Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What Happpened to Starbury

I am going to link a few stories about Stephon Marbury.............Wow has he fallen off since being considered a top 5 point guard, NBA all-star and USA basketball team member. 11 coaches in 11 years that should tell you something

Here are some stories on Steph the Malcontent, one time SLAM coverboy and reason for the Mag, 15$ kicks isnt going to keep the boos away in MSG Homie.

The fall of a Starbury, this has a direct quote from Kurt Thomas when he was still on the Knicks and Kurt was like "I hate playing with Marbury"

Stephon's Wikipedia, this has some interesting things like when Steph was in Minnesota he complained about not having a place to grab a beer underage like in NY, amongst other things

The Mighty MJD has a story about the time Stephon was going to get snuffed by Q. Richardson

True Hoop with a story on how Marbury seems to contradict himself


Belize said...

Imagine if he stayed wit the Timberwolves..if i was KG id have him bitch-slapped on G.P. (no suge)

I Fux said...

Word Stephon is a selfish motherfucker.........he fucked up his future not staying in Minny