Thursday, September 06, 2007

This week on my mind!

So whats good White Folks in the club with a mug. Word is bond I was chased by some pits(no Mike Vick) and I stopped and sang some James Brown "I am black and I am proud to them" them dogs in turn starting humping each other. Wierd shit I know, but I learned that from Shame aka Damon Wayans. If you dont know what I am talking about get your movie viewing game up. Word to Siskel and Ebert/Roeper or whatever them fuckas go by now days, they change their names more than often than Diddy. "Two Thumbs up" requires a disclaimer of sorts, sounds mad suspect for two grown ass men to say something is "two thumps up" how about a "double fist up"; Whoa forget I suggested that.

Kanye and Curtis leaked [||] this week. I like Kanye's album and I have had it on constant rotation but its not anywhere close to College Dropout in my Opinion; Champion and Goodlife being my early favorite cuts. Curtis I listened to a few times, the album is ok just about what I expected from ole Curt nothing ground breaking. I still suggest ya'll to go pick up both next week on GP. By the way if you never heard 50's album "Guess Whos Back" go pick that up because that was a classic-slept on album, just in case you want some old 50 type music and not this vitamin-watered down type ish he is dropping.

I want to also say T-Pain has an amazing talent and that is crafting infectious hooks and in turn become hit songs. I cant really front when I am in the club and I hear Bartender, Buy you a Drank, Im so Hood, Good life(possibly) or Shawty those are all bonafide club bangers that have one thing in common, thats T-Pain.

I dont know if you know that Travis Henry of the Broncos is the new-age Shawn Kemp, no he didnt get caught with crack and gain forty pounds in his bottocks[||]. But dude has 9 children with 9 different women, damn. Look I dont make this shit up I just pass the word to ya'll.

By the way how much does Shaq stand to lose now that he is getting divorced. Even with an Iron Clad pre-nup dude is going to lose something. Unless he can prove Shaunie's trainer was "working that ass out" literally maybe then he will only have to give up 20million. Who would even want to tap Shaunie after Shaq and 6 kids, that must feel like sticking your Unit in Bathtub, Nada.

Larry Craig trying to Bofo somebody in an airport restroom, now that ish is hilarious. I didnt know there was hand signals for Fag, I just go by how dudes talk. I am glad I just go into a public restroom to Piss and not Shit, I might have had to fock somebody up if there foot touched mine up from underneath a bathroom stall. That is severely homo and by the way if I am pissing in a stall next to you wait till I am done before starting a convo; It goes against my morals as a Nonfag-Man. If I was gay and flashed you that hand signal then go ahead and try to run your game for some head in a stall [||]. I wish I can just flash a hand signal to a woman and she would just jump right into sucking my unit. Wait a second I think that is called waving down a prostitute, I will pass. No I cant really mess with AIDS its not my thing, word to Magic. I once messed with a girl that was a bona-fide pro fortunately for me all I acquired was diarrhea, thanked the Pussy God for that one.

I heard Kellz got his trial postponed till 08. Damn who is his lawyer because that dude is on his grizzly. I am fascinated with this Kelly peeing on young chicks trial, not because I want to do that type of ish but because I want to see what is going to happen to him. The thought of pissing on a girl is quite funny,not in a misogynistic kind of way but like why would I want to do that; unless I was in a pool and wanted her to feel warm but that would be thoughtful of me.

I went to go see Barrington Levy last week and dude killed it. I have seen many a live concert before and Barrington impressed me, he really goes on in. He seems to be really enjoying what he is doing, his energy infectious and voice is very clear. Catch him if you can(c) Leonardo.

Ghostface is probably my next concert dude is in town in October, I have stated before that Ghostface is top5 dead or live on GP. His discography speaks for itself, almost no one else in hip-hop has been as consistent.

He has a little sugar in his tank, basically he is homosexual(c) Rick James ..... Wow is this hilarious, big up cMac!

Ohh I might be late but Owen Wilson one-half of the Wedding Crashers tried to Off himself. Whoa Hollywierd stays losing, I cant believe some of these idiots. How can you be so down on yourself that you try a heroin/poison cocktail and then slit your wrists. I dont even get stunned by any of this ish anymore. I cant wait for Amy Winehouse to be caught with a needle on her clit and her passed out almost dead. Dont get me wrong I dont wish death upon anyone, lets hope she gets caught in a semi-coherent state. Then Amy can get help and find Jesus, Word to Mike Vick.

Michael Jackson dropped this new scorcher Mamacita[||].Good to see him back doing his thing but does anybody believe him when he is singing to girls. Wacko stays losing. I cant front though in my top25 most played on the iPizzle I have like 5 Wacko tracks. Word to PYT, Human Nature, The Way you make me Feel, Rock with you, etc.

On that note, I am Cien catch ya'll next week!

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