Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Blackstar on Chappelle's Show

This is a motherfucker, Mos Def and Talib kill this shit...........I am going to have to find this song and put it on my Ipod, Damn Raw as fuck and Lyrics was all thats needed! Mos Def when he wants is top 5 dead or live.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

^nomamesbuey here. Damn son this beyochass above is SPAMMING BLOGSPOT COMMENTS now. The spammage is getting more ricockulous each year.

Cosign on Kweli & Mos. Don't sleep on Kweli either, the Quality album was a classic IMHO

I Fux said...

Ya I liked the Quality album, I am a big fan of Bilal No RRR, but Beautiful struggle was a major disapointment.......fuck this spam shit

Anonymous said...

nomamesbuey here, yo i fux you should join the free non-profit site No the spam bitchass guy. Genuinely it's a useful site. Yo if you create an acct, let me know the username, I'll send you my username, no RRR. I have my top album picks on there. I don't want to post it on publically here though where Spam-amo could see it

I Fux said...

Ya I will do and then let you know..........Hey NaS shit is looking like its going to be Major............Take a sip of the yack I wannna Fuck, take a hit of that Chronic its got me stuck(c) Kanye We Major

Anonymous said...

sup Ifux, nomamesbuey here. Yeah I hope that Nas will be ill. Yo check the Damian Marley "Welcome to Jamrock" if you get a chance. I don't even listen to reggae, but my homie put me up on it. The shiz is a solid strong album. "In 2 Deep" is the proverbial "crack music n.." er, no KKKramer

Anonymous said...

yo nomamesbuey again. I guess I'm a Kweli & Mos "stan" so I can cite the references. I believe at the time of the Chappelle show in 2003 these verses hadn't yet to drop on albums yet, so they would've appeared to be freestyles but ended up verses on albums later on

Kweli's verse "Going Hard" (pause?) from 2004 "The Beautiful Struggle"

Mos' verse from "beef" offa 2004 "The Dangerous Mixtape"

I Fux said...

Yo I got the Damian Marley album when it came out, I am the same way I didnt like Reggae much but I heard that song in the club like 2 years ago and decided to go pick it up plus his greatest hits and you know what that shit was dope also. Ok good lookin' on the verses they spit cuz I had a song called War that I thought it was from but it wasnt. I like Pharoahe Monche myself and his album Internal Affairs(I think?) is one of my personal favorites, it came out around 99' with all the other Rawkus albums that hit hard that year

I Fux said...

Yo nomames I have a profile on rate your music shwaniaram is the name, check it