Saturday, January 27, 2007

2003 Reef Brazil Bikini Contest

A bikini contest in Mission Beach(San Diego) 2003. So in my great hunt for Brazilian ass, I found that there was a contest literally in my backyard and I didnt go, Damn. w/e , w/e, w/e here is the contest I happened to miss.


Anonymous said...

NoMamesBuey Sports Update

Federer beat Gonzalez in the men's final in straight sets 76 64 64. Serena is a fan of both players & was actually in the stands watching the match.

Serena said she was inspired by Gonzo's ethering of James Blake "where Gonzo hit 2 unforced errors (UE) in 3 sets. If Gonzo can do that, I should be able to keep the UE to 12 in 2 sets, instead of my usual 50"

Serena then went out & did that against Shreiky. Unbelievable. I mean yeah I want to "be like Mike" but I can't just wish it so & start dunking on mofos & draining 3s at will (no RRR?)

Fed now has 10 grand slam singles titles. The most-used measuring stick for the tennis GOAT is this stat. Fed at age 25 will almost certainly pass Sampras & in 5-10 yrs will be considered the GOAT. Updated GOAT scoreboard:

1 Sampras 14
2 Emerson 12
T5 Federer 10
other active players Safin, Nadal, Hewitt 2

1 Margaret Court 24
2 Steffi Graf 22
9T Serena Williams 8
other active players Venus Williams, Henin, Hingis 5

I Fux said...

Yo Word I saw the highlights to that. On another note speaking of GOAT did you Tiger Wooo..........He was here in Torrey Pines(I wasnt able to go)but dude is onto some unbelievable 7 straight type shit, damn no thats something to keep an eye on, if dude died today; I think all can say he is top 3 athletes of the last century. The way he is dominating is unheard of!

Anonymous said...

yo i cant play the video pale face

I Fux said...

if it doesnt work, just click on the google and that will take you to the original

Anonymous said...

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