Friday, November 02, 2007

Hip Hop video of the day!

I remember when I bought the Bobby Digital album and I heard this song, I was like whewwww this song goes impeccably hard. I have never really felt like this towards any woman but I am pretty sure many a girl has felt like this directed at me. The honesty in which Rza spits makes this song so dope. I dont know what made me think of this song, possibly because I am going to drop the girl I have been seeing for the past three months. In no way do I feel like this about her but I know I am better off dropping her before she gets too close. I never actually committed to her as far as asking her to be my girl, but I guess she feels that way. So time to move on, I am not ready for a relationship yet. I recommend if any of ya'll were in a long term relationship and then you break up, to take your time to get to know all types of people. I am pretty sure everybody knows that, but its difficult to stop seeing someone when you gain a certain level of affection for them(the pussy), whether you just came out of a relationship or not. So I am crowning myself single again for the upteenth time this year. Not that anything ever stopped me, because bitches aint shit(c) RZA.


BELIZE said...

::Denzel voice:::

My Man..see u back on ur grind. Bout damn time!

HHFanatic said...

This song is impeccably hard....when bobby digital 1st came out, I thot it was too digital. I might have to go back and listen again. Peace.