Monday, November 20, 2006

Deron Williams vs. Chris Paul

I have to the conclusion that if I picked I would take Deron over Chris......on this premise it took Deron a little longer to get it going but Jerry Sloan doesnt ever give a rookie the keys to the car but this year he had no choice to give Deron the team. Deron is bigger, has a better 3 point shot and is a better defender and usually bigger points last long like Nash and dont sleep on Deron Williams


Anonymous said...

your fucking crazy! put chris paul on the utah mormons and they are a way better team. u put daron on the louisiana-wichita-alabama-kentuky-kansas hornets and they still suck dick! no bam bam bigalow.

I Fux said...

do you watch basketball or just skim through it, Deron had to get the confidence of an old-school Cracka like Sloan before he took over and this year proves he is a beast....look at the numbers they dont lie....... what the fuck a way better team the Jazz are 10-1. So they would be undefeated get the fuck out of here!