Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Thoughts are still in my mind.

Damn it was hot last week, so hot in fact on one particular day my balls[||] were thirsty so I soaked them in Formula Fifty. 50 stays losing and Kanye stays winning i.e.His appearence on Entourage this past week and snippet of his song Good Life!

Get at me if you are going to be at the House of Blues in Diego on the 31st watching Barrington Levy, Word to Shyne Po.

Pick up Deep Hearted by Talib's WeedCarriers- Strong Arm Steady, I got my hands on it last week and no Mr.Fantastic but the album bangs on some serious West Coast Hip-Hop Tip. Top 5 album of the 3rd quarter, Real talk. I havent stopped bumping it for a week and thats saying a lot a because I am fickle like a mothafucka' when it comes to new music. Pick up Ear Drum too, best Kweli album since Quality and he has upped his game and hitting his lyrical prime.

Jay Electronica!

Girls who can get it early and often Lauren London, Galalea Montijo and Ms. Dynamite and that chick I met at the bar who gave me her number and when I called and left a message she never returned my call. No reason just thought I should mention those 4 chicks.

Yo I made the mistake of eating Tacos on a random corner in Tijuana at 3am with the homies last Tuesday. Damn and did my stomach pay the price Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I was in the bed out for the count, my homies didnt do fair to well themselves. Thats the last time I eat at a random stand, I usually fuck with vendors I know and food poisoning is the reason. Big Up to Currupt Tijuana Policia who pulled me over twice on some "drinking and driving suspicion" I blew [||] in there little bitch ass breathalizer and came out negative and they still wanted to take me away. Luckily for me the Homies brother who runs Revolucion and TJ came through when I clicked him on the Nextel, dude went in on the Policia for fucking with the kid and they let me go. He had to do this again later and I realized that was the main reason I dont even drive when I am in Tijuana and I just park my car on the US side and get a Taxi to shoot us around town for 5 bucks. Point is in the end I won, an American Cop would have stuck his flashlight all up in my ass for even trying to call someone.

I think we should have a barter system with cops like they should take cash considerations for dumb traffic infractions and they can give you a reciept or go to court to dispute the violation. I would much rather give up 40 bucks for drinking a beer, texting and driving all at the same time than going to court. What do ya'll think? If I drink 3 beers at 6pm and then Drive home at 630 drink 4 more beers from 7pm to 9pm and then take a shower and then Drive to the Jumpoffs around 10pm, constitute drinking and driving, I think not because I usually feel very good when I am making that drive.

Mike Vick I am going to leave you alone for real but damn, I commend you that you found Jesus.I bet Jesus would have liked you to find duke when you where Catapulting Pits or Throwing them in the English Channel not after you got caught. Jesus dont like Ugly, he told me himself that day I was fucked up off of Mexican Ponche (a homemade Pomegranite Wine) and I had a long talk with Jesus dude is pretty chill and he said to me his words "drink that wine young man and I dont like Ugly". That event was Surreal like a Mothafucka' word to me meeting the ChupaCabra and he only wanted to eat the cats in my backyard so we bonded over me hating cats and him liking to eat them. Well word to the girls I eat cat all the time, thats obivious. Before I forget Jesus also doesnt like George Bush I was able to decipher as much when he said he didnt like Ugly.

Word on the Street is that Lance Briggs was ghostriding the Lambo, I dont make this shit up I just post it.

Kobe if you didnt know is the best player in the Universe and its not even close now get dude Jermaine O'Neal and let him run with a squad of Kobe, D-Fish, Lamar, O'Neal and Luke Walton and see if they dont win 50 to 55 games.

RIP Eddie Griffin. Alcohol like Cocaine is a helluva drug but atleast I will always remember Eddie [||] when I put the porn on in the ride and decide to Jerk and Drive.

Out of LF: but Cam'Rons performance as Rico on Paid in Full was criminally underrated dude was hilarious. I actually think Cam is really Rico or he is turning into him or some shit, word to Courtesy Courtis. By the way why the fuck did I put the LF disclaimer when this whole post is coming from LF or the Baseline.

I am out Big up South East Diego doing it, I see you Reggie Bush and Adam Jones of the Mariners. I will catch up next week till then stay on the Grind like a Skater, CIEN!

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Anonymous said...

lmmfao @ that whole post. Fuckin hilarious.

*daps The Fux*

Anonymous said...

That was an ERep approved message

ian/thoreauly77 said...

yo fux- have you heard mitchy's song "bass chasers"? this motherfucker gets the trunk and the block rattling. sick. havent heard the SAS yet, but looking forward to it. and i know being from diego you know that mitchy slick shit.