Monday, September 18, 2006

The Daily grind a Few interesting tidbits...

  • In prison tapes, 'Junior' Gotti laments mob's loss of manliness , I am assuming his little bitch ass nephews included pampered ass little bitches, I guess they don't make them like they used too. I agree if you catch yourself in the street with some punk and handle your business with your hands, but you kicked the dude's ass, he probably wont be able to handle that he got his balls handed to him and next thing you know you are getting shot over some dumb shit.
  • Sudan man forced to 'marry' goat . Dude got caught by the goat's owner boning the goat, so the owner was like fuck that, he took it up to the tribe and then they made the dude buy the goat and marry it because the owner no longer wanted the goat, which he said was now traumatized for being boned. Goat's are relatively expensive over here in San Diego and I know this because I tried to buy one to make Birria(a Mexican dish, that is usually made with goat meat) but about $300 dollars for a goat that would probably only make enough food for about 15 people and I was having a big party, so I made Carne Asada instead.....
  • San Diego's own Mitchy Slick on allhiphop
  • The Games album is getting pushed back, as long as it comes out in November it should be fine, cuz here in my neck of the woods "One Blood" is banging real hard, so there is no reason not to release the album while its hot and drop another single right on top of it
  • Here is another pic of Nicole Ritchie looking like a starved salamander, poor chick why did she do this to herself, remember on the 1st season of the Simple Life she as chubby and cuddly
  • NY High Schools got chlamydia or gonorrhea issues, I am convinced that this new generation needs their Magic Johnson or Easy-E , Pedro of the Real World ( not that I am wishing ill will upon anyone) just so these stupid ass kids can wake the fuck up
  • Comedian Katt Williams rhyming on 106 & Park,

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