Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Video of the Day, random people getting owned!

Big up Maija who sent me the clip.


elgringocolombiano said...

wow. A masterful collage of self-ethering.

The worst was the mountain biking dude that literally fell off. As in fell off the side of the mountain. That dude might've died there.

Or the dude who bashed his head in the oncoming car.

BELIZE said...

Yo this shyt made my day! I was bout to go loco @ work, but this helped

Ayo...email me a link to this, i gotta send this out

I Fux said...

some of the ish was just plain dumb who in there right frame of mind does a wheely on a motorcycle with a chick on the back, wtf or ghostriding the whip going 40mph

Dallas said...

yeah this was good and some of these turkey burgers have the scar to prove it,

Schadenfreude at it's best.

Andrea said...

This is the greatest video ever. What the hell were some of these people thinking?