Friday, September 15, 2006

The Daily grind a Few interesting tidbits...

  • My Girlfriend Jessica Biel has got a girlfriend
  • Feds seize millions of dollars worth of counterfeit Nike shoes after busting alleged shoe ring
  • Utah was 98% white in 1970, well not anymore(Utah sucks anyways)
  • Jay-Z Entertainment Weekly article
  • Rass Kass and The Game get in a fight and Rass Kass has some choice words
  • NYC police: Gang crew hid drugs in toys in $1 million-a-year operation
  • Kelis apparently nude
  • Bush(bush is a bitch) tries to intimidate Lauer when questioned on torture video here
  • Some dude gives 6 chicks HIV; wrap it up
  • NBA Eastern Conference offseason review and the Western Conference review
  • Reggie Bush(by the way he is from SouthEast Dago), family received $100,000 in benefits
  • Beezy this one is for you my dear, Stop blaming Wal-Mart

A couple of Bangers

  • Hi-Tek feat Jadakiss,Papoose, Talib Kweli & Raekwon. "NY, NY"
  • G-Dep the rhyme monster is back "Goin In"

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