Thursday, December 21, 2006

I told you if MJ is around so is Oakley

Look at last night's Knick game for instance, MJ was there to watch his Bobcats play the Knots and guess who is with him noneother than his Weedcarrier, Oak. A couple of days ago I mentioned that if you ever see MJ out in public Oak will be nearbye and sure enough last night proved my point. Hey by the way what the fuck is Q-tip doing with them. Hey, anyways last nights game was great, a David Lee tip-in with .01 seconds to go won the game for the Knots. David Lee is the Knots best player 19 more boards last night, thats 39 in the past two games, recognize game when you see it.


Belize said...

I think this will the Knicks highlight of the season

Anonymous said...


"Peace to Q-Tip, the Midnight Maurader, giving 'nuff respect, to Africa Bambata.."