Sunday, December 31, 2006

Coming To America - Soup Joke

I was looking for this...........Peace for real........
Happy New Year, Charlie Brown!

To all Family and Friends, NMB, Belize, Deezy and everyone else Happy New Year...I will be back on the 15th as I am going on vacation to a town outside of Guadalajara called Cuidad Guzman to chill for a while. Peace to all and be safe, if fucking wear a prophylactic, No Homo though! And by the way feel free to get inebriated bitches and sluts and even the classy hoes....

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Beetlejuice Cribs

Damn I was looking for this, Prolly the funniest video ever. Look how small his head is, the wierdest thing was that he knows how to shit. Why then does he use a diaper. " This is my room, this is where I fuck" (c) Beetlejuice here is another facsinating video

Chicken Noodle Soup REMIX

Didn't think there could be a more ridiculous song than the Chicken Noodle Soup Song!....Damn what a shame look at this shit, I think this is supposed to be making fun of or shedding light on the Boofonery going on in Hip-Hop right now but this shit is just wack.............

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hot Ass Contest

Some hot Argentinian ass!

Do you remember? Natalie Raitano............

The other day, I ran into this Famous Shit Stories where Natalie is hosting a comedic Podcast of some sort. The minute I
saw that I searched to see what she was up to. I had fond memories of her and her unbelievable ass from that VIP show with Pam Anderson.
I ran across a few videos of her and one were she was on Stern getting tickled! She was my favorite at one point, but she still looks good even though she is forty now! Her History

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Hangover and some tid-bits

Christmas is over and I am glad. I had 4 days off of work and all I did was eat and drink. My daughter spent Christmas with her mom in Yuma so I didnt get to see her and all the rest of my family was in Mexico. Whatever the case it was a necessary couple of days rest for me..........Here are some things to look at............

Mixtape Monday and their very best of '06. They go on to rate Weezy F. Baby(no homo) as the top MC of the year..........................

A couple of interesting or grotesque pics of Tara Reid, yuckkkkkkk(c) Pusha T..........

So the Lakers lost yesterday to the Heat. The most interesting thing about the game was Phil; ''I know [Heat coach] Pat [ Riley] got him working in Miami, but we had a hard time getting him to work,'' Jackson said. He was talking about Shaq being the only great player he has coached that didnt work and is a complete fatass, the latter was not a direct quote. See Shaq this is some funny shit! Kobe Dunking on ShaQ.................

In Light of James Brown dieing(R.I.P. by the way) here is a funny ass interview with the God Father of Soul and some clips. Eddie Murphy's impression of James Brown.................

Thats all I got for today, I will try and get on my grind.........I will be leaving to Mexico right around the first of the year for like 2 weeks. I will let ya'll know and I prolly wont post while I am vacationing

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Mexican National Anthem

Ahhhhhhh! this is what an anthem should sound like, even if you dont understand the lyrics, the rhythm to the music will make anyone want to fuck someone up in the honor of Zapata, Villa and all who came before them. Viva Mexico, Cheap Beer, Cheap Hookers and Crooked Cops, Sike!
National Anthem Disaster

Yo this is fucking hilarious and it reminds me of the time I went to a Phoenix Suns game, with a friend of mine. I had a couple of beers before the game and I remember the National Anthem was about to start and an old white man said you should take off your cap and show some respect. I just remember saying, Mind your own business. The old man was stunned and shut up the whole game. I was wearing a beanie by the way it wasnt like I was wearing a hat and fuck the anthem, that shit doesnt even make any sense!

I told you if MJ is around so is Oakley

Look at last night's Knick game for instance, MJ was there to watch his Bobcats play the Knots and guess who is with him noneother than his Weedcarrier, Oak. A couple of days ago I mentioned that if you ever see MJ out in public Oak will be nearbye and sure enough last night proved my point. Hey by the way what the fuck is Q-tip doing with them. Hey, anyways last nights game was great, a David Lee tip-in with .01 seconds to go won the game for the Knots. David Lee is the Knots best player 19 more boards last night, thats 39 in the past two games, recognize game when you see it.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Menudo My Favorite Dish after a Night out Drinking

I forgot to mention Monday that I had a nice big plate of Menudo on Sunday Morning after making a trek to church. The soup menudo is a traditional Mexican dish; a spicy soup made with tripe. It is often thought of as a cure for a hangover, and is traditionally served on special occasions or with family.I wasnt hungover or anything just craving a plate of menudo. This Picture doesnt do it Justice the Plate was Huge and the Menudo was delicious I didnt even finish it, nhjic. The Place is called Casa De Oro on Sweetwater Rd. next to Staples, so next time you have a hangover head over there in the morning and have a nice big plate and you should feel better after. Peace.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Daily Grind some Interesting Tid-Bits

Drug charges dropped against man with low IQ ........Yo so this dude is so damn dumb,Temores'(the defendent) IQ is between 57 and 70, meaning he is mildly mentally retarded. He is bonafide Half Human/Half Mongoloid, its good to see that the court spent our Tax money on trying to prosecute a man with the mental capacity of a 7-year old.......Just to make my point............I knew this kid when I was like 8 who was duped into giving up his Ken Griffey Jr. Upper Deck Rookie Card for a Handful of Magic Rocks.....No Homo...By the way the kid was white and not street savy by any means.....

Malcolm Gladwell: You Might Be A Racist If .........New Yorker Blogger Malcom Gladwell goes on and talks about the KKKRamer rant and free use of the word nigger........and he also goes about saying that anyone can call someone a "cheap Jew" for instance but how KKKramer's rant was deeper than that.........By the way is it really racsist to call a Jew cheap, cuz from my scientific formulas and extensive research I have found that Jews are indeed cheap........

Yo all kinds of albums come out today but make sure you pick up HHID.........and I'm pretty sure Ciara is taking a pass on the new Bow Wow, here by the way is the reason why. Article is said to be fabricated but I tell you that Bow Wow has been known to say some outlandish shit for being the shortest dude in the club and known to dance with Kelly Ripa......................

You know that chick that claimed she got raped by the Duke Lacrosse team; picture of her here.........

Consequence interview here, I never got to listen to his album Take em to the Cleaners, but he always seems to spit decently if not ever greatly, but it was a cool read nonetheless............

Speaking of which a Jakarta hotel puts $110 hamburger on menu, isnt it fucked up that costs more than twice the monthly minimum wage in some parts of Indonesia. I once knew a girl named Indonesia or was it Polynesia or some shit..........Well thats it for now......

Monday, December 18, 2006

ESPNs top 10 NBA fights

I posted the link earlier, But this shit is dope, Check Oak all chill with X-Man trying to get brolic......Yo Manute threw a wild ass punch and the 2nd hardest out Anthony Mason was like is that it..........Classic apparently no one in the NBA is able to throw a decent punch!

The Daily Grind some Interesting Tid-Bits

Here is the Top 10 fights in NBA history, I just felt I should link to this, in light of the Nuggets and Knots fight over the weekend Melo got 15 games for throwing a sucker punch and then running; on some Jamie Foxx Club Punch shit(4:20 into the clip, is what I am talking about)..............Charles Oakley in my estimation was the Hardest Motherfucker ever History Here and a story by the Sports Guy that pretty sums up Oak as our generation's first Weed Carrier...........

Yo Mixtape Monday and a few interesting thoughts from Andre 3000 and him jumping on a couple of remixes; cool read.................

Yo looking for a place to go to watch that old Simpson episode or OZ episode go here , and they have all kinds of shows Justice League, the Office etc...............

An Indian runner who won a silver medal in the women's 800 meters in the Asian Games this month has failed a gender test and is expected to be stripped of the medal. Come on now what is the world coming to when they are cheating on fucking sprints, if you can cheat on a sprint, you can pretty much house WMD's thats what I say so Bush get on your the way fuck Bush............

Sarah Shahi is Half Mexican/ Half Persian.........(pretty much my combo of heritage) Anyways she is gorgeous and was on Sleeper Cell a couple of times( my favorite show next to The Wire)..........See her here............

Car Salesman Stabbed In Neck During Test Drive In Orlando, I saw this shit and was like what the fuck; yuckkkkkkkk(c) Pusha T.........

Here is an interview with CoCo Ice-T's Wifey, if you like thick white chix click this is perfect, I myself on the other hand stay away from white girls ......

Over at XXL, Noz shed some light on Weezy F. Baby nhjic on his steady improvement as a rapper, Look I used to really dislike this Homo but he is a monster of a rhymer and if you can listen and get away from the preconsieved notions on dude and just listen to the music you will understand.............

Just in Case you may have missed it LT became the all-time single season scoring leader and if the Chargers dont win the Super Bowl this year, San Diego Vatos may riot

and the finally some kid from a Chicago high school put some Cum on the salad dressing 'nuff said............

Friday, December 15, 2006

Growing up an 80's baby.......

Yo so if you were born between 80' and 84' I am pretty sure you had a huge Crush on Janet Jackson. I found this picture the other day I couldnt help but reminsce on Rhythm Nation and Poetic Justice, etc...I was a big fan of her and Michael, No RRR. I think artist's reach a certain point that they are no longer relevant and I think unfortunately for Janet this is her case, the kids dont feel her the way I did and do. I thought with NippleGate for sure she would come back but I guess not. I still think she is hot and a good singer. Anyways Peace Janet

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Mike Tyson Top 10 Quotes

Growing up an 80's baby I really like Mike and have a soft spot for dude even with all the pshyco behavior, NHJIC. True Story I was in Tempe with my boys O and Enrique and we were in this club Santuary and guess who walks in with 8 white bitches non other than Iron Mike he procedes to dance for like 2 minutes with said bitches and then Bounces, Classic!
Iverson Practice its Serious

YO he is about to be dealt its inevitable! This is like my favorite quote next to Mike Tyson and all his random shit.....I think he will go to a Western Conference team like Denver or Minnesota just because Philly dont want this dude in their own region. He will be dealt on friday according to my sources. Peace

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Jeri Sandoval

Yo New Video on my favorite Latina Actress, She is on a Tv Novela called Codigo Postal anyways she is my favorite and I havent watched the show in a while but this video might make me change that........I know Omar Dvr's the show NO RRR, he is a fan now!

Monday, December 11, 2006

The Daily Grind some Interesting Tid-Bits

Seems Like Indians from India are having a hard time measuring up in the Dick department, No Homo; Which is sad considering the facts that India has one of the Highest HIV per capita in the world, thus not fitting into a rubber or not measuring up can cause tearing and ripping in condoms thus putting both parties in danger................

New Mixtape Monday Report , talks about Prodigy and his Return of the Mac project, Also Mentions Talib Kweli's Strong Arm Steady Mixtape, Which I just got and is smashing, Word to Mitchy Slick Clack Clack Clack....................

Nicole Richie Popped for DUI, you this chick measured in at 5'1" and 85 lbs damn that is downright Midgety and get this she also told the cop she was high and on Vicodin...............Speaking Of Vicodin it looks like Weezy *pause*F.* No Homo* Baby is having his own substance abuse issues allegedly and he is also a midget, No KKKramer............

Angry Mother Stabs Son Over Popcorn crazy ass white lady was drunk when she stabbed her 21-year old son after he ate the popcorn she cooked, I will preface watch she said "Bitch did you touch my popcorn *slaps the bowl from his hand* pick that popcorn up little bitch and go to your room", Naturally this dude was like hell no and got stabbed................
Chivas Campeon!!!!!!!!!!!

Por Fin it was a long time coming, The house yesterday was bananas! My Tio Willy was running down the street with a Chivas flag, I thinks its been 10 or so years since the last Championship, Good Lookin' Vergara......Arriba Las Chivas

Friday, December 08, 2006


Yo I read an article on dude on AllHipHop and so I looked him up here on Youtube and sure enough he has a video, shit is pretty dope, He is lyrical. He said something that his album has production from Nottz, Premo, Buckwild and he is trying to get Alchemist, sounds good enough to me. Dude is from Boston, look at dudes arm he has a tat of Pun on it, I think he is Puerto Rican and shit.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Yo P is on one as of late, damn dont sleep this motherfucker is ressureccted and shit spitting like he is super hungry give him a Big Mac

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

New Dub Zeroes coming out Dec 9th

These come out Saturday, they look dope may have to pick up a pair!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Best Dui Movie

Best dui movie Evar.................This shit is impressive cuz I cant even do the alphabet backward sober, this fucking Hick is a Genius Savant Dancer Drinker, Respect is due to the man.......Mis Respetos Mis Respetos

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Nas- Hip Hop is Dead

Yo You can see that he flipped Thiefs Theme slowed it down a bit.....Either way Thiefs theme was my favorite track on his last album.....QB true G feat Game is a monster if you havent heard......I get the feeling that even though Hova might out sell NaS, NaS's album is going to be a beast

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Blackstar on Chappelle's Show

This is a motherfucker, Mos Def and Talib kill this shit...........I am going to have to find this song and put it on my Ipod, Damn Raw as fuck and Lyrics was all thats needed! Mos Def when he wants is top 5 dead or live.

Britney Spears hoeing it up

So everyone knows this hoe is dropping K-Fed and whatnot, but recently she has become BFF with Paris Hilton and they have been Hoeing it up together at clubs and such. Let me Preface this by saying the only reason I am even talking about this Hoe is because I have this pick of her in the club not wearing any panties, Classy she is see it here and here con chango afuera, que fea la babosa. If you dont want to puke dont click on the links. Yo honestly K-Fed might have a chance winning custody of his kids with Britney going out all the damn time now, I am rooting for the dude.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Fabe Dogg after late night

Drunk and in his boxers, Fabe doesnt know what is going on its a typical night for the old Fabe Dogg. He is now a changed man and isnt drinking till the New Year, I applaud him. When ya'll see him let him know how proud you are que a madurado un poco and isnt running around breaking ladies hearts anymore. I will try and get more of Fabe on tape. Episode 1 of the Fabe Chronicles (c) of Omar

It was only a matter of time before one of the Gotti's got caught up

The 16-year-old grandson of the late mobster, "Teflon Don" John Gotti, was pulled over on November 10th, after blowing through a red light. Cops say they found marijuana, OxyContin and morphine pills in the console, glove compartment and trunk of Agnello's 2006 Chrysler Pacifica. They also found OxyContin and morphine pills in the purse of Juliana Buckley, Agnello's passenger (c)

Yo so I knew these young spoiled punks would start showing up on the news soon enough, there mom tries to act all hard and strict but they do whatever fuck they want anyways. Oxycontin what the fuck that shit is serious and Oxy must be a Eastcoast thing because rarely do I hear about the usage of the shit by teens or the like overhere in Cali. The dude is hardly recognizable without his Guido Jersey haircut all spiked up. My guess would be that he gets a slap on the wrist from the courts and mom sends him to his room. "No More Oxy in this house, Frank and it goes to you too Carmine and John" (c) Victoria Gotti

What Happpened to Starbury

I am going to link a few stories about Stephon Marbury.............Wow has he fallen off since being considered a top 5 point guard, NBA all-star and USA basketball team member. 11 coaches in 11 years that should tell you something

Here are some stories on Steph the Malcontent, one time SLAM coverboy and reason for the Mag, 15$ kicks isnt going to keep the boos away in MSG Homie.

The fall of a Starbury, this has a direct quote from Kurt Thomas when he was still on the Knicks and Kurt was like "I hate playing with Marbury"

Stephon's Wikipedia, this has some interesting things like when Steph was in Minnesota he complained about not having a place to grab a beer underage like in NY, amongst other things

The Mighty MJD has a story about the time Stephon was going to get snuffed by Q. Richardson

True Hoop with a story on how Marbury seems to contradict himself

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Valentin Elizalde - Soy asi

This dude sings good Mexican music unfortunately he was murdered this morning in REYNOSA, Tamaulipas. This is nothing new to the Ranchera music genre, over the years many a singer have been murdered. "Authorities" found Valentin 07 Suburban with 70 to 100 shells he died instantly along with his driver and co-pilot. Well this is one of his songs that I like and the reason I am fan is due to my Ex putting me on to him, so thanks Beezy.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Eddie Murphy

This is RAW and it always reminds me of the holidays prolly cuz it says Thanksgiving 68' in the beginning of it, but funny nonetheless. Yo Happy Thanksgiving everyone............That Kids got talent(c) Samuel L. playing the back

Danny Hoch in Cuba

This dude is in the movie Whiteboyz sort of a spoof of a couple of kids in Iowa who think they are black, funny movie. Anyways this dude Danny Hoch is a Jew but his spanish is fluent and he scares the shit out of an american tourist who is used to people being so friendly. Word this is funny

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

P is back

This is for my boys, I know this video has been posted in a few places but my Hooligans havent seen it yet, here it is the resurrection of P! Fuck is this raw shit last time I heard having Sickle Cell and doing drugs is a No No
Nate Robinson Blocks Yao

"I was blocked by a 5-3 guy before, so that's not a record."
-- Yao Ming, after getting swatted by 5-9 Nate Robinson.

This is what Yao Mean had to say, anyways the Knicks suck horribly and I blame it on Stephon and Stevie them dudes 2 minutes into the 3rd and after committing 3 turnovers were yanked out the game by Zeke. They didnt play together the rest of the game. By the way has anyone regressed more than Stevie Franchise its like he is the same exact overdribbling settle for a jumpshot player he has always been, dude sux taint

Monday, November 20, 2006

Deron Williams vs. Chris Paul

I have to the conclusion that if I picked I would take Deron over Chris......on this premise it took Deron a little longer to get it going but Jerry Sloan doesnt ever give a rookie the keys to the car but this year he had no choice to give Deron the team. Deron is bigger, has a better 3 point shot and is a better defender and usually bigger points last long like Nash and dont sleep on Deron Williams

Friday, November 17, 2006

Michael Jackson - Dont Stop Till You Get Enough

And another 1..........Yo just watching these brought my spirits up....I am going to have a good weekend, watch the Morales fight maybe have a few drinks with the boys...Yo this shit makes my head nod NO Ravishing Rick Rude,
Michael Jackson - Rock with you

And another one..............
Michael Jackson

I am going to hit you guys with a couple of Wacko tracks just to let you know the deal.......No one can touch the music its timeless.......also these videos are my favorites and to the 80's babies they should bring a smile to your face and to the young bucks watch them and erase some of the bad taste left in your mouth from Wacko's actions as off late.......Wacko is the King No RRR

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Soled Out

Good Video on Sneaker Culture and the dudes that due it.....Peace out to Felipe the sneaker fiend

The Daily grind a Few interesting tidbits...

Here is an excerpt from Nas's Baby Momma's Book, this little chapter is about when Nas found out Jay was smashing..................She is a trifling hoe and this book alone justifies that

Thinking about getting that new PS3 well think again there is already some issues with it, read it for yourself here. Anyways I was thinking about buying it way back when and since my girlfriend at the time worked for a Wal-Mart I was pretty sure she could put one aside for me, But now I will just wait till the summer when the kinks are ironed out and its 200$ cheaper.....

Jim Jones Album Debuts at #6, Wayne and Baby Stay in Top 10 , Pretty good for the Capo coming in around 100k sold and his album is on Koch so that equals to about $8 a cd for him which therefore equals balllllllllllllinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, Yo on a side note this is the review to Jim Jones first album on Byron Crawford and its fucking funny , which by the way was the reason I started reading Byrons site.......No Ravishing Rick Rude..........Here is an interview with Freekey Zeekey saying some outlandish shit and one with Jim Jones

A US family is suing Greyhound after the contents of a bus toilet were dumped through their open car sunroof., yo this must have sucked........Imagine your on the street and all of a sudden a big tsunami of shit and piss hits your car and if your here in San Diego your window's probably down. Fuck that I would sue the shit(pun intended) out of greyhound

What the fuck custom made condoms, apparently this Dr. Decided to make some cuz his patients were complaining about not finding ones that fit there Johnson, coming up short I guess. But he started taking it too far when the Doc was putting pictures of Mickey Mouse and Sponge Bob to appease his clientele's demands. Look I am all about supply and demand but thats just wrong....

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Wu-Tang Cribs

I remember watching this years ago and thinking it was hilarious then........especially the Rza, Raekwon eating yogurt.....Watch it, then watch it again its even funnier the 2nd time around....YO
Cheater's Host Gets Stabbed

This is pretty funny, maybe next time he isnt so quick to jump on a boat in the middle of the ocean, Sucka
Loaded Lux: Nut Cracker

Harlem on the rise, I guess? *sarcastic tone* these hood videos are always hilarious

Friday, November 10, 2006

PAUL MOONEY live atlanta

Negrodamus..........nothing more to say
Sucker punch at McDonalds.

Damn,You got knocked the fuck out(c)Smokey...... I love a good sucker punch and damn this was a motherfucker of a punch if I ever saw one.....but this was disgusting B
Joe Paterno knee injury

Normally I wont do this(fuck with old people)who am I kidding.....but what the fuck is an 80-year old man doing coaching football and what the fuck was he looking at.......if I am going to guess he was thinking *hopefully we finish this game early so I can make it to the early bird special at Outback's ohhhhhhhhh nooooooo*

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ali G -Dangerous Drugs UK

Prolly my favorite of the Ali G interviews funnier than the HBO version

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Andrew Bynum! looks like he is going to be a problem

YO so this is Andrew stat line for last night, He was balling against KG and the T-Wolves. He looked good too, all over the floor hit short hooks, blocking and altering shots, grabbing rebounds, staying out of foul trouble. As long as dude keeps working he should continue to get better(which is a given) but we will have to wait and see. The other day I heard Matt Guokas say that Dwight Howard was better than ShaQ was at the same age, Matt needs to check the stats and see that at 21 Shaq dropped close to thirty a game!

Andrew Bynum, C

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Police Man Chedder Bob's himself

This Cop in Indiana decided to unload his gun and he shoots himself , this is what I call Karma. Motherfucking Cops around my way; here in National City have been known to shot dudes in the back. I couldn't find the exact numbers on how many dudes they shot in the back but I did find this where they shot at this retard 39 total times hitting him 31 times. I didn't use the term retard loosely as this dude was released from the mental institution the same morning he was ethered, poor dude should have took his Meds. Here is another story on the trigger happy nature of the San Diego Police. Anyways needless to say the Cops around my way are known as Arrogant Trigger Happy Scumbags and I am sure not all are but the ones I encounter always are. Fuck the Police is how I treat them (c) Kanye

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Playing poker

So I am playing poker late Sunday nite with my compadre and some peops and I lose early on so I continue to down Coronas cuz I got jerked. I hate poker when I lose, whatever a C-note ain't too much. Fuck these guys all honkey dorry like winning isn't shit I quit. By the way drinking on a Sunday night is not a joke I quit, I will see you guys Monday to see whats popping. Most of these niggas don't got a job; thats pretty cool being unemployed and collecting a check. Aram will be here tomorrow to blog the new shit because I am currently drunk and dont know how this will read out. So dont drink and blog it can be dangerous

Friday, November 03, 2006

Nicholas Sixx King/CRASHER

Here is a little Bio on Sixx, dude is out of control I find him hilarious though, I dont give a fuck about the TI's of awards shows.
OL Dirt Mcgirt R.I.P.

Putting up that Kanye post made feel a tingily inside No RRR cuz I remembered my favorite award moment with Ol Dirty himself god bless his soul he was an original
Kanye West MTV EMA 2006

YO I am a Kanye Fan No RRR but this shit is getting out of hand, I am really starting to believe that he is gay because throwing a tantrum is female trait

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Paulina Rubio,Eva Longoria, Carmen Electra, Roselyn Sanchez

A little something to get the spirits up......Damn Paulina Rubio sounds like shit but who's listening.... Not me thats for damn sure

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


You I have been feeling this song hard, even though that whole Reggeaton thing is not me

This I got From Media Takeout Jay & what looks like B giving Fallatio

Carlito's Way one of my favorite movies and this is my favorite quote from the whole movie

Carlito: "OK. Yoa' hona', wit all due respect, past and present and without further.. to do. Let me assure this coa't, dat I am through walkin' on the wild side. Dat's all I've been trying to tell you, have been sick, with the social ills known in the ghetto, but my time, in the sterling correctional facilities of Greenhaven an' Sing-sing has not been in vain. I've been cured. Born again, like the Wata'gate-a's. I know you heard this rap befoa'. Yoa' hona', I mean it; this is the truth; I change. I change, and it didn't take no 30 yeea's like yoa' hona' thought, but only 5. That's right sir. Five years and look at me, completely rehabilitated, re-..invigorated, reassimilated, and finally gona' be relocated and I wana' thank a lotta people for that; I look over there and I see that man there Mr Norwall. I wana' thank you sir, for making the tapes in an illegal fashion. I would like to thank, the coa't of appeals for reversing you, yoa' hona', and I wana' thank, almighty God without whom no case gets tossed."

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

True Story......... The insatiable appetite to bone...

I was like 9 years old and me and a couple of my cousins Jesus and Tony in particular ( 7 and 5 years old at the time) found a video that said Survivor Series. At the time we were like the hugest WWF fans no Ravishing Rick Rude, so we all were like damn lets watch the video. What we were about to see though was something that I particularly think molded are young minds forever. I put in the tape and quickly we realized that it wasnt WWF but some other shit. The first scene was of some man walking by a swimming pool and there was a woman topless, so dude decided to join her and took off his shorts( At this point in our lives we hadnt seen anything like this but we didnt turn off the tape) Well needless to say the guy proceeded to bone the shit out of this young innocent looking chick but she didnt seem to dislike it she actually looked like she couldnt have enough dick. Well the porno lasted about 2 hours and we watched every minute of it.

The reason I bring this up, is that recently over a few beers we had a discussion about viewing that tape at a young age and all of us remember it vividly, more than ten years later. We also came to the conclusion that viewing a porno at an early age made us the way we are and by that I mean very sexually active or horny or some shit I dont know how to describe. We also realize that it didnt make us sick or fucked up in any way, it just advanced us at an early age and instead of playing with toys or games we wanted to fuck chicks. I know we may have analyzed this too much but I think that somehow this has affected us in the manner that all of us like to fuck but dont all men like to fuck a lot. What do ya'll think?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dog pee caused mass blackout

Yo so this man sees his dog pee on a power line and the mans bitch erupts in flames , Gary Davies the owner was in shock- no pun intended- as he said

“There was an almighty explosion and the whole street lit up. I turned round and the dog was on fire.”

The poor dude had to see his dog explode, that must have sucked. It reminds me of the time I took my hamster out and saw it get devoured by a cat, till this day I have dreams of my hamster Runaway Ralph, No RRR.
Rick Rude Vs Ultimate Warrior

Yo this takes me back to my prepubescent years nhjic, anyways Jesse the Body is commentating, this shit is hilarious it should have won an emmy or some shit for best comedic performance, anyways this alone has changed my No Homo's to No Ravishing Rick Rude..... Enjoy and No RRR

Monday, October 23, 2006

Ho fo Sho'

My Favorite scene in the whole movie...

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Antonio Aguilar "El Caballo Bayo"

This is my grandpa Poche's favorite song....I get nostalgic when I hear it... Classic Mexican Music.... Arriba Cd. Guzman
Cafe Tacuba MTV Unplugged

This one is for Jesus, if he ever gets his lazy ass up to look at my Blog. This is a Mexican band that rocks pretty hard and here is all their Unplugged performance!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Yo its Friday......

Fla. boater stabbed in chest by stingray - before I let you guys go for the weekend, I saw this in the paper this morning. Some 81 year-old man was stung by a stingray in the heart when the stingray jumped onto his boat. Okay, I know what your thinking what the fuck was an 81 year-old man doing on a boat, apparently dude was fishing. I myself dont think anyone over 80 should do anything remotely close to even venturing out the home let alone drive, boat, fish and hunt and shit. So I think dude got what he deserved, he tried to throw the stingray off the boat but got stung in his heart instead. The amazing thing was unlike Steve Irwan the old man didnt die because he didnt pull out the barb from his heart like Steve Irwan did! well all's well that ends well
K-Fed Freestyle

So James Lipton recites K-Feds(the future of hip-hop)lyrics, this shit is hilarious....

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Gillie On MTV with the Clipse

This is on Sucker free with Cipha sounds. Cipha actually looks like he wants to laugh or something, I found this video amusing. "Crackas at Jive" were the fuck is Hell Hath no Fury
Paulina Rubio presenting her house

Yo 1 million square feet fuck no! This shit was making me horny when she was jumping on the bed, but this house is an absolute masterpiece, these rappers could learn something from this. Ya instead of putting tigers and shit in your backyard or 1 million on your watch, they can spend their money on a decorater or some shit

Monday, October 16, 2006

Teen jumps from mother's car, struck and killed on Route 67

YO so this 17 year old kid jumps out his Mom's car in the middle of the freeway. I know thats pretty stupid but my scientific studies show thats a popular thing to do amongst the white adolescent community. I digress the part that struck me was he got hit by a car and instantly died, getting hit by a car after jumping out of a moving car in the middle of the freeway is highly likely; but 4 cars subsequently ran his ass over right after he got hit by the first car. Naturally none of the cars that hit or ran his ass over bothered to stop to see what the fuck they hit, thats what I call humanity. What is wrong with the world when people cant stop to see what they possibly hit or atleast to make sure their ride isnt fucked up. See here

The New Chrysler Imperial.......... blowing the 300 out of the water

This Car is fire nothing like it

Having trouble taking a deuce.... I got that remedy...

Yo so I was experiencing a bad case of constipation over the weekend. I was feeling horrible almost to the point where I considered going to the ER, but magically after 3 days without dropping a deuce, I hit the motherload. I woke up Sunday morning realizing I hadn't dropped a dump since Thursday night and my stomach was suffering. I had felt pain similar when a couple of years ago I got a colonoscopy out of fear that I may have developed a peptic ulcer , they just ended giving some antibiotics or whatever. Anyways late Sunday night after the game I still hadn't been able to take a shit and it was starting to bother me. I decided to have a glass of cranberry juice an check my email, hoping that I feel the need to take that all important shit soon enough. I would say exactly like 15 minutes after I drank my cranberry juice I got that urge and I ran to the toilet and suffice to say dropped one helluva prize. Woooo, cranberry juice saved my life and I feel great this morning because of it!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Jery Sandoval.......... you can dream

I dont want to carry on too much..... But you get the idea she is my #1 no pharrell or Kanye

Jery Sandoval trasero de lujo

O' My God, In the Novela Postal she plays Regina Corona and the only reason I would watch this spanish soap opera was because my ex loved the show but in turn I learned to also like the show and Jery was the reason why.....Click on her name thats her website
Who Is Gilbert Arenas ? by Profe [U.P] NBA

Love this, good video, a little more than just highlights, this is some movie shit. Whoever made this clip give that nigga an award or a fucking coupon or some shit

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Borat The Movie - New full trailer

Yo this is the funniest shit, dude is classic.... send the Jew down the Wail

Jacko what the fuck is this.......

Yo so Jacko was caught up in St.Tropez wearing high heels and toting a purse, with one of those big ass Del Mar Racetrack old white lady summer hats, fuck I used to love this guy(NHJIC) being an 80's baby and all, but he is definitely not right.....

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Go see the Dr. / Ballllllinnnnnnnn

Police: Mom Uses Baby As Weapon To Beat Man

Baby Critically Injured - This crackhead bitch started swinging her 4-week old baby at one of her baby-daddy's(this is an assumption I made as far as plural on the baby daddy's). Apparently they got in a dispute over who should smoke the crack first and she didnt like that she had to wait and started swinging her baby like an aluminum bat at the daddy's head. This goes to prove that the goverment should implement some kind of law that once a lady has two consective kids with different fathers time to tie up her tubes. I am assuming she has more than one baby daddy because CPS took her other four kids from the home, the oldest being 8, and by my mathematical calculations the odds of her having all five with one man are close to zero...... point being tie up all these bitches tubes and we will have a better country for it

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I havent put up one of these in a while the original Ms. New Booty

The Daily grind a Few interesting tidbits...

Ya its the usual sex, murder and mayhem

Handcuffed 17-Year-Old Girl Eludes FHP, So this chick was in the backseat of a patrol car an d at a red light she got out of the car and bounced running through a parking lot and didnt get caught. I might also add that the bitch was drunk, luckyyy.

A real clown is running for mayor of Alameda , what's next a pornstar will run for governor of Ca-li-For-nia , anyways this Clown is running for mayor and I know I would vote for him just on recognizability alone. I could always say our clown mayor has got shit on lock.

Jacob the Jeweler is in a deep mess , I always wonder how a broke immigrant with just a dream makes millions, well I guess you thug your way there, allegedly.

The Best collection of Gilbert Arenas quotes. , Like my boys and I always say Gillllllbert. He is the most underrated player in basketball.

Scarface Platinum Edition - hey what is this, I bought "limited edition Scarface" like two years ago and now they come out with digitally enhanced version of it, how often can they do this shit and still call it a special, well I do agree that louder gun shots and Nose snorts would make for better viewing

A Son Unique is ODB's last album , So this is coming out on Dame Dash Music imprint, which might be the only album on Dame's label to actually sell. I predict in the vicinity of 500k sales ultimately and I will be coping it

Well thats it for today, I will be checking back in later today if I find anything else interesting or worth noting about......

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I guess I got my swagger back .......

Look usually I dont do this- talk about kids- but damn I needed to shed light with the NBA season quickly coming up; on Lil Jason Kidd's dome piece. Thats a special melon whoooo hot damn that must have merked Joumanna on the way out. Maybe she had a C-Section well anyways this picture was just a little token of my appreciation for my readers. By the way I think the Kidd's have a reality show coming out, any chance we get to see Jason Kidd beating Joumanna's ass on TV probably not but I going to hope for it ( not that I am wishing ill will upon her) , I am pretty sure Jason had his reasons to put his shoe on her ass. Go Lakers!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Showing up Drunk to work

A music teacher shows up drunk to school. The music teacher was walking down the hall and just collapses and I guess someone saw her fall and shit, but this isn't even the good part usually a fall is ignored or laughed at but the Music teacher stayed grounded, which caused a fellow educator to call 911. When the authorities arrived they could smell the Henny so they asked her to take a breathalizer and she refused but it didn't matter the authorities ended up taking her in and checking her blood level and sure enough the bitch was drunk. The reason I found this so interesting was not that she was drunk but that this teacher probably came to the school drunk on the regular. By the way the kids always know.

When I was in like 5th grade I had this P.E. teacher Mr. Scott ( name is actual real name) and dude was black( just thought I would give a mental picture) anyways Mr. Scott always seemed a little off and by off I mean his speech wasn't understandable and he always seemed spaced out, those two hours every Thursday were always my favorites. My boy Rasul eventually got me into the know and told me Mr.Scott was a crackhead( until this point in my life I never actually saw a crackhead but I had heard of the term and knew what it meant). I asked Rasul how he could be so sure that Mr.Scott was a crackhead and Rasul told me that he had an auntie who was a crackhead and acted exactly like Mr. Scott. I never told anyone about me and Rasul's secret but it actually wasn't a secret all the Hispanic and black kids knew, it was the other kids and teachers who had no idea. I had an inkling that the black teachers knew but didn't say anything and I got this inkling because less than a year later Mr. Scott mysteriously died and no one knew why, except Rasul. Rasul's mom was dating a teacher Mr. Jordan, who in turn told Rasul's mom that Mr. Scott died of an overdose. This is one of the fond memories of my public school upbringing I hold close to my heart, this type of education against drugs cannot be taught in classrooms this is first hand reality shit. I have never used any kind of drugs, well that time I smoked weed, or that one time trying extacy not permitting and I can always say it was Mr.Scott who helped me learn this. I now as a grown man stick strickly to beer and keep it moving no crackheadish activities going on over here .....

I'm Back Like cooked cookies Homie.....

The Single Life

So this was basically my first weekend single in about 2 years. I didn't go out and do anything on a whim or act a complete donkey, but I had a good time. I went down south to Tijuana and if you have never been, its just ruckus and chaos over there. Bitches and Hoes everywhere (that is not a fabrication, Hoes and Bitches in every literal way) 10$ head jobs, massages with happy endings, In these I did not partake however, as of right now I am no where near desperate. Also, since its so soon after my breakup I in no way want to be portrayed as such (desperate, cheat and jerk to name a few). The reason I bring this up, cuz I am pretty sure most MoFo's could give a rat's ass what I did this weekend was because of all the conflicting advice I have received since My Girl and I broke up. Here is some of the advice I received in no particular order and just the ones that stick out in my mind (no pharrell)

"Hey Fuck your ex and her feelings, go crazy and stick your dick in anything that walks".. Hmmm I thought this one over and realized probably ok if I was 22 or something but I am grown and know I love my ex and this in no way will help us reconcile ....

"Aram, you are a damn liar, so you better do everything in your power to fix the situation and ask for forgiveness, a million times over" This is probably the one I'm going to do, but it takes a lot of balls to ask over and over, knowing possibly that its not enough ....

"Hey you need some mental help and so does she, why the fuck does a girl feel the need to search all your shit, she is always going to find something. I learned in my Human Sexuality class that a girl that searches your shit all the time. Absolutely always finds something she isn't going to like....." This dude carried on for about an hour, going on about how trust issues start from the home and that if your mate cant trust her immediate family she isn't going to trust her boyfriend or whatever. This particular conversation I had; made me think really hard if I actually want to fix things. The reason being can my ex ever get over things in order for us to move on in the future and I have a feeling she will not. I have issues of my own to fix, which I try to work on regularly and I know I will never be perfect but I damn sure try.....

I am going to have to come to a decision on whether or not I want to continue to pursue this relationship with my ex again. As of right now, I want to work it out but I do realize the longer I stay single its more than likely that I am going to probably want to stay like this for awhile. Peace

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Breaking up is hard to do ......

I will be taking a break for a few days, while I get over a breakup! I want to Thank ya'll for the flowers and cards ahead of time. I want Beezy to accept my apologies and Hopefully work it out between us and I understand its going to take some time to gain my trust back but I have always given the benefit of the doubt to her and I want her to do the same with me ....... Happier times

Monday, September 25, 2006

Gunfire hits Omaha man for fourth time in a year

20-year-old Brontea Evans has been shot four different times this year. This is the most bizarre shit ever. This dude either has the worst luck or the bestest luck considering how you look at the situation. He has been shot yet he is still alive, I would guess in his hood he might be considered a soldier but in my hood he is a black cloud. Damn what the fuck does this guy got to do to get killed. Not to sound too serious but wouldnt it make sense after getting shot the 2nd time let alone the first time, this dude would have tried to better his situation and get the fuck out of there. Well I guess not because this dude got shot in the same part of the city each time. Its okay though because he is a soldier, I guess.

Friday, September 22, 2006

The 4th Quarter is coming .......

I was wondering the other day could this 4th quarter possibly be the most important time period in hip-hop in the 2000's. I can't think of any more important time in this millennium. Well with all the talk that hip-hop is dead and there isnt any more real hip-hop. The list of influential and popular artist's scheduled to release albums this fall reads like a who's who of hip-hop. Usually this time of year is when the TI's of the company bring out the heavy hitters to try and balance out their record sales. This year being which seems like the slowest year ever for rap album sales, means that its more important than any other time I can think of. Conceivably their is any number of albums expected to go platinum or multi-platinum, off the top of my head I can list these

The Clipse- Hell Hath no Fury , Here its says that we can expect the album early December 2006, well if this is true that means that this shit is probably not going to see the light of day in 2006. I have noticed that The Clipse's following seems to be getting bigger with time, especially with the hipster community; these hipsters make it seem like Pusha T and Malice are the best thing since bareback sex. Look I am a fan like the next man, but something seems out of place with them dumb TI's. If I was them I would be pushing the album out while the iron is hot, but what do I know. When they do come out I expect them to go platinum over a years time.

The Game - The Doctors Advocate , He has a lot to prove with the falling out with Aftermath and all. This dude never seems able to keep his mouth shut but whatever he keeps coming out with banging music. I am guessing by the reception that his street single "One Blood" is getting on TV and Radio, that its a wrap. I believe he will sell in the network of 500k to 750k in the first week of his release deserved or not. His album will go about double platinum and therefore further establishing himself as one of the top rappers if not the very best. I am fan of Game ( no homo on being a fan of rappers) but I do expect a 50 Cent like backlash eventually.

Nas - Hip Hop is Dead - He is the most confusing of all. We are about to hit October and no single, promotion(we can expect this from Def Jam) or anything. Nas name alone will sell him 500k but this is make or break time. I believe this album for him is probably his most important one since Stillmatic. I believe his album may get pushed back but then that would look very bad not on Nas but on the President. Nas happens to be one of my favorite rappers ever but I am always a little confused about his decisions with his career. Anyways, point being if he comes out with a great album he can conceivably go double platinum.

Jay-Z- Kingdom Come - The President is coming, promoting himself is what he is good at ( well that's what Method Man, Dmx and LL seem to think; haters). He will probably have an album somewhere in between the Black Album and Blueprint2, which isnt great by any means but definitely better than half the shit that is out right now. I look at in the way that its great he is coming out with an album but he is going to take a hit no matter what. I can hear it now, " Hov is done", "He is not the same anymore" yada yada and then Cam'ron will come out with the proverbial diss of how Hov is like Jordan on the Wizards. I think his album will do around 500k first week out. I think Hov is the greatest rapper to ever touch the mic, but also the most influential when it comes to in his words "I'm not a business man, I am the business, Man". Dude is like the 300 million dollar man, so take the Biggie's and Tupac's out of the equation and he is easily the best. He will also sell in the network of 2-3 million records...

Puff Daddy, P Diddy, Sean Combs, Diddy or whatever the fuck he is calling himself these days- Press Play- Look I actually despise the dude. I can go on and on about why I do i.e., Tupac,Biggie, Mase, the whole Lox situation, Black Rob, G Dep and him "preserving his sexy" but whatever the dude is going to do his numbers so fuck him.

These are just a few of the albums that are coming out in the 4th quarter, so now you know what I mean by saying that its the most important quarter this millennium. There is actually more artist's scheduled to come out in the fall that may do well like Styles, Lloyd Banks, Fat Joe, Slim Thug, to name a few who may come out in the 4th quarter. I expect all the main artist's I listed to do big numbers and bring hip-hop back(whatever the fuck that means, Hip Hop is here and always will be here). I can remember back like in '98 going to the record store every week and buying something. Those days are gone, I have bought five albums this year Fishscale, King, Blue Collar, Best Thang Smokin' and Food & Liquor and not once did I think I may have missed out on an album and you know why because if I really wanted to listen to an album I would download it from LimeWire; if I thought it was dope I would buy it and if it sucked deleted and I have been doing this for the past 3 years. This is the real reason no one is buying CD's anymore. ONE

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Daily grind a Few interesting tidbits...

  • Game touches on all matters here in this interview he goes on about Rass Kass and 50 nothing he hasnt really said before, but this dude is always good for a wild quote
  • Ghostface bringing Theodore Unit to Def Jam, this actually a pretty good thought not to many people I know have the Unit's first album, that album is Fiyaaa......
  • Yo so this dude try to jump in the Panda exhibit and hug the damn Panda, well needless to say this moron got attacked but the dude was fierce taking a bite out of the huge marsupial ......
  • So you know how these dudes that frequent strip clubs all the time ( look I am not above going to strip clubs, but when I go here -Adelita's-I am actually able to bone if I wanted to) and then become madly in love with one particular whore. Usually this guy is a complete loser and I say loser not because he goes to strip clubs but because he is devoted to one stripper,his thinking is that this bitch gives a shit about him and not just his money. Well here is a perfect example of this type of dude.... Idiot gives a dead mans hand to his stripper

Calling Bush a bitch

  • Venezuela leader takes aim at President Bush, calling him 'the devil' , this dude Hugo Chavez has got some big balls to say shit like this; “The devil came here,” Chavez said. “Right here. Right here. And it smells of sulfur still today, this table that I am now standing in front of.” I actually like the guy, he does go on to say that he is a friend of the United States and that he is at odds with Bush and Washington. He promotes Democratic Socialism and Latin American Integration, even though he says shit I would say(sounding crazy), the dude sounds very much like he is going to be thorn on Bushies side. Well anyways read about the Man here. I am officially a fan......

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Rihanna doin the butt ohh

Yo That's Perfect

Tiger Wooo's Wife Edin, damn she is hot for a white girl

The Daily grind a Few interesting tidbits...

  • Couple arrested in rock-throwing siege ( A stupid ass married couple was throwing rocks at their neighbors homes, breaking windows and shit. I would have to say this is the most bizarre shit I have heard this week. Need I remind you that I here really wierd shit daily
  • 'Nice, Sweet Lady,' 83, Deported for Nazi Past , The former SS guard kept her secret buried, even from her Jewish husband. Now exposed, the Bay Area widow, 83, is back in Germany, this shit is crazy she was a Nazi SS guard at a concentration camp, but then married a Jew. What, so she keeps this secret to herself and then that Jewy Jew of a husband finds out( nope he never found out). She got deported because she expressed no remorse. I pretty sure she probably got forced to join the military, but whatever interesting story it is.
  • Diarrhea Kills Nearly 200 in Ethiopia , these African nations got it really fucked up, no Pepto Bismal or Mylanta, that would have cured up the diarrhea quick fast and saved those people from dying (they probably also have AIDS though), I particularly like pepto after a long night of drinking it helps cure the runs.....

Well enough News lets get in to some real shit

  • Dave Mays and Benzino's Hip-Hop Weekly hits newsstands Oct.16
  • Its good to see this Ho eating ( allegedly Busta smashed her)
  • Foxy Brown is broke, I am not surprised in the least with this
  • Reggie Bush already worth weight in gold Saints sell out season tickets , tell me now Texans that Mario Williams is a better choice
  • Ya'll New Yorkers are straight up gay ( not that there is anything wrong with that) 1 in 10 are reported to be gay

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bilal the best R&B singer ever (that hasn't been recognized)

This album was by far and away my favorite album in 2001, I tried to tell my friends but they didn't get and couldn't understand why I loved the album so much. I still till this day cant describe why this album resonates with me so well, I tend to think it must have something to do with the way it plays out the lyrics making so much sense to me at that point of my life. I was 20 going to college trying to figure out what to do with myself and my life. I can still listen to it track for track and the only song I usually skip is the single 'Fast Lane feat Dr.Dre & Jadakiss' that particular song doesn't seem to fit are flow naturally with the other songs, Fast Lane seems contrived placed for commercial purposes. Well here is a track Listing to the album and how I feel about each song. I didnt look up the lyrics or anything I am just going on memory and feel.

Intro 1:44 : He introduces himself and proceeds to say some random shit, I do remember him saying "put some paint where thereisntt"

For You 3:44 : This song goes on about what he will do for his main chick a la "rob and steal for her" which I dont condone, but this song is just like aexaggerationon of what Bilal will do for his main chick saying the wild things probably to get her attention and for to understand that his love is real. I do feel a connection with this song when randomlyly tell my girl things like "I want to be with you and only you, thats why wouldn'tnt ever cheat" hoping this sticks and she will be happy afterwards. Nevertheless, a great song(I will be using the word great frequently when it comes to this album, but that doesnt in any way diminish the word when I use it. I mean it)

Fast Lane (featuring Jadakiss and Dr. Dre) 4:34 the song I was talking about being some kind of forced collabo by the TI's of the company, still pretty dope though

Reminisce (featuring Mos Def & Common) 4:33 This is a dope song about meeting some chick but not seeing her for awhile but she still resonates in his thoughts, Common & Mos Def drop some gems with the song title in mind, making there rhymes sound like they fit perfectly with the subject of the song
All That I Am (Somethin for the People) 3:54 about where he came from and all that he is, is all he has known and will be, pretty cool song about not forgetting his roots and what he has taught growing up, I feel this shit pretty hard
Sally 3:39 cool song about some skeeziod (term Gangstar circa '95 ish) who got him for all that he had and she was slick with her shit so he never saw it coming, this song is a little different sounding than the others has like a Dr. Dre sounding beat which I am pretty sure he produced or one of his ghost beatmakers(allegedly)
Sometimes 7:10 " you should be nicer than you are, Sometimes" this song goes on with little lines like this hitteverythingerthing Bilal probably wishes to change about himself " I wish I didnt try so hard, Sometimes" The song is a fun sort of funny but showivulnerabilityability of one as a human and what we wish to change about ourselves but are afraid to, Sometimes
Love It 3:46 talking to his girl and telling her that he loves everything about her, imperfections, idiosyncrasies and all. My 2nd favorite Song on the whole album, I guess when I listen to it, I try and think the things I love about my girl and why we are still together. I also like the rhythm of the song and how it flows
C'mere 2:10 interlude or something its done in a whisper so I dont know what the hell is going on
Soul Sista 5:18 my favorite song on this whole album, the beat bangs hard and this shit is just undeniably dope. I think Raphael Sadiq produced this, I first heard this in the movie Love & Basketball ( that movie sucked) and this song stuck with me
When Will You Call 4:45 I guess he gets left by his chick and he is wondering if she is going to call or say anything, since she just got her shit and left. He sings in like a calm voice, almost like whispering it and then slowly raises his pitch. Ok not great
Queen of Sanity 5:19 I dont really get if he is singing about his mind or like a chick that somehow can always stay in control of her feelinga lothere is alot of Prince like antics going on on this song
Love Poems 5:23 cool song about a friend and how if they should take it there become more than friends, something most people go through one time or another in their life. Also, why he is questioning it, if both feel the same way about each other then they should go for it
You Are 4:15 I like the beat to this, this flows perfectly he has a lot of alliteration in the lyrics, So the story unfolds nicely in the mind and makes for a good love story.
Home 5:21 Caribbeanas a carribbean ting to it almost reggea-ish about getting back home and thats where he wants to be, home. ( but dont we all, thats why I live just down the street from my mom)
Slyde 4:04 a song about a chick once again ( this is a Love album by the way), I think he channeled his inner Prince ( Prince is slightly before my time, I was born in the eighties but I vaguely remember Prince's stuff but when I do hear him I remember right away what his music usually sounded like. I myself was very much a Michael Jackson fan growing up, No Homo)
Second Child 6:45 the song pretty much rambles. Describing why I guess the title of the album is 1st Born Second. Explaining what he is and what he got, weird ass song what yellingbackground in the backround

As I conclude my quick rundown of my favorite R&B artist and album, you might ask why I brought this up. Well reason being is that recently I ran across that Bilal's highly anticipated sophomore album(well highly anticipated by me) has ben leaked. Whether the album will be released or not hasn't been authorized by his record company. This totally sucks I probably will download it somewhere the album is called Love for Sale . Thats why I brought up this album.

The Daily grind a Few interesting tidbits...

  • The phrase Weed Carriers hits print Article states that at some point 4 out 5 men(I may have miss read this stat) have carried weed for someone, I have never carried weed for anyone,
  • Book coming out in which troops who served in Iraq and Afghanistan share their stories Excerpts: 'Operation Homecoming' ...... Like I have said before fuck Bush bitch ass illiterate
  • check Mixtape Monday over on MTV ..... So lil'Flip is talking about his mixtape or some such(by the way why the lil in front of his name dude is grown)
  • Howard Stern rumored to return to freeair
  • I Saw The Illusionist this weekend, technically I went to go watch it for my girlfriend , the movie was pretty good. Ed Norton and Paul Giamatti are also in the film and both are pretty much in the top 10 of actors right now. A magician (Ed Norton) in turn-of-the-century Vienna who falls in love with a woman(Jessica Biel) well above his social standing( now this plot isn't all fucking innovative or anything but the movie is still dope nonetheless). When she becomes engaged to a prince, the magician uses his powers to win her back and undermine the stability of the royal house of Vienna( overall the movie in my eyes is a 9 on the special FX and the way the picture is laid with all kinds of colors and shit, anyways go watch the movie)...
  • According to Bam Margera he banged Jessica Simpson while she was married( damn what a ho, wait till you marry to Bone and then start boning other men, what the fuck is that)....
  • Yo HBO cancels Lucky Louie ( what the fuck this show was hilarious and I could count on laughing my ass off everytime I watched)....

I will hit you all up with more randomness later..........

Monday, September 18, 2006

Zab Judah got his ass in some trouble

Here in the NY Daily News:

The wife of Zab Judah had to remind the former boxing champ whose corner he's in the other night. Judah had just arrived at club Sol with Serena Williams when he discovered that his missus, Meda, was there. Making matters worse, Meda wound up outside the VIP area containing Zab and Serena. "She threw a hysterical fit," says our spy. "She grabbed her husband and dragged him out of the club. She showed him who the champ was." Serena found a replacement for the pugilist by texting Busta Rhymes. Zab can count on more drama Wednesday in Queens Family Court, where Natassia Wright, mother of his 4-year-old daughter, Amissia, is due to demand $100,488 in back child support. Her lawyer, Suzanne Kimberly Bracker, promises that "If he doesn't pay up, we're going to send him to jail"

Oh buddy, Zab is going to have to pay up. I myself have a daughter luckily I have full custody and dont have to deal with too much Baby-Momma shit; but Zab's situation is looking very sticky right about now.Anyways I am pretty sure he hasn't wasted all his money on grillz, cars, hoes, Cristal and pigeon's..... A la Iron Mike. Or else he is going to be in hot water and he will be fighting in his mid-forties like Evander Holyfield ....

How My picks faired

I was 11 and 3 against the spread this weekend check it , heading into Monday Night I picked Jacksonville to win and I get 1.5 points, looking good I would say at just near 80% success rate. Will see tonight if I continue my hot streak and end the week on a high note.

The Daily grind a Few interesting tidbits...

  • In prison tapes, 'Junior' Gotti laments mob's loss of manliness , I am assuming his little bitch ass nephews included pampered ass little bitches, I guess they don't make them like they used too. I agree if you catch yourself in the street with some punk and handle your business with your hands, but you kicked the dude's ass, he probably wont be able to handle that he got his balls handed to him and next thing you know you are getting shot over some dumb shit.
  • Sudan man forced to 'marry' goat . Dude got caught by the goat's owner boning the goat, so the owner was like fuck that, he took it up to the tribe and then they made the dude buy the goat and marry it because the owner no longer wanted the goat, which he said was now traumatized for being boned. Goat's are relatively expensive over here in San Diego and I know this because I tried to buy one to make Birria(a Mexican dish, that is usually made with goat meat) but about $300 dollars for a goat that would probably only make enough food for about 15 people and I was having a big party, so I made Carne Asada instead.....
  • San Diego's own Mitchy Slick on allhiphop
  • The Games album is getting pushed back, as long as it comes out in November it should be fine, cuz here in my neck of the woods "One Blood" is banging real hard, so there is no reason not to release the album while its hot and drop another single right on top of it
  • Here is another pic of Nicole Ritchie looking like a starved salamander, poor chick why did she do this to herself, remember on the 1st season of the Simple Life she as chubby and cuddly
  • NY High Schools got chlamydia or gonorrhea issues, I am convinced that this new generation needs their Magic Johnson or Easy-E , Pedro of the Real World ( not that I am wishing ill will upon anyone) just so these stupid ass kids can wake the fuck up
  • Comedian Katt Williams rhyming on 106 & Park,