Friday, April 13, 2007

An Ode to Jessica Alba! Have A good weekend and drink and drive only if you have no choice.

If she continues on that Nicole Ritchie diet, these might be the last good pics we have of the Great Jessica Alba, 1.


SIDE NOTE: Forbes has a list of the 10 most expensive celebrity divorces and former NBA star Michael Jordan is the biggest winner or loser depending on how you look at it. Michael & Juanita Jordan. Settlement pending: Possibly more than $150 million The legendary basketball star married Juanita Vanoy, a Chicago bank officer, in 1989. He had already signed an eight-year, $25 million contract with the Chicago Bulls. He also was earning another $30 million a year from Nike and other endorsement deals. She filed for divorce last year. Over the course of the marriage, Jordan earned more than $350 million. Should Juanita press for half of his assets, she could get more than $150 million in the settlement, making the Jordan divorce the most expensive in entertainment history.

Yo Michael is about to lose but he really lost the day he decided to get married without a pre-nup. I guess you can say that Juanita has given Michael three kids but is that worth 150 million, fuck no. Michael could have just boned a chick paid her off Like Jay-Z and still have has his life. This whole marriage stinks of a ploy by Michael and his TI's, so at the time he could become much more marketable to middle America. I can imagine somebody close to Mike telling him he needed to settle down with a nice successful black woman because it looked bad that he was boning every fat white chick in Chicago(ask my boy Icon). Whatever the case Michael lost this one, No Jay-Z. Michael is still one uber-rich former ballplayer but he seems to not have much game off the court and the funny thing is he needs no game. Scenerio: Michael Walks into club, looks around, sees a nice looking trim and calls her over,asks are you single and would you like to play, ok sign off here, lets go have some fun, its that easy! Michael you need more Oakleys Homie. Check this blog of some random broad who claims she stays boning his Airness. Most athletes fuck up getting married let alone without a pre-nup, I get the idea of settling down but gawd damn be smart and if you have sex with multiple bitches dont end up like Shawn Kemp.


Mac Brown said...

WoW !!!!

Simply Beautimus (my own made up word)

Anonymous said...

yo i fux- the blog has been looking better and better. thank you fo rthe alba shnaps.


elgringocolombiano said...

hillarious commentary about MJ

you say that MJ "was boning every fat white chick in Chicago"

He should've been hanging with Bill Clinton!

Dallas said...

I Fux,
yeah mayne, that Polo dot com discount code was set to expire at 12:00mid est which was still 9:00pm on your side.

I'll shoot you the code when they drop another.