Monday, August 20, 2007

Bitchmade, Nah Never!

   Mam'ma is what I call her or Mami, the love I have for this lady is unmeasurable. My Mother and I havent always had the greatest of relationships but everytime I think I am pulling away from her or hold some kind dumbass grudge for My mom acting like a mother, I make sure I let her know that I love her with all my heart. I know I havent always been the greatest of sons and my mom expects the world of me and attimes that expectation completely irritates me, thats when I look in the mirror and tell myself to listen to my mother. "I am no longer 19 and I have responsibilities" is what my mom beats me over the head with almost daily. I had a lot of resentment for my mother for a long time for her being so damn overprotective or never approving of any girl I was with or saying I was exactly like my father(which I understand I should be like him somewhat but I dont want to hear it). See My Dad I love the dude but he wasnt always there or he wasnt ever able to communicate with me like humans do and now that I am older I understand pops came from a completely different planet/state of mind being that he was a Kurdish Gorilla; dude probably has demons that eat him up inside. So I understand that my father couldnt be my shoulder or person to talk to when I needed some advice from a man because he didnt know any different. Thats where my mom stepped in and has carried that position with me. I speak to her daily or call her to say hello and my mom is always available rain, snow, sleet or hail. I know the trate I got from my mom that could end being my downfall, which is letting people get too close and caring for others above what I should, no homo. This is a story for another day, so I digress.
                     I decided to mention my mom today because last night she was drinking tequila with me while I had a few beers and we sang together and talked. My mom started mentioning all the girls of mine who she has met and starts rating them 1 - 10 straight Howard Stern style. (My Mom who is a funny lady and always has jokes and openly speaks about sex with me and mentions all the time that pops doesnt bang her[ll] anymore, whatever I dont really need to hear that shit if you ask me. But the minute I opened the sex discussion door I was never able to close it.) So she mentions a particular girl and says in spanish "she looked like her pussy stank" I was like wtf. Or she mentions a certain somebody for being her favorite and I already knew that but she likes to mention her all the time to get me to tell her to stop and she always follows up with "I bet you didnt say stop when you would fuck her" (keep in mind I am translating). The part that got me was I dated a girl a couple of years ago for like 6 months(when the wifey and I were taking one of our many breaks) and this girl was very nice but my mom at the time never liked her and last night she says that this chick was her 2nd favorite and by far the girl I should have stayed with. This caught me off guard because my mom always hated on her for always coming to the house dressed up or with gifts for  my daughter or I, My mom would be like whats wrong with that girl why does she bring you stuff "pendeja". Anyways mom runs the list and she ends it with the last girl I was seeing (the one from the Tijuana story that dissed me) Moms was like "she was sort of cute for a midget, I am glad you left her"(If moms only knew). I finally chime in and ask her what she thought about my friend that came over the other day, my mom didnt skip a beat she said "she seems nice but is slightly ugly, but all she needs to be is good to you because thats all that matters son" and ended it with "dont lie to these girls and dont lead them on, you have a daughter and one day she is going to date; you wouldnt want her getting hurt, right son" and "Dont bring no damn white girl home" ...... "Right Mami"


BELIZE said...

Great post fam..i feel u [||] and my old man have an off and on relationship too, and my mom (who is just as overbearing) can make me want to disatnce myself from her- but I can't cuz that my best friend too...anyways good post


elgringocolombiano said...

damn that might've been "the realest shit you ever wrote" (c) Pac

Good to see yall reppin the [||] movement. I encourage you to start spreading it on the internets like a virus, [||]

Big Homie said...

Crazy how I literally got of the phone at work with a homegirl of mine and we was just talking about my mom and pops. My mom is like my mom and pops to me. She is the best. My pops and I on good terms but rarely talk. I guess he too is on another planet and just rather keep his distance, but its cool when we do once a Matter of fact homie out your

Props on the post homie.

BELIZE said...

I encourage you to start spreading it on the internets like a virus, [||]


it took me two takes to get that pause

Anonymous said...

Good post, Fuxito.. No shame in saying how you feel.


Mac Brown said...

Nice post.......mann eyegreement on the whole "my mom never likes any of the girls I date".

^^thats why Mac has a rule to never under any circumstance introduce a chick to my momma. Even if I knock a hoe up.......she ain't meeting her till the kid graduating high school.

fuck it.

ian/thoreauly77 said...

damn, good relating the truth man. my folks never had any real preference that they spoke of. my babymoms is mexican, michoacan, and i have more pride about the legacy of her cultural heritage than she does. i think its a shame because understanding your culture means understanding your self. however, i think the lesson is: dont talk totally open about chicks with your moms ---- no mom is ever going to think any girl is good enough. she may have good advice, but ultimately isnt your judgement the best? well, maybe not in our cases!

Dallas said...

That was a nice drop Fuxxx. No disrespect fam, but when I am in Diego I will mos def throw something on your moms if that is cool with you. I'm into older women and shit.

Plus Mom Dukes is Latin too. The Governator himself said that Latin broads know how to give it up good.

It is kind of effed up to think of your parents getting it out. I caught my parents once and I asked my dad why he was hurting mommy. Who knew mommy was into choking and the rough stuff?