Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Daily grind a Few interesting tidbits...

  • Couple arrested in rock-throwing siege ( A stupid ass married couple was throwing rocks at their neighbors homes, breaking windows and shit. I would have to say this is the most bizarre shit I have heard this week. Need I remind you that I here really wierd shit daily
  • 'Nice, Sweet Lady,' 83, Deported for Nazi Past , The former SS guard kept her secret buried, even from her Jewish husband. Now exposed, the Bay Area widow, 83, is back in Germany, this shit is crazy she was a Nazi SS guard at a concentration camp, but then married a Jew. What, so she keeps this secret to herself and then that Jewy Jew of a husband finds out( nope he never found out). She got deported because she expressed no remorse. I pretty sure she probably got forced to join the military, but whatever interesting story it is.
  • Diarrhea Kills Nearly 200 in Ethiopia , these African nations got it really fucked up, no Pepto Bismal or Mylanta, that would have cured up the diarrhea quick fast and saved those people from dying (they probably also have AIDS though), I particularly like pepto after a long night of drinking it helps cure the runs.....

Well enough News lets get in to some real shit

  • Dave Mays and Benzino's Hip-Hop Weekly hits newsstands Oct.16
  • Its good to see this Ho eating ( allegedly Busta smashed her)
  • Foxy Brown is broke, I am not surprised in the least with this
  • Reggie Bush already worth weight in gold Saints sell out season tickets , tell me now Texans that Mario Williams is a better choice
  • Ya'll New Yorkers are straight up gay ( not that there is anything wrong with that) 1 in 10 are reported to be gay

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cracka said...

shame on that nazi jew lover,first for marrying a jew, and second for letting a jewish cock up her trashcan thus contaminating her clean blood. Sad things in this world happen everyday, oh well.