Wednesday, September 12, 2007

throwback Video of the day

The summer is just about officially over so why not have one last hoorah! Summer Bunnies it is. Wierd how they have Aaliyah in this video its probably right before Kells starting peeing on her(God bless the dead), I dont make this shit up I saw the tape. Well I used to like this song because The Spinners-Its a Shame is one of my favorite beats. Monie Love also sampled the beat and I think Lethal Bizzle.


Big Homie said...

Yoooo man. Why didnt I post this in my 90s R&B thread. I lost. You won posting this classic video. Great music and good eye candy. Damn

Fuxie said...

Yo BH you still have the 90's ish on lock. But its fun finding obscure music or hits that might have got overlooked. I love the 90's for real

cMac said...

yeah, this was before my prime lol