Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Police Man Chedder Bob's himself

This Cop in Indiana decided to unload his gun and he shoots himself , this is what I call Karma. Motherfucking Cops around my way; here in National City have been known to shot dudes in the back. I couldn't find the exact numbers on how many dudes they shot in the back but I did find this where they shot at this retard 39 total times hitting him 31 times. I didn't use the term retard loosely as this dude was released from the mental institution the same morning he was ethered, poor dude should have took his Meds. Here is another story on the trigger happy nature of the San Diego Police. Anyways needless to say the Cops around my way are known as Arrogant Trigger Happy Scumbags and I am sure not all are but the ones I encounter always are. Fuck the Police is how I treat them (c) Kanye

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