Thursday, January 18, 2007

Byron Crawford Posts my Story on Uday........

AHHH The Brothers Hussein Good Times, Things done changed though. Sux for them:

The other day I posted a little anecdote on about Uday Hussein and some of the shit dude would do. I guess Bol felt compelled to quote my story . As the story was pretty good and its pretty much known that I do extensive research and backtracking before I ever make a comment or any kind of claim! Here it is, like I said nothing Major.......

Also, according to my fact-checking cuz I Fux:

I once read a story about one of Saddams kids raping this chick daily and she would fight the rape everytime and then one day she finally stopped fighting the rape. At that point Saddam's son decided she was no longer necessary so he drenched her in honey and fed her to his Rottwielers.


Anonymous said...

NMB here

Investigative reporting of IFux ethers the whole of Fox "News"

Yo I think you or Belize once linked a site that has TV shows streams over the web like 24.

I lost my bookmarks (damn you Firefox!). Could yall repost that laink? Thx in advance

I Fux said...

Ya that shit is

but I havent been on there for awhile and its showing that it doesnt exist

Anonymous said...

NMB again

^ Damn son, looks like those cats got DJ Drama'd out of the internets game

I Fux said...

Ya I used to be on there all the time when I didnt have much to do at work and then when I came back from vacation that site wasnt working, but my boy says it will work at times..........I used to watch a show called its always sunny in Philadelphia, its on FX