Monday, August 13, 2007

At heart Im a Cowboy *pause*!

I am on a good one, I took the past 4 days off to relax and have a good time. I may have took it overboard but thats the reason I am sharing it with ya'll. Lets skip over Friday which was basically a day i spent with a girl I have been seeing the past couple of weeks. Saturday I reached the pinnacle of what having a good, bad, and ugly time. I rolled to Tijuana (catch me in la plaza's cantina) with Fabe Dogg(yes we are always together*pause*) and mi Primo Hermano Jesus. We got there early around 830ish to try and get a keg for Happy Hour price, save a hundred bucks and get hammered was the objective. We went with the idea of just having a good time and drinking, no need to get at girls or anything. Its not the same anymore anyway because my cousin has reached a maturity level that Fabe Dogg and I havent, which is my cousin is completely devoted to his girl/future wife, I have nothing but respect for him, so basically my cousin plays Fabe Dogg and I eye's makes sure we dont get in trouble and points out who is checking us out. He also drinks the least just to make sure of this. Well we start off on a good one, we had a good table and we found our homie who is a waiter there and he made sure we always had our table full of beer. So later on my other Cousin's girlfriend showed up (my cousin was at Rock the Bells in San Bernarndino) she had a couple of friends with her and one of them was a girl I was seeing a couple of months back and her friend was a Fabe Dogg fling. So the girl that used to mess with Fabe didnt want to be around him but that didnt matter much cuz Fabe was already pushing up on some random chicks. But I was the one that got caught in the matrix a little(I get girls but a Pimp I am not), as soon as I saw the chick I used to date I lost my swag for a minute, we ended our little relationship on good terms. So I got to talking to her a little bit, but I could tell in her eyes she didnt have those feelings for me anymore. I cant begin to describe that look of a woman who once had something for you but has lost complete interest and when she looks at you, its a look of complete emptiness. I want to say maybe we spoke for 5 minutes, even though she was there for over an hour. I remember her exact words "I really liked you, but with your backround you would have lost complete interest in me" and that was it and I borrowed a proverb from one of my Nah Right Brothas and told her "I know I fucked up but life is like Chess I may have had to sacrifice a Queen so Me the King can eventually Win" she laughed and that was it. I lost my swag for that minute but I never show it. I just walked over to my table and kept drinking. They left shortly after and once again it was just Fabe Dogg Jesus and I. At this time it most have been 230am and Fabe was passing out already. But like a gift from the Pussy God in rolls 4 girls and with just the right amount of liquor in them. My boy Fabe lights up and just rolls to their table and starts to holler, so one of the girls asks him "is he your brother" pointing at me and he said "from another" and they call me over. And sure enough one of the chicks who was absolutely lovely starts whispering in my ear, at this point I was pretty hammered. So I dont remember much of what she told me but I told her "I am pretty drunk but I do know you are lovely" and she was like "you think so" (fabe said she looked like Roselyn Sanchez but younger) I asked her how old she was and she told me 19 and I was like damn but I guess I have to be the one to mold her. Sure enough I got her number and she told me to call her this week. I guess my swag is something I cant lose but once I have a few drinks in me, I think my emotions are what get me sidetracked, I try to stay on point and I think I have been for the most part. We ended up leaving after that, but drinking also gets my emotions up when it comes to tolerance of dudes getting ignorant. This brings me to the Climax of the night, we were walking across the boarder when a young kid with his girl starts yelling on them little kids who sell Chiklis at the boarder. My cousin being the good person that he is tells this Dude to just leave the little kid alone and that the little kid is just trying to make a buck plus the kid is only like 7 what could he possibly do. Well this Dude who had to be like 19 or 20 gets in my cousins face talking about the little kid was being disrespectful and whatnot. Then Fabian tells this dude, look we are all 25 plus and we come to Tijuana to have a good time not to get into fights. Well this kid was acting real brolic like, he must have got my Smedium Purple Polo twisted for bitchmade. Dude was rocking baggy jeans timbs and his hat like TI (by the way how the fuck can a hat sit at that angle on your head, ridiculous) and me being the consummate mediater I told the kid to Keep it Moving or else he was going to got knocked out and stomped and the kid said By who and I in turn told him by me homie. He looked at me and I saw one of his hands sort of ball up and wham I snuffed him dude hit the floor immediately. I stood there and I didnt hit him again, dude was out cold his girl on her knees asking me Why. I did feel bad for her but not him, I told his chick nextime your boy wants to be brave you should tell him to shut the fock up and keep it moving. Well we saw security coming up on the scene so Fabe Jesus and I took off. We got to our car and left home. Fabe Dogg had to work at 5am, I dont know how he does it but he called me early and told me that that punch was Debo like and the cleanest he has ever seen live. Fabe was like I felt like saying "you got knocked the fock out man". Well Folks that was just saturday. Sunday we had Carne Asada and continue the drinking. Today is relax day, about to go eat Mariscos with said Roselyn Sanches look a like. I cant Stop and I wont stop, 1 hundred


elgringocolombiano said...

damn Fux penetrating multiple heezos, & penetrating that douche's skull with 1 punch, no Ray Hudson describing Riquelme.

Sounds like a great weekend.

candyraindrops said...

LOL....nice pic fux

green eyes said...

fuxie youse a wild man

BELIZE said...

FuX on the blog tip, breakin Jaws like Ye'


Big Homie said...

Damn fool

Mac Brown said...

Fux.......we are indeed separated at birth. I was southparks knockout king back in the day.