Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Scott Storch gets a prank call!

OnetuffJew recordings has gotten in the news this week first he disses Timbo and Now Gregory prank calls him, dumb funny..............

nh though on the picture!

Bowllllinnnnnng! by some Funny Jew

Squeezing the last amount of life in this song, way to go from the dudes that wanted you to put some cheese on it!

Game's Brother Big Fase getting knocked the fuckout for bringing Crips to the hood!

Here is an interview with Fase aka Mr.Outcold........'>Part 1 and'> part 2 ..............Growing up on the WestCoast you are pretty much taught that you shouldnt wear the oppositions colors when you are in a rival neighborhood in order to prevent ass kickings. So Big Fase should be well versed in such; being that he is "Piru" but I guess he thought it was ok to bring Spider Loc and his crip homies to the hood and of course one of the Big Heads felt disrespected and took it out on Fase's face....anyways........ Catch ya'll on the come up going to the Mexico vs. Venezuela Futbol game tonight should get interesting!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mashup Jim Jones and Tom Jones Ballin/Its not unusual

Listen here w/e, w/e, w/e.........nhjic

Rage Against the Machine, Back together?

According to Sohh Rage Against the Machine is reuniting and performing with Wu-Tang at Rock the Bellz in San Bernardino in August. This should be off the hook the only reason I even listen to rock music is because of Rage and big ups to a whiteboy(Eric Brands) in Utah who put me onto them many years ago when I did a year of high school up in Mormon Country(one day I will go in depth on the culture shock living amongst nothing but whiteboys for a year). Well this is dope news and Zach de La Rocha has always been my nigga. This is Def a good look.........

Monday, February 26, 2007

Politics as usual...........

Monday and nothing going on. I could speak of the Oscars but I watched 37 seconds of that shit and fell asleep. Reason being I became a GodFather on saturday(pics I will upload when I get them) to my boy Chavarin's little son Alessandro and got fucked up like liquor was getting banned on some prohibition type shit and still havent truly recoverd. I actually thought I wasnt drinking much but by like 10 o'clock I was feeling the affects of having knocked out 15 or so Jello shots and past out at around 10:30 ish, not a good look. I ended up not answering the Wifey's phone calls when she didnt know how to get to the party location and that definitely got me into some ish.Sorry, I am at fault for getting drunk at my boys party and thats it nothing more nothing less, I can live with that. I digress with the sobby bitchmade stories here are some Monday News points..........

Scott Storch track dissing Timbaland(this shit is atrocious Jew rapping) No Firecrotch.............

Mixtape Monday and the requesite G-Unit banter and dissing.....................

Remember that cat Nyckz from "your just mad cuz I'm Stylin on you" fame here is a new video from duke.................

Here is my boy Steve aka peraperaperahh from the group Old English performing at the Red light district, sorry my nigga next performance I will be there, Honest (c) Jerome's.......

Uncle Murda is with the Roc and he is Running the City, apparently........I dont know anyone this side of Brotha Lynch who spits so damn much about killing and blood..............He is a pretty funny dude.......

Also according to Media takeout which we all know is a very reputtable news organization, Beyonce dropped Jiggaman damn me and Jigga on the outskirts on the same weekend, well atleast he has Rhianna as a jumpoff and I by the way dont have anything brewing.........

ohh I guess the TI's over at MTV got to onsmash and told them to pull the My Block Viriginia videos so I deleted the post.......................1................ohh and I see you NMB on the Black Thought points and I am not saying that as a rapper he isnt superb but to be Top 10 you have to have done something to shake up the Rap Game and be immortalized because of said thing you brought to the game....thats the only reason I dont have BT in my top 10...........

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dumbest or just plain most retarded nigga in the NFL!

Earlier this month I awarded the dumbest player in the NBA to Tyrus Thomas. I now have the holder of said label for an NFL player. Read:

Police seized $81,020 in cash belonging to Tennessee Titans cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones, money they said sparked a melee and a triple shooting at a strip club over the weekend, court documents show.
Jones was showering more than 40 strippers onstage at Minxx Gentlemen's Club & Lounge early Monday with the cash "intended as a visual effect," (i.e. Making It Rain)

Jones has faced criminal charges three times since the Titans made the former West Virginia University player the sixth overall pick in the 2005 draft — all involving incidents at nightclubs in Tennessee..........

I dont get this dude he is a pretty decent footballer but damn can he just control himself. I think he is one of these over the top drunks and just cant control himself around these hoes and by the looks of his past charges Pacman loves them hoes/scrippers. So now dude is getting questioned in the merking of 3 people at the time of his making it rain performance at said club. Authorities claim he is only wanted because he is a witness. 80,000 in 1 dollar bills is hard to fit in your pockets, well I doubt Pacman was carrying the money it prolly was his Weedcarriers second job besides what else; uhh carrying his weed. The shooting took place after the club owner told the skanks to pick up all the money and bounce but apparently it wasnt for keeps just for show and then thats when Pacman started unloading shots from his 40cal, alledgedly.Nevertheless, stupidity or not I have to give a big ups to Pacman for his hardbodiness. 1

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Jim Lampley the Gulliest Nigga on the Westcoast!

I Lifted this Story from TMZ: here are some of the details:

Candice Sanders claims that on New Year's Eve, Lampley and his son Aaron joined her for dinner. Sanders says she was engaged to Lampley, who she claimed lived with her in the apartment.Sanders alleges after dinner, at their apartment, Lampley "was drinking vodka and whiskey and became drunk." She adds in the document that "he was also high on pot."

And adds that:

Sanders says at that point all hell broke loose. She alleges, "He grabbed me and threw me against a wall. He then threw me against another wall. He then threw me against the door and I collapsed."Sanders goes on to say that 14-year-old Aaron saw her on the floor and she asked him to call the police. She writes in the document," Jim beat Aaron to the phone and kept Aaron from getting [to the phone]. She says Lampley then drove away with Aaron. Sanders claims she suffered head, neck and back injuries

What this mean's is that Jim Lampley is not only the dopest Play-by-play dude in boxing but also the most gangsta. Jimbo actually lives in San Diego and if I recall correctly he use to be married to a lady that worked on the news who had lobster hands now thats kinky. This chick that Jimbo put his hands on was Miss California 2003 so she is a nice peace of trim. I bet she is with him cuz he kills on play-by-play and not cuz of his money. Seems Jimbo has learned a thing or two about how to treat the ladies; covering Iron Mike over the years. I just wanted to revist this news and give Jim Lampley a big shout out and props on his pimphand. P's up and Hoes down!

Before I get ahead of myself with this Barbara Bermudo talk. Lets revist Jery Sandoval

Barbara Bermudo is my #1 (c) Pharrell

So I was watching Primer Impacto the other day with mom Dukes and I couldnt help but notice this chick Barbara Bermudo and how hot she is, watching the news will never be the same again for me.......Enjoy the clips

Joell Ortiz - Who the Fuck is Joell Ortiz

Download Here, peace to to SpRz........Album is not Retail

Shawne Merriman does cocaine, Allegedly!

This story is all second-hand hearsay:

My Boy was messing with this chick and she used to f0ck a Charger. One day she was telling my boy about a party she went to with a couple of girlfriends of hers, needless to say it was a hotel party with a few Chargers there and this chick was fucking Shuan Phillips in particular. The girl went onto say that Shawne was sitting with a couple of bitches around him and some Yayo on the table and that dude was snorting it. I rarely believe bitches but what did this chick have to gain by lieing. I have met two other bitches who have claimed to have boned Merriman. By my calculations which are purely scientific, that means that Merriman has boned 1 in 4 single women in San Diego; damn thats Chamberlain numbers. I would also like to add that this chick claimed Antonio Gates offered her a "ride home" and she accepted not knowing that ride meant she was going to bone him. So when she said no, Gates pulled out his stuff and jacked(extreme no homo) and told her to nibble on his ear so he could finish faster. Yo take this anecdote for what it is, which is very true.

Tru Life and Bleek in ROC studio

I rarely see Bleek talk out his mouth so them Dipset nuccas must have really struck a cord with dude. Like Tru Life said Bleek has 1 platinum and 1 gold album who at Dips can claim the same Cam maybe but his platinum album came when he was on the ROC so the Dips need to GTFOH with all that talk on Bleek!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hot 97 Smak Fest this is dope, would you do it for 5k?

This eventually got banned but its the funniest shit ever!

LA's own Jus Rhyme is out looks like Mr. Ghetto Revival is going to win........

I never liked this Jus Rhyme dude-white man apolygist- his whole swagger was wack. I really like this show and only because these dudes seem to be taking themselves real serious and think they are going to blow or some shit. I would do the show for 100k though so I can't blame them. I figure John Brown is going to win and since the first freestyle he was the only one who had any ability to spit, though minimal. This clip was the classic with Lord Jamar asking John Brown what the f0ck is Ghetto Revival, hilarity. Side note pick up Lord Jamar's 5% album.........

Monday, February 19, 2007

Known to eat dogs and little Oriental children alike...........

Thai fishermen netted a catfish as big as a grizzly bear, setting a world record for the largest freshwater fish ever found, according to researchers who studied the 646-pound Mekong giant catfish as part of a project to protect large freshwater fish.
This giant serpent/fish was known to eat dogs and little Orientals but in the end the AIDS infested locals got the last laugh devouring this big ass fish. I bet they had some of these come up on the shore of louisiana after Katrina but the goverment prolly had them removed so people couldnt eat, damn Bush he truly tried to ether a whole state.

After the game they had Pancakes

While watching yesterday's boring ass All-Star game I noticed Prince and Dave sitting together and I started laughing uncontrollably and my boys were like shut the f0ck up "its not that funny"..........I was like are you sure, you tell me if Shirts vs Blouses isnt funny.............

Saigon Pain in My Life original and remix........

Here is the Remix featuring Game and BG...........I dont know much about the record industry nor do I fancy myself a business genius but it would have made sense to drop Saigon's album during the time he was on HBO's Entourage and he had some buzz but what do I know. Here is an interview where Sai says he would beat Prodigy like a pinata.......

Sunday, February 18, 2007

A-Yo No Barkley/Bavetta Kiss.....No amount of disclaimers

I know Chuck was down on Tim Hardaway and his comments but kissing Knick Bavetta, whoa! From here on out I will be dropping No Barkley/Bavetta's in substitute of No Homo

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Battle of the Wits........Beetlejuice is the classic model of midgetry

New Prodigy Video

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was amped for the release of the Prodigy's Return of the Mac mixtape and I still am. Prodigy is only making things more interesting with quotes like this when asked about NaS "I dont Like that nigga" and when asked about Saigon he said "I dont like his music". Well Prodigy can say whatever he pleases as long as he continues to bang out good music.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Minority Report........Whatever

Faggotry behavior is part of life, I dont practice it or condone faggotism; but to each their own.....

Former Miami Heat guard Tim Hardaway said on a radio show Wednesday afternoon that he would not want a gay player on his team.

“You know, I hate gay people, so I let it be known,” Hardaway said. “I don’t like gay people and I don’t like to be around gay people. I am homophobic. I don’t like it. It shouldn’t be in the world or in the United States.”

Look I am glad he spoke his mind because most athletes give a half ass response to questions or they say the politically correct answer. But for Timmy to say the word Hate now he done messed up, he will have GLAAD all up in his ass, no hairy gerbal. Also David Stern said the league is cutting ties with Tim to further represent the league in any capacity because Tim's views are in direction objection of what the league thinks about faggitism. Damn sounds like $$$$$ is going to be lost by Timmy and ultimately thats what counts.

I am back with the hotness, my blog was down for a day or so........Here is the New Cam Video...Curttttiissssssss

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ricky Rubio.......Spanish Sensation

So this Cat Ricky Rubio is supposed to be the next ish out of Europe on this clip he won the game with that half-court shot at the U-16 World Championship......Read his Bio from Hype machine is started already:

Arguably the best European guard prospect since Drazen Petrovic, if not better ... Has a natural feel for the game that very few posses, especially at such a young age ... Used to dominate at Spanish and even European U16 level ... Incredibly dominant scorer ... Has that ability, much like Ginobili, to find a way to the basket regardless what the defense does ... Shows tremendous creativity in a multitude of ways, especially passing and scoring ... Virtually unstoppable in one-on-one situations ... Ambidextrous, can dribble and drive with either hand. But has some problems finishing with the left hand ... Maintains great balance in the air, which is less typical for European guards ... He can penetrate, receive the foul and still finish ... A strong rebounder ... Grabs rebounds under his own basket and goes coast to coast, much like Jason Kidd ... Has nice court vision, very good at finding a teammate on the fast break ... A "scorer-passer": draws two or three defenders and dishes it out to the open man, but can also find people under the basket ... Takes good care of the ball, doesn't turn the ball over as much as you would expect from a player his age, especially considering his creativity ... Extremely mature for his age, and clutch. He lives for pressure situations ... Has quick hands, always going for the steal ... Impressive man-to-man defender ... Has soild leaping ability ... Great physical characteristics, long arms and big hands ... He might grow another inch or two ... Great size for a point guard at 6-4, anyway.

Sounds Like Rubio already has dudes on his nuts, nhjic............

So I threw up a little of my lunch in my mouth...........

So I was eating my lunch and I got this linked emailed to me "Shin Music" WTF, sounds interesting.*click on link*.....Turkey Sandwich regurtated doesnt taste very well.........

This seemed like a fun time

Kobe's, Vince's and MJ's top 10 dunks

Yo the dunk on Courtney Alexander formerly of the Nuggets was serious! I just posted this cuz Kobe, MJ and Vince Carter are judging the dunk contest along with Dr. J Mr Kama Sutra himself.....................Watch out Frank Wiess Vince's Nutz on your head, NHJIC!

Persia is gone she cant remember her rhymes........John Brown is Dead Serious


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Monday, February 12, 2007

Parker Lewis episode.....Since I mentioned earlier here is one from the memory bank

Greatest fight of all-time

WHoa!(c) Black Rob ...........that knockout punch is whoa!

Daily Grind ..........

So I copped this lowrider bike over the weekend from a crackhead vato that I ran into. Cost me 50 dollars I am about to put it up on Ebay and make some money its in good shape and chromed out. Not to implicate myself but I am assuming that the Vato wasnt on the up and up, whatever the bike is in my hands now. ................some tidbits..

So Howard K. Stern is now under investigation for the death of Daniel Smith's death after cops found all kinds of Methadone in Anna's fridge... Yo Methadone is usually associated with people that already have a Heroin dependency and are prescribed this to detox. I just smell some awful shit going down, No dirty Sanchez and this isnt looking pretty for the lawyer.......

Bad Grammy Fashions .............. Didnt watch them last night and I am no Fab 5 for the straight guy but some of these outfits are damn right hideous..........

Watched Hannibal Rising last night and the movie was ok nothing major. Though I would have to put Hannibal Lector in the top5 all-time scariest bad guys...............The asian chick in the movie was major, Gong Li def Hot!

A few months ago one N'Sync member came out the closet now comes word that quite possibly there might be more than one Homo in the group-nah really-, No Lance Bass. Nah its not Timberlake but Tony Parkers girl's ex JC Chasez is the undercover homo..........No John Amaechi for that whole revelation..........its also only a matter of time before we get a Chasez and Lance Bass sex tape. Ugggggggghh I think I just threw up a little....

Mixtape Monday and something extra from the Clipse it looks like they are ready to spill that ether on Weezy..........

Gerald Levert Apparently died of Overdose with a lethal mix of Xanax,Vicodin, Percocet and Darvocet and two over-the-counter antihistamines. Damn that could have killed a horse. Well it may have very well killed an elephant, I kid but if this is true it sucks for the Levert Family........1

80's Babies remember Parker Lewis Can't Lose dope show get episodes here and trailer ..........this show was my shit!

Friday, February 09, 2007

This Weekend final ass shot!

Yo booty at its finest..........

Just in case you missed Benzino eating rump here it is!

Curtisssssssssss..........50Cent diss by Cam'Ron

Camron's diss here(c) peace to Eskay. Lyrically Cam will take it to 50, interesting to see where this might lead. 1
Brazilian Game Show

Yo this is my idea of a game show! WTF Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune aint shit.......I have come to the conclusion that TI's over at the big networks dont have a clue. I say big booty bitches in a hot tub is must see tv! Anyways happy viewing and good weekend mothafucka's

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith-Deceased

Yo thats sad she definetly got jerked off to, in my adolescense. I remember this video, shit was hilarious. Yo word I will masturbate to her tonight to pay my respects and I dont even like white chicks. RIP Anna Nicole Smith No Trimspa
Mitchy Slick

Big up Mitchy the only nigga in Diego doing it. He stays bigging up Southeast and now that he is with Strong Arm Steady he will hopefully help put San Diego on the map as far as hip-hop, No Nick Cannon. Anybody from the city doing big things, gets love.
Gillie da Kid Arrested...........

Ya Gillie got arrested, Police confiscated 89 pounds of marijuana in one of his houses. Police were "tipped off" aka somebody snitched. I would have to say the nigga who snitched on Gillie was Gillie, he talked too much and Feds prolly saw that he isnt selling any records so lets go investigate and Whala magically appearing in his home was the dope. Mistake made by da Kid maybe thats where he got his namesake from cuz that was childish behavior, true gangstas move in silence. Well good luck to Gillie in Federal Penitentiary, joining John Forte(ya remember him Poly Sci was my shit and side note Forte was gangsta with his shit he had 31 pounds of liquid cocaine). Honestly speaking I had the Major Figgas album and thought it was hardbody. Gillie time to hire a good lawyer and Johnnie died a while back. I actually thought dude had a chance he could spit was and was funny whatever next to dieing or getting shot going to jail is the next best way to promote yourself . "He is innocent" says his lawyer.......Nah Really

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A good punch is always a good punch..............

In light of the greatest sucker punch of all-time, I decided to post this random snuff. LOL this type of shit happens ev'erday. Get out my Business Nigga!
November 9, 1971 – February 7, 2000 RIP Pun one of the Illest

The Award for Dumbest player in the NBA goes to Tyrus Thomas of your Chicago Bulls

Here is what this Idiot said:

"I'm just going to go out there, get my check and call it a day," Thomas said. Asked if an opportunity to rub elbows with some of the game's greats could be beneficial for a rookie, Thomas kept unlacing."I'm just into the free money," he said. "That's it. I'll just do whatever when I get out there.""I might have to break out some tapes of old contests," he said. "But I'm just taking it for what it's worth."

Damn dude is an idiot now he just got fined 10k and his royal highness himself David Stern is looking for a replacement. Tyrus dude be humble say you want to go out there and throw some dunks down hard and that you want to reinvent the dunk or some shit; lie, do whatever but to say you just want the check was fucking atrocious. Anyways,I say bring James "Flight" White, who do you guys say?

UPDATE: by the way Ty Thomas may have got hurt, I saw this thursday night hilarity

John Amaechi is the former NBA player who is a homo!

John Amaechi is that homo I had mentioned earlier in the week that was coming out and was a retired NBA player. I always thought dude was a little off (he played for the Jazz and Magic) but I just brushed it off and blamed it on his English accent. An English Accent can make almost anyone sound homo (c) David Beckham. Bollocks(c) English Rep. Yo I guess we will have to wait for Dennis Rodman and Reggie Miller, Penny and whomever else is gay to come out. Ameachi will be on Outside the Lines sometime this week to announce his Homosexuality. NHJIC on this whole post and no applause necessary for following up on my rumour from earlier in the week. Excerpts from his book here

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Gilbert Arenas vs. DeShawn Stevenson

So Gilbert bet DeShawn he could beat him in a college 3-point contest one handed. Gilbert won but he was all fucking up DeShawn's shooting talking shit, fucking with his stroke. Impressive one handed shooting nonetheless.....Gilberts Blog
John Brown

This dude is fucking hilarious, I think he might be retarded though. He is the only one who spits half decently. That Nigga Sullee sucked hella dick, how the fuck you gonna consider yourself an MC if you cant remember your rhymes. That mothafucka would go into the booth with his sheet of rhymes. John Brown is prolly going to win but he better make sure he gets his 100 thousand cuz lord knows that Jew Serch is known to steal money. (c)Nas owing his publishing to the Jew better known as Mc Serch........Hallelujah Hollaback (c) John Brown
Kobe Bryant the Jumpshot

I am tired of hearing mothafucka's hate on Kobe.........If the Lakers go on a 2nd half tear he should win the MVP hands down, here is some highlights of his J from this season so far. By the way have you ever noticed when he is about to get doubled he dribbles to the baseline stops and fades almost shooting from behind the backboard; its a thing of beauty.....Vote for your MVP candidate on my New Poll.....

Monday, February 05, 2007

Top 10 In Game Dunks

Yo I dont have a problem for the most part with this list. But I do have a problem with New Yorkers hyping up John Starks and alot has to do with that dunk but it doesnt make him a good ball player. Need I remind ya'll dude was like 1 for 9 from the land of three points in game 7 of the Championship versus the Rockets. Dude was overrated as a player though that dunk was dope. Former Basketball Coach and Author Charley Rosen who stays telling the truth; had this to say about John Starks:

I was coaching the Rockford Lightning back when Starks was playing for the Cedar Rapids Silver Bullets. Whenever he happened to be on the bench, Starks made a habit of ignoring his coach and the ball game, preferring instead to concentrate on a more satisfying undertaking — consuming large quantities of popcorn.

Damn, how about that cup of ether. Here is the rest of that article. If you like Basketball and a perspective from someone who doesnt sugar coat anything and is reputable, Charley Rosen is that dude.
Wouldn't Get Far (explicit)

I was waiting for the explicit version, this song besides Olde English is my favorite on the album. I guess Gloria Velez isnt doing much right about now, she still looks good though..........Game interview talking about Wouldnt get Far

Mixtape Monday whats left of it

Former NBA Ball player a Homo!

Posted in the Chicago Sun Times look what I saw:

Meanwhile, I don't know who the former NBA player is, but according to a very reliable source, a player who's been retired about three years will come out of the closet on Valentine's Day.
I'm told the player did not play for the Bulls.

Posted by Roman Modrowski on February 3, 2007 06:59 PM

Okay who is it? I will take my guess and say Rick Fox or how about Allan Houston they seem somewhat homo. But if I had to put my money on it I am going to say Penny Hardaway is the homo; him and lil Penny had more than just a working relationship look here .

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Scout pours some Ether on TJ Ford the sometime point guard fulltime Midget!

Scout's Take
Though he likely won't be selected to the All-Star Game, Milwaukee's Mo Williams is playing like one of the league's best. He's averaging 17.7 points, 6.1 assists and 5.2 rebounds; the only other players producing that much in those three categories are Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. A free agent after the season, Williams couldn't have picked a better time to be playing his best ball, as a Western Conference scout described to

"I think Mo Williams has played terrific. Milwaukee is much better off with him than with T.J. Ford. I think they like Williams' style of play much more than T.J. Ford's. He's a little bit less of a [me] guy, he's a little bit more team-oriented. He's a very capable scorer but it's a secondary thing; he tries to get other people involved more. Mo makes better decisions than T.J. Ford. T.J. tried to do things a little too quickly, tried to force things, and I think [the Bucks] were unhappy with a lot of decisions T.J. was making on the floor. Mo's good defensively and he's a good person, too."

^^^ Sounds Like Ether; thats what I would say, ouch take that TJ!
Paris Hilton dropping "N" bombs

I dont usually give much attention to flat ass white bitches but this hoe needs to slow her roll. I bet she was high on Cocaine, like all these other Hollywood anorexic not even there hoes. try here if video doesnt work damn Jews.
Hangin with Big Pun

Top 5 dead or alive, he came and left too quick.....At like 40 seconds into this Pun says "all Brooklyn niggas is hard except for Jay-Z". I once heard a story that Pun and the Terror Squad put a hurting on Jay and Dame.......Bols Top 5 most Gulliest, nothing to do with rapping by the way

Here is the Combat Jack version of the story I mentioned before. You know this carries alot of merrit cause CJ is the truth........

Combat Jack Says: November 17th, 2006 at 1:52 pm
Way back like 1994, Terror Squad cats was really beefing with the then fledgling ROC. I dunno if Jay got cracked in the head, but Dame Dash personally came to my office the next day with his head wopped up talking about how Fat Joe an’ ‘em was really some scrappy type dudes. Dame was actually joking about how they all got into a scuffle the night b4 at thsi club called “Sweet Waters” (now closed) and how one of the TS crew had Dame cornered up and kept popping Dame in the head with a Moet bottle. Although Dame has always been an asshole, I give him props for joking, head all bandaged up, about how he wished the effin botle would break so the lil homie would’nt have anything to swing upside his head. Didn’t hear about Jigga getting popped though. ...........

Anyways My Top 5 of all time
1. Tupac- for obvious reasons besides rap, he was able to touch people in a different way
2. Biggie- simply the flyest and most lyrical also a comedian
3. Big Pun- a latino version of Biggie the most influential in the latin community
4. Jay-Z- Lyrical, Business acumen is what set him apart, has become an entity
5. NaS- the prophet lived through the Biggie and Tupac era and was considered great then and a legend now........Who do you "Kick in the Door" was for, Nas mentioned it in "Last Real Nigga Alive"

Working things out with the Wifey!

Well, Beezy accepted my apology for my indescretions and we will try to work out our relationship for the better. I will be on my best behavior, no more fucking up. Time to act like a grown ass man..................Yo on a side note Omar's mom is having her 50th birthday party at some hall, so I am assuming everybody is getting fucked up. If you werent invited here it is, its at the Bonita Woman's Club Saturday........

PS side note to NMB, Belize and all other 80's baby's who come here; I found this site with all kinds of 80's shit and videos click here