Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Song of the Day

My Hoodie is looking very very rainbow right now(c) Kanye

.........And he gets the Girl- Lupe Fiasco feat Pharrell

Shout out to Dbillz who reminded me about this song. I remember hearing this track and went from just liking Lupe to Standom. This song also shows Lupe's ability to paint a story. I think I endeared myself to this track because Lupe is telling a story about meeting a girl but he doesnt know how to approach her and if he should because she seems to be out of his league but when he finally does he finds out they have much more in common than he originally thought. I can relate to that and think most people can relate to that, that being the original fear of approaching someone and or getting to know a new person.
Lissssssstennnnnnnnnn(c) Dj Khaled aka the homie Java

__TIDBIT QUICK DROP__________________________________________________

Pimp C interview talking all kinds of ish, this is hip-hop! (thanks AllHiphop)

CHeck out this dousy of a line Pimp C dropped

On Russell Simmons:

“I just made peace with the lil n***a Short Dawg cause on the cool, it really wasn’t his fault. It was ol’ d**k-in-the-booty-Russell Simmons fault for not taking the message back to him and telling him to change his name. Yeah, I said ‘d**k-in-the-booty.’ I know what I’m talking about. B***h, I’ll air you out too.”


Big Homie said...

The comment Pimp C made about Ne-Yo was hilarious as well. Lips looknig like he ate a pork chop sandwich with no hands..LMAO


Bare Arms said...

concur lupe...chit is in every playlist I make...smh, props for that drop...