Monday, September 10, 2007

Diana Goes on in!

Big up the homie D, who sent me this clip and told me I could post it. I cant begin to describe the admiration that I have for her. I wouldnt say Diana and I are close per se but we have a good relationship as far as male/female friendships go. Diana is a hardworking mother but the thing that I look up to is all the extra-curricular sh!t she is into teaching dance, surfing, running marathons, being a mother and I assume boning her husband is also part of her curriculum. Whatever the case besides being sexy(but I dont even look at her like that, Claudia her homie though is another story I would eat her ass and chocha until I tore an ACL) she is also in inspriration to your boy Fuxie and thats why I stay in touch; Our daughters are good friends so I guess that is another reason.

Anyways Diana keep doing you and I know you aspire to do something in entertainment and you better believe I got your back like reverse cowgirl. The only complaint I had on your tape was that in real life you are pretty funny and the tape didnt have enough of that. Cien!


Big Homie said...

LOL at Im all that and a bag of Doritos and and bag of Cheetos..heeeey

Yea shorty is nice. Props Diana. Shey stays busy. Think she can teach me to surf?

BELIZE said...

Who is this chic? She's cute

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this chick is really cute. I like her demeanor. She is the SHIZ!