Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A few things on my mind!

Whats good Folk, last week I hit you with "Whats on my mind" and I got a good response. So I am going to make it a weekly drop. This past week was hectic early on and then slowed down on Sunday. I had time to catch up on Entourage, I had missed it the past 3 weeks-dvr saves lives-(wow was the furry banging hilarious).

So KG looks like he is going to Boston, I hate Boston fans like I hate gum under my shoes. They are mad annoying, but this will be a good look for the NBA if Boston can be relevant again. If you run out a lineup with KG, Paul Pierce, Manute Bol and the Popcorn guy I am pretty sure Boston can win the east.......

Shout out to my boy Big Pun(he is next on the celebrity look-a-like drops) he turned 22 last monday and came over to the bar I was at and he sat next to Fabe Dogg and I. We met two chicks and they started drinking with us. He ended boning one of them good for him.....

Pick up Common's Finding Forever and Keith Murrays Rap-Mur-Phobia this week, good hip-hop is still being released...I heard Rock The Bells in New York was cracking, whatever I wasn't there so I dont really give a fock.... Rock the Bells is coming to Diego Next Month not the same lineup but it should still crack if the WU is headlining, I am probably going to go to that and the White Stripes who are coming in September, If you dont feel the White Stripes then you probably aint hip-hop........

Jose Canseco said he has something on A-Rod and its going in his next book. I am all for telling the truth and think the stop snitching ish was ridiculous but when you are focking with someones livelihood that is taking it too far.... Remember when Jose was the shit, 40/40, Bash Brothers, Focking Madonna. Damn this dude fell off and he fell off hard, No Dennis Rodman and or Surreal Life ...............

Shirts against the Blouses ......if you need a laugh go here ...... Also Monique sit your ass down, tired no comedy having ass heffa. Nothing to do with your overt fatness( I do find your underarms slightly hilarious though), I just dont find you funny and whomever does needs their Funny Bone checked out by Negroedamus.. Ohh I see you too Nick Cannon you are teetering on absolute wackness, no amount of funny in your shtick dude..... If ya'll want to see funny check for Paul Mooney one of the best to ever do it! and if you dont find him hilarious feel free to revoke my comedy pass.

Shout out to BudLight, Oral-b, Durex, Viagra, Polo, Red Dixie Cups, Kirkland Water, Over priced Gasoline, Coco Butter, bouncing balls that cost a quarter, Chico Sticks .. All these products I use or have used, just thought I should mention....

Shout out to M.A.D.D. they are doing something worth mentioning..

Yo if you like to watch TV naked and lay in your bed and do sit-ups, just know that you are not alone....

Shout out to Faggot ass Chauncie from Menace 2 Society, he made snitching seem like it was the right thing to do..... I see you Cam'Ron damn right this is a hot summer, I stay hearing your name in the streets.....

Lex Lugar according to my boys was the first to body slam Yokozuna, shout out to the Total Package *pause* and my homies who are on some "wiki that shit" whenever somebody says something that nobody co-signs or corroborates............Speaking of wrestling Ric Flair is the GOAT

You wanna send me some free ish holla at me on the Gmail.......for the right amount, I can even make your shit tighter(c)Jigga the Camel ........

Big up all woman of mixed ethnicities if your Mexican half dont want it, maybe your Filipina half will....

David Beckham is in LA and not playing yet but the stadiums have been packed, so therefore money well spent by the Galaxy...

The First 48 is the best show on tv right now....

Gunther now thats a fucked up name, how about Unique thats also a brilliant name ..............

1 hundred and I'll holla next week

Friday, July 27, 2007

Get Your Gear Up!

Head Over to Karmaloop.com they got some fly gear and use my rep code "AI15039" and get an additional 20% off anything you cop.

Here are some dope new shirts they have over at Karmaloop

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ghostface opens up, *Pause*

Yo Big Up; E aka Fidel Cashflow for sending me this clip. Wow, did I hit the floor after I saw this. The interviewer was really wilding he asks Big GHost "Have you ever took a sniff of the ass" and Ghost just straight up Answers the question without snuffing the dude. The Interviewer was really going on in hard (pause) with the sex questions straight up not giving a fock and Ghost was being real candid and congenial. See for yourself. LMAO at Busted ass Toes..

ALSO HIPHOPREMIX.COM Gave your boy Fuxie an alley-oop. Check Here

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Song of the Day

My Hoodie is looking very very rainbow right now(c) Kanye

.........And he gets the Girl- Lupe Fiasco feat Pharrell

Shout out to Dbillz who reminded me about this song. I remember hearing this track and went from just liking Lupe to Standom. This song also shows Lupe's ability to paint a story. I think I endeared myself to this track because Lupe is telling a story about meeting a girl but he doesnt know how to approach her and if he should because she seems to be out of his league but when he finally does he finds out they have much more in common than he originally thought. I can relate to that and think most people can relate to that, that being the original fear of approaching someone and or getting to know a new person.
Lissssssstennnnnnnnnn(c) Dj Khaled aka the homie Java

__TIDBIT QUICK DROP__________________________________________________

Pimp C interview talking all kinds of ish, this is hip-hop! (thanks AllHiphop)

CHeck out this dousy of a line Pimp C dropped

On Russell Simmons:

“I just made peace with the lil n***a Short Dawg cause on the cool, it really wasn’t his fault. It was ol’ d**k-in-the-booty-Russell Simmons fault for not taking the message back to him and telling him to change his name. Yeah, I said ‘d**k-in-the-booty.’ I know what I’m talking about. B***h, I’ll air you out too.”

iCandy of the week, Altair Jarabo!

Altair Jarabo is so random this chick doesnt even have a Wiki. I only know her from this novela called Codigo Postal but she is a looker and I think she was on a cover of Maxim Latino a few months back. I wasnt able to find that cover but I found these nice pics. I saw these pictures and all I can think was if masturbation is inevitable I am just going to sit back and enjoy it. 1 hundred

Monday, July 23, 2007

A few things on my mind!

A couple of things have been on my mind as of late. So if I am pandering or making no sense please understand that I have a slight case of scatter-braineditis, hence the use of multiple ellipses.

First I am taking the no no homo disclaimers to new levels these days I am really reaching for the holy grail of blatant gay innuendo yet trying not to sound overtly gay. Call Me the Apple in the eye of the Gay Innuendo Mountain top movement! i.e I went on in hard and often on the beer over the weekend, really taking it to the head. See if you say that aloud it sounds mighty suspect, thats what I mean about just saying outlandishly sounding gay ish..........

I have a ridiculous fear of hairy caterpillers........

I have also took to taking B-12 supplements before I go out and drink and so far no improvement on my body aching the morning after, no morning after pill.....Big up Phuque

I want to give a big shout out to little people or midgets who can go to the club and have a great time, props to them and people that wear helmets but are not riding a bike. Also I want to shout out Wizards and Magicians and their little helpers....

The Giraffe is a beautiful animal and a personal favorite, if I died and came back an animal I would want to be a Lion. I bet Giraffe meat is quite tasty....

On a serious note I want to shout out my baby brother who would have been 21 last week. He came into this world full of life only to have it abruptly end after 2 months. I always wonder what would have been. I remember my mom sheltering me and keeping me away when it happened. I was about 5yrs old and I still remember being completely devastated. I cant help but feel like their is a small piece of me missing.....back to the basics

Shout out to any woman in my life that shows a general interest in me and what I have to say. That is geniune love you show me and I try to show it back by being myself and by being as honest as possible. thanks because all ya'll help me be less self-conscience............Also big up to all girls who cheat and get away with it, quit you're trifling ways heffas ...............Yo and I saw a girl at the club the other day with yellow pumps and when I got close to her, her nails were also painted yellow anyways I dont really know much about fashion but damn that chick looked incredibly hot.......

Tim Donaghy; that name I will never forget. This is the dude that killed the NBA, not Ron Artest not Hip-hop; but this idiot. Fock all the people who think otherwise, the integrity and purity of the game will never ever be the same. I am not saying I wont watch but its not the same. I cant help but feel that the Suns got the high hard one.......

Michael Vick is a dumb 'Bamma and he lost. Fighting dogs wtf is that, who does that ish. Somebody told me that if I like Rodeo's and I told him yes its part of Mexican Culture. He asked me what was so humane about bull fighting, my response was nothing and of course its wrong. But here is the difference Dog is mans best friend they have personality and love for its owner and will die for the owner and a bull dont know ish plus we eat cows and who eats a dog besides the Thai. Thats my justification not saying its right but thats the way I feel, Dog Fighting is just wrong.

I watched Smoking Aces a few nights ago and I came to the conclusion that Alicia Keys is about perfect she is like 99%....

If you havent picked up a copy of Sa-Ra's Hollywood Recordings, you lost...

Shout out to my boy Fabe Dogg the consumate friend and wingman. He never complains and if I have a date with a girl and she brings a friend, Fabe always rolls sight unseen and doesnt care what the girl looks like. He stays taking one for the team even when its deemed unnecessary, good friends like this are hard to come by....

Big up Chicks with Dicks and the dudes that get fooled by it and then in turn completely deny they are gay, I see you Mase and Eddie.......

Badminton is only to be played high, not that I know anything about that......

Shout out to my little girl who is 4 and I am going to get a Wii just to play along with her and talk mad ish in her ear i.e. "Sierra you dont want this you cant handle me get your game up little girl, your game is weak and subpar to be related to me you can not be lackluster" , Ya that sounds about right......

Shout out to MTV for making Friday the Animated Series, they lost as well as O'Shea....

Big up girls at the bar on a monday drinking alone, if you guys dont know what this girl wants you lost..... Also big up meeting girls in random places(bank,grocery store, park whatever) during the summer and subsequently having someone to spend time with during the lovely weather.....

In the middle of the hot summer nothing beats a Juicy watermelon or Cucumbers with Chile and Limon........

Just when I was thinking about retiring, I am back and blogging. Sho 'nuff I might be quite for a little but when I leave I will come back and blog again.....1 hundred

Thursday, July 19, 2007

iCandy of the week, Vanessa Ferlito!

Vanessa Ferlito is this weeks iCandy and was nominated by my boy Cocca. I had never heard of her but I also havent watched Grindhouse or CSI:New York. As soon as I looked her up, I deemed she was worthy of iCandy honors as well as a rub out that same night. I saw that pic where she was biting her lip, whoa I had to rub it out on GP. 1 hundred

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fock a Chick Flick! Get your girls Movie Watching Game Up.

From the old school saying each one teach one, I take the liberty in doing such with any girl I date whom I think may have a chance to stay with the GOD (5-percent term meaning man Man, no blasphemy or arrogance)and not just be some random hoe I ran through. I take the time to show show her gully, funny and favorite movies of mine. If she can't sit through these and enjoy them then quite possibly I am not the man for her. I may have missed some but these where the ones that popped up in my mind, I dont want to go into full detail of why I choose them but each movie here has a quality that endeared me to the movie and therefore I am able to watch over and over and I would hope if I popped it on; the person I am with can also enjoy the movie or for the most part not mind if I am "picking" this time errrr all the time, just kidding. I also like Beer, Pizza and Cucumbers with Chile and Limon but this isnt Find-a-Date.Com this is iFux, Respect my Swag. All-Time Favorite is Coming To America after that all are random. Shout out To DallasPenn.Com who this week had a few Movie posts which in turn made me want to do this.Feel Free to suggest a movie that you should watch your girl with in the Comment Section so when we all teach one the next time she has a man that dude will appreciate the movie game we dropped on these hoes . 1 hundred

Monday, July 16, 2007

*Pause* *Blank Stare*

YOOOOO, this always makes me laugh and that Christian Minister really thinks he can wash the gayness off of Bruno. While watching I mentally did like 17 no homo's/pause's. 1 hundred

My Hood "Celebrity" Look-alikes!

My hood has plenty of look-a-likes(see here). Yesterday while drinking somebody brought up that young Javier aka Java aka Turtle looked like DJ Khaled and I agree completely. I tried to get him on tape saying "we the best" and "listen" but he wasn't receptive. I told him I was taking a picture and putting him up here, he didn't care he just asked if he would get any leftover blogger groupies. I let him know the minute I have any type of groupie, I will swing the chocha his way because I am unselfish like that. So here is Java, DJ Khaled's long lost brother. 1 Hundred!

SIDE NOTE: Visit HipHopRemix.com, the sites Founder Nate showed your boy Fuxie some love *pause* the other day. So make sure you take a swing his way and check what they are doing over at Hip Hop Remix.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The No Homo Phenomenon! *pause* *blank stare*

This Clip is probably up everywhere but I give credit to my boy Ty Biggums from Nahright fame for putting hip to this. Gus Johnson probably the greatest play by play dude of our time(he can make any sporting event sound exciting,nhjic) *pauses* Spike Lee. If you dont know what *Pause* is its the equivalent of saying No Homo but since saying No Homo is not politically correct then *Pause* is the substitute. Watch 25 seconds in Spike Lee says "I like Dick" then Gus says "Pause", yes hilarity.

By the Way No Homo disclaimers are now part of everyday life, the minute white middle aged people say no homo its officially over(yes Bling Bling amongst other things). So enjoy it while it lasts *pause*. Yo My whole Blog Premise was based on No Homo check the Header *pause* 1 hundred

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

iCandy of the week, Paula Garcés!

Big Up my Boy Jose, who said I had to make Paula Garces this weeks iCandy. She isnt as obscure as some of the past chicks I have choosen but not completely Famous, she is bubbling right under the radar. With Harold and Kumar 2 in Post Production and her current work on Fx's the Shield, Paula is sure to blow up soon. She has a girl next door look but the chick is 33 or so. With Great plaudits from me,I will jerk off to this Colombian Beauty tonight while watching her best Oscar-like effort on Harold and Kumar where she is just standing waiting for the elevator not saying a damn thing!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Monday, July 09, 2007

Fabe Dogg Chronicles 3.....Getting Caught up, Not That Major

(fux note: story as told to me by Fabe Dogg)

So it was the night of you're birthday and we were at the club in TJ but I needed to leave early because I had to work the next morning. My Bad about that. Well that chick I had been focking with was there but she didnt want me to leave and but I had too so she decided to come with me. Yet we both didnt drive, so we took a taxi to the border and when we crossed I called my dad to pick me up it was 3am or so,(fux note: Fabe Dogg is 25 and him and his fathers relationship is a whole 'nother story i.e. going to the strip club together, rating Fabe's chicks etc.) my dad picked us up in the Ford Ranger, she rode bitch. My dad didnt even give me the thumbs up or stamp of approval which disappointed me. We get to my parents house and she wants me to go home with her, so we get in my truck and on the since she lives in La Jolla which is 30 minute drive from the border and she proceeds to suck my d!ck to kill the time and silence from L street all the way to Pacific Highway which was a good 15 minute drive/brain combination. I tell you she sucks the most impressive d!ck ever she sucks every last ounce of my being and then swallows. We get to her crib and I fall asleep on her bed. I see her get out of the bathroom naked but I was done so I didnt do sh!t with her. I wake up in the morning and go to work dont talk to her for a few days or so. (fux note: this is were Fabe Dogg becomes Fabe Dogg) I keep in touch with her but nothing major. But I find out from you (me fux) that you're girl has a hot friend who is interested in me but happens to be friends with SuperHead Jr. I dont care, I get this other chicks number and text her to see what is up but she happens to be sitting right next to superhead and I get a text back from Superhead talking about I am right here with such an such in Capitol letters. Word these hoes got me caught up. Whatever Superhead doesnt want to deal with me anymore but the other chick said its ok we just have to keep it on the low. Which I am cool with anyways because I need to keep it on the low from my Main girlfriend who lives with me and constantly thinks I am cheating. Maybe my girl should give me head because she hasnt given me head in the two years since she got her braces.(fux note: he is always cheating, not that there is anything wrong with that;its his business) Hey did I tell you about the time I boned four different chicks on my 22nd birthday ...........

(Fux Note: Fabe dogg has a many a qualities but controlling his lust for woman isnt one of them, till next time 1 hundred)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Best Dressed, Joakim Noah!

Word, I know I know *snatches Late Pass* feel better focker's.

OK Well I don't consider myself the straight eye version of the 5 queer guys or whatever but I like to wear nice looking ish, no over expensive J to tha Oto couture! I bring this up because I thought Joakim killed it with the beige Seersucker and Bow Tie and most of my peops thought he looked ridiculous, them negras dont know ish anyways so I never take their fashion views into consideration. Look I have never rocked a Bow tie - and its not in my plans - (no Pee Wee Herman) but just the other day I was looking for a seersucker sport coat to look fly in and to switch it up a little from the usual velvet or black sportcoat. Basically My everyday repertoire is Jeans,Polo's, V-necks and T's and loafers nothing major but sometimes I have to dress that ish up when I am in the club or a nice restaurant so thats why I wanted the Seersucker coat for the summer weather, needless to say I havent got it yet but I did want to big up Joakim's Dope Suit. Joakim seems like a fun dude, No Gay Innuendo.

By the way catch me on a good day with a nice buzz and ask me nicely and I will do my Joakim, for you. Which is the best in the business, you better ask somebody!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Throwback Video of the Day

Yes you make my love come down all the way down. I met a nice looking bird yesterday the 4th and this song popped in my head, yes corny. Anyways this song is a lot better than that fake R and B trying to lean with it and snapple with it. This song has strong westcoast ties, growing up here in the Barrio the odds of hearing this song at a Vato party was always 100 hundred. Say what you want about Ese's but I give them credit on their taste in old school R and B they are always on point. Enough with the love for the Ese's. Yesterday was probably the longest day eva(excuse the Hyperbole)drinking early and the hot sun can do that but by the time 9:30 roled around I was sound asleep, missed the fireworks not that they are my thing i.e. "Fuxie really loves Fireworks he never misses them something about ish exploding gets him off", no suicide bomber. Unless I am kissing someone Fireworks dont do ish for me, I love and at this point there is no such a person. Maybe the girl I met can be the one to get caught up in the Matrix with, yes Neo. Who are we kidding that chick is already forgotten!

Monday, July 02, 2007

iCandy of the week, Barbara Mori!

Barbara is of Uruguayan-Japanese and Mexican heritage.
TvNovelas got the ish on lock when it comes to iCandy. I actually first saw Barbara Mori in La Mujer De Mi Hermano which is a dope movie. But she has been doing her thing for a minute on the Novela circuit. Big up Barbara Mori this weeks iCandy!