Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Flavor Of Love is on some other Shit

Flavor of Love I havent been watching season 2 or keeping up as I figured the show had ran its course. Well anyways, boy was I wrong this shit is a bigger train wreck than last year. All kinds of scandalous hoes and dirty skanks vying for Flav's attention. That nigga is as oblivious as ever when it comes to these hoes and them fighting for his love.( all these bitches want is to get on TV and make a little name for themselves so then there appearence fee can go up and they can cash in) I dont want to give Flav to much credit and say this nigga knows these hoes are playing him and he is just trying to get as much ass as possible but I do think this is the case. I saw one sequence were Flav tungued done 3 girls in a 2 minute span(one of the girls "Beautiful"had a cold sore and subsequently was kicked out, I guess Flav dont play that shit).
Basically a sequence on each show not verbatim but pretty damn near

Flav says "Yo girl dont worry about them other girls, you are here for me and they are just hatin' cuz you are fly and all that preserving that sexy"

Girl sobbing says "Hey Flav thats why I love you cuz your real and know how to treat a lady"

Flav says " girl come give Flava Flav a kiss cuz you know what time it is"

Without fail this sequence of events will take place every episode with at least two different chix
thats what makes the show so damn mesmerizing because I know what's going to happen before it does but I still dont change the channel. This season he has hoes named Buckwild,Delicious,Crazy,Bootz and he brang New York back(by the way the bitch looks like she is on the Nicole Ritchie diet) and these are just some of the chix. I have to say this show is probably like a 10 compared to all other comedies currently on Television right now.

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