Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bilal the best R&B singer ever (that hasn't been recognized)

This album was by far and away my favorite album in 2001, I tried to tell my friends but they didn't get and couldn't understand why I loved the album so much. I still till this day cant describe why this album resonates with me so well, I tend to think it must have something to do with the way it plays out the lyrics making so much sense to me at that point of my life. I was 20 going to college trying to figure out what to do with myself and my life. I can still listen to it track for track and the only song I usually skip is the single 'Fast Lane feat Dr.Dre & Jadakiss' that particular song doesn't seem to fit are flow naturally with the other songs, Fast Lane seems contrived placed for commercial purposes. Well here is a track Listing to the album and how I feel about each song. I didnt look up the lyrics or anything I am just going on memory and feel.

Intro 1:44 : He introduces himself and proceeds to say some random shit, I do remember him saying "put some paint where thereisntt"

For You 3:44 : This song goes on about what he will do for his main chick a la "rob and steal for her" which I dont condone, but this song is just like aexaggerationon of what Bilal will do for his main chick saying the wild things probably to get her attention and for to understand that his love is real. I do feel a connection with this song when randomlyly tell my girl things like "I want to be with you and only you, thats why wouldn'tnt ever cheat" hoping this sticks and she will be happy afterwards. Nevertheless, a great song(I will be using the word great frequently when it comes to this album, but that doesnt in any way diminish the word when I use it. I mean it)

Fast Lane (featuring Jadakiss and Dr. Dre) 4:34 the song I was talking about being some kind of forced collabo by the TI's of the company, still pretty dope though

Reminisce (featuring Mos Def & Common) 4:33 This is a dope song about meeting some chick but not seeing her for awhile but she still resonates in his thoughts, Common & Mos Def drop some gems with the song title in mind, making there rhymes sound like they fit perfectly with the subject of the song
All That I Am (Somethin for the People) 3:54 about where he came from and all that he is, is all he has known and will be, pretty cool song about not forgetting his roots and what he has taught growing up, I feel this shit pretty hard
Sally 3:39 cool song about some skeeziod (term Gangstar circa '95 ish) who got him for all that he had and she was slick with her shit so he never saw it coming, this song is a little different sounding than the others has like a Dr. Dre sounding beat which I am pretty sure he produced or one of his ghost beatmakers(allegedly)
Sometimes 7:10 " you should be nicer than you are, Sometimes" this song goes on with little lines like this hitteverythingerthing Bilal probably wishes to change about himself " I wish I didnt try so hard, Sometimes" The song is a fun sort of funny but showivulnerabilityability of one as a human and what we wish to change about ourselves but are afraid to, Sometimes
Love It 3:46 talking to his girl and telling her that he loves everything about her, imperfections, idiosyncrasies and all. My 2nd favorite Song on the whole album, I guess when I listen to it, I try and think the things I love about my girl and why we are still together. I also like the rhythm of the song and how it flows
C'mere 2:10 interlude or something its done in a whisper so I dont know what the hell is going on
Soul Sista 5:18 my favorite song on this whole album, the beat bangs hard and this shit is just undeniably dope. I think Raphael Sadiq produced this, I first heard this in the movie Love & Basketball ( that movie sucked) and this song stuck with me
When Will You Call 4:45 I guess he gets left by his chick and he is wondering if she is going to call or say anything, since she just got her shit and left. He sings in like a calm voice, almost like whispering it and then slowly raises his pitch. Ok not great
Queen of Sanity 5:19 I dont really get if he is singing about his mind or like a chick that somehow can always stay in control of her feelinga lothere is alot of Prince like antics going on on this song
Love Poems 5:23 cool song about a friend and how if they should take it there become more than friends, something most people go through one time or another in their life. Also, why he is questioning it, if both feel the same way about each other then they should go for it
You Are 4:15 I like the beat to this, this flows perfectly he has a lot of alliteration in the lyrics, So the story unfolds nicely in the mind and makes for a good love story.
Home 5:21 Caribbeanas a carribbean ting to it almost reggea-ish about getting back home and thats where he wants to be, home. ( but dont we all, thats why I live just down the street from my mom)
Slyde 4:04 a song about a chick once again ( this is a Love album by the way), I think he channeled his inner Prince ( Prince is slightly before my time, I was born in the eighties but I vaguely remember Prince's stuff but when I do hear him I remember right away what his music usually sounded like. I myself was very much a Michael Jackson fan growing up, No Homo)
Second Child 6:45 the song pretty much rambles. Describing why I guess the title of the album is 1st Born Second. Explaining what he is and what he got, weird ass song what yellingbackground in the backround

As I conclude my quick rundown of my favorite R&B artist and album, you might ask why I brought this up. Well reason being is that recently I ran across that Bilal's highly anticipated sophomore album(well highly anticipated by me) has ben leaked. Whether the album will be released or not hasn't been authorized by his record company. This totally sucks I probably will download it somewhere the album is called Love for Sale . Thats why I brought up this album.


cracka said...

maybe a post on how jigga man is fucking the game up right would be good. Where is my redman album? Where is meth's promotion for his new album? How about DMXs project that he shitted on?
How about the fact he is droppin his album first before Nas? Man this dude has gone too far over his head. That bein said he needs to resign.

Anonymous said...

i love this album so much and the song slyde is like stucking my head yet i don't know the exact words he sings, do you have the lyrics? if so would you please send it to me at im_forever_ur_king@hotmail .com i'd be very appreciate :)

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