Monday, September 17, 2007

A year of going on in[||] and I am still here!

I just hit the one year mark with my blog. I honestly feel pretty good about it. I have slowed down but I havent quit. So I wanted to take this time and thank some people. I want to list all the people that influenced me or had my back during this past year. I am going to try and do it like a Cd when you open up the book and see the Artist thanking anyone and everyone for holding them down during the creative process. So check my rundown, If I didnt name you by name please dont get offended as I am doing this over a two day process just to try and make sure I name as many people as I can. Anybody who has come across my life this past year in all forms email,chat,e-family whatever; I am thanking all you to.
First and Foremost I want to thank the GOD and whatnot. My Parents-Moms for putting up with all my ish and still playing a dule roll of mother and grandmother. BaBa- we dont talk that often but I know you're holding me down. My Sister- you are growing up before my eyes and it can be hard for me to understand that maybe you are not a little girl anymore, now shut your mouth. My Daughter- who is my everything and I am tough on you but its because I love you. The Ex-Wifey Beezy-I love you and I understand I wasnt the man for you, I am glad we can be cordial and amicable.My whole Family Tias' Uncles- people that have a great deal of influence on my sense of humor.To all my Cousins, specifically- Jesus, Thongs and Tony- I have many a more cousins but you guys are the ones I grew up with and roll with. Nora,Lety,Cynthia,Diana, Amanda yall girls are the homies and keep my day rolling with emails, thanks. My Whole Crew the Hooligans, Fabe Dogg- my Co-d and brotha from anotha mothafucka' you make me laugh with your countless strories about the opposite sex, Mexico next month My Nukka. Omar-whats good my brotha, you influence me too, you're a funny mothafucka'. Aharon- Compadre what more can I say, you asked me to be your sons godfather. The Rest... Raul, AJ, B-Diddy aka OG Bobby Johnson, Felipe aka Flipper, Jose Ramos aka Adrian Gonzales Brother, Jenny- thanks you are good people, Felipe aka Thoree, Carlo, Java aka Dj Khaled "we the best who weeeeeeee", Paco aka the Panch aka Francisco aka the Mexican Steve O, Strong Rick aka the Plummer, Arturo, Eder the whole Cobian Family, Young Steve, Big Pun, Elmer- the best thing you could have got was shot in Iraq, now you are home safe and dont have to go back, Walter, Stan- whats good little brotha, Gabe, Jason, David, the Rest of My Cousins Tony's Crew I may have missed , Dulce Gang- Mo and Memo- What up!, any girl I have ran threw this year thanks for the love. Iliana- what up girl, its not over its just Half-time baby and I am still in the game, Maribel- Thanks for being a nice humble girl, Alejandra- whats good, Maija- hey girl, Jeanette- you are a sweet woman, Brook- que onda, My Internet influences and the reason I do this, Dallas Penn- Whats up homie you are basically the reason I do this shit, Eskay- whats good now fix your ish so I can comment, Bol Crawford - even if with the constant faggotry,Fresh- Hey girl, Nathan over at thanks for giving my corner and I am going to try and go all in with the comedy this year at your spot, lets get this ish to crack homie, The Whole NahRight Collective and If I started to list names; I know damn right I would miss one of ya'll so I am not even going to do that but I want to thank all of you for making my workday go by faster and the endless stories, Belize- I can mention you homie, because it was before Nah and you're one of the original e-homies, Gringo aka No Mames Buey - whats up and thanks for always hooking it up.Patti-for the love. Everybody again Thanks and if I may have missed you I got you on the next e-drinks on Me. I honestly Considered throwing a party for this but I am about to go on a trip and I just couldnt make the money stretch that far, so next time. *blop blop blop* Shots In the Air, Cien!


elgringocolombiano said...

Congats Fux! Keep up the good work in the blogosphere, my dude [||]

ian/thoreauly77 said...

yeah it's kind of strange to think that you've has this sucker for a year. congrats though man; what with the comedy and the icandy, this is a spot i always check for. to think it all started from a hip-hop comment thread.....!


zillz said...

congrats man!

most sites don't last 3 months. that's wassup!

BELIZE said...

*salutes Fux*

Preciate the luv [||] (no bep)

BTW..u need to step ur blog game up this year..i be thinkin ur MIA somedays on sum Chuck Norris shyt

Vizion said...

what up homie - thanks for love and as always respect and love [no homo].

keep up the good work