hot though.

Anonymous said...

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