Friday, January 12, 2007

Best of David Beckham

Yo I just got back today from Guadalajara, good trip and it was needed. Anyways, I here that David Beckham is getting that guap 250 million for 5 years. I know for sure that dude is overrated as a Footballer but as an entertainer/entity he is as good as it gets right now. People are going to go to the games and also rock his jersey. I think its a good look for MLS and US soccer in general. He is sort of like Allen Iverson or MJ in the sense that people are always intrigued by him and will want to see what he will do next on the pitch or what he is wearing off the pitch, no homo! enjoy the highlights


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NMB here

welcome back IFux, happy new year. Ojala que pichaste unas viejas en Mexico buey!

Yo I heard about Beckham, read about it on Wikipedia. They said the MLS salary cap is 2M FOR THE TEAM, with 1 player exception. And Beckham is getting 5M + upto 20M in the endorsements. WTF?! They said dude is 31 so actually at some time during the 5 yr contract, he'll prolly actually not be the best player on the team & still be making 100X the real team's pay, WTF!

I read around the World Cup that Beckham is actually like #25 in the world (Ronaldinho #1). Can you imagine this shiz happening in another sport? Who's #25 in the NBA? Maybe some cat like Wally Szerbiak playing in Italy for more pay than the entire team, lol!

The focked up thing is that soccer is so slept on the USA, that Beckham really could double the currently low MLS revenue, just off his fame. Especially if he gets into a scandal by fockin a celebrity whore like Britney or Paris Hilton. WTF

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NMB again

btw, if you like 2006 music lists, check my rateyourmusic page for my list of best 06 albums, & individual tracks

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True NMB, I will check your list I have been hella busy since I got back just trying to catch up on everything but I will look at your list, Peace...

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NMB here

fwd - a good article on the MLS/Beckham deal