Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Britney Spears hoeing it up

So everyone knows this hoe is dropping K-Fed and whatnot, but recently she has become BFF with Paris Hilton and they have been Hoeing it up together at clubs and such. Let me Preface this by saying the only reason I am even talking about this Hoe is because I have this pick of her in the club not wearing any panties, Classy she is see it here and here con chango afuera, que fea la babosa. If you dont want to puke dont click on the links. Yo honestly K-Fed might have a chance winning custody of his kids with Britney going out all the damn time now, I am rooting for the dude.

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Belize said...

Old leftover spam > Britney's pussy

I remember when mother fukers were arguing about Britney and Christina...i guess we know who won now