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Another Collabo brought to you by my Boy Belize from'S FIRST QUARTER MIXTAPE SHYT

So the first quarter is almost over (end of March exactly) and I figured, since nobody really does Best of Mixtape reviews (I see you, I'll do it. You see, I love mixtapes, shyt, I still own B.I.G.'s Reborn Tape - Best Posthumous Biggie Mixtape ever by the way - and I think mixtapes are one of the many great roots of Hip Hop. You see, mixtapes help the artist in so many ways, they help sharpen their swords (lyrics, delivery, content, etc..) and they also help give the artist great feedback on what is needed before their proper product is on the shelf.

Anyways, enuff about the history of mixtapes, that's for another day, another post, let get to the top 5 lists. By the way, if your favorite mixtape is not on the list, let me know, I promise that I'll take a listen and if its better than any of the below, ill replace it. Good deal?


If there is any mixtape that you should cop this quarter, its this one. I mean how can you go wrong with Primo? Just when you though he was going to have a lazy year, he goes and shows all these mixtape DJ's how it should really be done. I'll admit that some of the songs on this tape are old, but hearing how Primo mixes all these songs together is fucking priceless. The great thing about this mixtape is that you can put it in your car, home, party or just smoke to it. Isn't that what an ideal CD is suppose to be for?

Y'all already know what this is.


Out of all the artists that dropped a mixtape this year, this was my favorite. I first got on this guy when I realized that Primo said that co-signed this dude went hard. One listen and you can't deny that he's dope, especially if your fiending for a more lyrical driven artist. We'll, this mixtape was more like a best of series and if you don't know who Termanology is, do like Clinton Sparks and get familiar.

Y'all already know what this is.


Originally I had this mixtape below Tru-Life's but -damn!- this mixtape grew on me. From beginning to end, the Funk Doc spits ether like Nas. The great thing about this mixtape is that many of the songs on here are not on his Def Jam Released CD. So if you copped Red Gone Wild (classic), then also add this to your Redman collection and you'll be able to wait another decade for a new Redman CD.

Y'all already know what this is.


Anybody that has seen the Beef DVD remembers Tru Life. Dude has been waiting to shine longer than Spliff Starr(Fux Note: I saw Busta in Concert once and Spliff murdered the shit like a good weed carrier should), until finally Jigga scooped him up. My nigga out in NYC says that most niggaz in Harlem is feeling Tru, especially due to his Spanish ties. Anyways, this mixtape was really significant for both Tru Life and the R.O.C. because it inaugurated the new ROC, as well as, gave hope to actually seeing a Tru Life CD. In the midst of "The Dip's vs. Hova", Tru stepped up and basically murdered the Dips (even Max B said that his skit was true). Hopefully Hova pushes for a video for "Get that Paper" cuz that beat is bananas.

Y'all already know what this is.


I know what your gonna say.."WTF? A tie!?! You smoking crack Belize?" No. I smoke that good. Anywayz, I couldn't decide which was better because both artist represent the West Coast well, yet they both have different styles. Bishop is more of a street conscious rapper (Ala Xzibit) and well, Omar has that voice. Just like the Game, DMX and the million other gruff sounding rappers, Omar Cruz's swag on the mic makes it stick like glue. Not to mention that DJ Skee is probably one of the best DJ's in the game right now (his Sirius show is T.I.). So, truthfully, if you love West Coast rap, cop both, there worth it.

Y'all already know what this is and what's poppin'

Most Disappointing mixtape? Spliff Starr. Sad thing is that I really liked "Mr. Uncle Do Wrong.". Best low budget video. Ever. (until further notice)

Notable Mixtapes: Lil Brother(Fux note: NBM has been telling us to not sleep on the album and the way he hypes it makes me think he is on Little Brother's Payroll) , Talib/Madlib and Black Milk (Fux Note: this is my dude and hopefully Black Milk will blow, I know he has the Internets going nuts, No Paul Wall)

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Fux Note: Good Job Belly and Big-Up on letting us know whats good with the Mixtape Game


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Good article Belize

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BELIZE said...

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