Saturday, December 30, 2006

Beetlejuice Cribs

Damn I was looking for this, Prolly the funniest video ever. Look how small his head is, the wierdest thing was that he knows how to shit. Why then does he use a diaper. " This is my room, this is where I fuck" (c) Beetlejuice here is another facsinating video


The Deeziest said...


LOL@smoky oven!

i like how he doesn't make an effort to turn it off! haha

Anonymous said...

NoMamesBuey here

yo IFux & Belize, peace & happy new year mayne. Good luck on getting faded tonight, whether alcoholically &/or vaginacally.

I Fux said...

Yo thanks NMB happy new year also, I am leaving tomorrow night to Guadalajara so I prolly wont post till I am back on the 15th, peace.