Wednesday, August 22, 2007

a few things on my mind!

Yo whats good my Peoples. First things First I have officially took the word Retard out of my lexicon its way too offensive and have since replaced it with Mongoloid......NOW lets get it on(c) Mills Lane

Jay Electronica havent heard him will look him up, dude is the truth and I am not being Mr.Fantastic when I say he reminds me of NaS in a good way, not biting NaS but just has that feel. Plus Dude is from Magnolia repping the South Hard.

Yo Tru Life is looking to bounce off of the Roc, which is probably the right move.I can honestly say Dude is complete garbage as an MC but he is pretty gully and has nice Ponytails to boot.

Word with the Winter right around the corner, getting geared up is probably option one.Option two is finding the right girl to shack up with during the winter months to watch a movie with or share an Ice Cream. So wise up find a girl that is decent and share the holidays with said girl.

Big Love and WEEDS are some dope tv shows, you should tune in. John from Cincinnati not so much and I watched the whole season on GP because it was filmed in Diego. By the way Billy Walsh besides Ari is the funniest dude on Entourage, SUITS(c) Walsh

Ok Ok Last time Mike Vick cloned some of his most valiant Pit's, that's gangsta almost as gangsta as him not ratting out his GrandMa who also participated in fighting her Pits. Vick lost and here everybody thought he was the "good brother". Marcus Vick please stand up.

I wonder if Bow Wow has guns the size of Lil Bow Wow, No Omarion Bow Wow collabo album..

DJ UNK is a Bama, I just watched him on MTV Cribs, Dude had plaques for ringtone sales nothing else. Hip Hop Stays Losing.

My Boy Fabe Dogg said he would bone Prince for 50k, His reasoning and direct quote "Prince is pretty, petite and freaky he would be like a chick with a dick". No Reason he just thought he should mention. So me being drunk I said "I Would Masturbate an Elephant then drink his Juice for 50k" [ll]

Patron Silver and Don Julio Anejo are the best Tequilas in the business!

Is Pill Popping the new "20", I was at this lounge the other day went into the restroom and saw like 4 dudes dropping something. I think I am pretty hip to the game and whatnot but I found this to be odd. I didnt ask what they were taking, probably just some Flinstone vitamins and I am overreacting. But I have noticed everybody and their Momma's slanging Viagra, Vicodin, Oxy, Supplements, whatever. Hustle on, is what I say.

True Story: I have a homie who was staying at the Palms in Vegas. He said he was going upto his room on the elevator and met a hot chick who started hollering at him. Well he invites her to his room one thing lead to another and he was boning. He said after it was over she charged him 300 bucks, well he said he told her "wtf" and that he would be right back. Well he never went back so when his other boys showed up in the room the chick was trying to charge them, anyways they never paid her and she was looking for him the whole weekend at that room. Luckily he had homies staying on a different floor. Is that shit legal, acting interested in somebody, fucking them and then charging. Damn if that isnt a hustle I dont know what is, Word to Jehovah Witnesses.

Thats all for this week, Stay on the grizzle and Cien!


Mac Brown said...

If I was your boy.......after the hot fucking... I would have threatened a lawsuit on that bitch. I know ho-ing is legal in vegas and all , but that shit is still entrapment.


Roc_Representa said...

Cosign on Weeds being dope and on Walsh being the second funniest dude on Entourage. Lmao at him writing some random ass script instead of the one he was paid to write.

ian/thoreauly77 said...

um, that shit is not 100! the hooker i mean. and yeah the don is the don. people that know tequila know this shit. word to finding winter warm action! good luck ladies and gents.

Big Homie said...

Yo that is crazy about your boy in Vegas. Fuck that, I wouldnt of paid shit neither. Damn lucky dude though he got his. She didnt get hers so she lost. lol