Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Paulina Rubio,Eva Longoria, Carmen Electra, Roselyn Sanchez

A little something to get the spirits up......Damn Paulina Rubio sounds like shit but who's listening.... Not me thats for damn sure


Anonymous said...

NoMamesBuey here, I'd pick the fly boricua Roselyn Sanchez to ether outta this group of 5, they're all "bonable" no doubt. Cosign that Rubio chick sucks at singing. Plus salsa covers of American english pop songs usually are "shit samwichi". I listened to my brother's Tito Nieves (enache, no RRR) CD of all in english salsa covers, that shiz was cornier than a whole MidWestSide full of corn farms

I Fux said...

Co-Sign the Roselyn Sanchez ...........But I prefer Jery Sandoval check the October Archives No RRR