Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Throwback Video of the day

I cant even begin to explain how I remember this track. I just know when I was a young kid I heard it and thought this song jams. How different is R and B now from back then, the track is called Slow Love and if I had to translate to 07 it would probably be called Slow Fuck. Check this lyric "I am aroused by your every touch" now tell from T-Pain to Akon to your Pretty Ricky's none of them Nukkas could make a coherent song about making love or love and in of itself without mentioning a bottle of dom or dick size *pause* or their rims. Big up to My School R and B


Girl, me and you will hug tight in my living room dark
You’re in your negligee and I’m just casually sharp
The only utter of light comes from the moon into the window
We’re alone, slow music playing and then so
I ask you to dance, you willingly respond
By saying (Yes) and takin’ me in your arms
So I’ll walk you to the dance floor down in my room
Switch on the set lights as you put on perfume
Grab your body, pull you close, then pull you closer
My love starts to grow so I walk you to the sofa
Aroused by your beauty like when we first met
You walked into my life, then my future was set
Standing with me by the couch and sexy looks on your face
Like saying, “Take me, I’m yours” and “Love me down to the base”
I laid you down, kissed your navel, then moved up above
From your breast to your neck, hit the lights and make

^^^None of these young cats have this type of Allegory, you dont have to say you want to fuck, paint a picture with words and we will all know what you mean. Quit dumbing down the lyrics, No Boosie walking around the club barefoot because its that hot!


Big Homie said...

I was dying when you mentioned this song earlier. Great song and video. R&B is Dead as well. Miss the good ol days indeed.

pockets said...

yo good looks fux, that verse got me hard

BELIZE said...