Monday, September 25, 2006

Gunfire hits Omaha man for fourth time in a year

20-year-old Brontea Evans has been shot four different times this year. This is the most bizarre shit ever. This dude either has the worst luck or the bestest luck considering how you look at the situation. He has been shot yet he is still alive, I would guess in his hood he might be considered a soldier but in my hood he is a black cloud. Damn what the fuck does this guy got to do to get killed. Not to sound too serious but wouldnt it make sense after getting shot the 2nd time let alone the first time, this dude would have tried to better his situation and get the fuck out of there. Well I guess not because this dude got shot in the same part of the city each time. Its okay though because he is a soldier, I guess.


Belize said...

This guy should be a rapper

I Fux said...

Maybe he is just a rapper playing a trapper

Belize said...

i woudnt doubt it

Anonymous said...

Police say several shots were fired into a home near 29th and Newport Avenue, hitting a male in the arm and a female in the back around 10:20 p.m. Sunday.

Twenty-five-year-old Larceeda McIntosh was taken to the hospital in extremely critical condition, but later died of her injuries. Twenty-five year old BRONTAE EVANS was treated for his injuries and is expected to survive.

Apparently some people never learn.