Monday, July 02, 2007

SouthEast's greatest blogger, Wipe Me Down!

I had a long weekend, I ended up sleeping on the driveway after deciding to go swimming at 3am Sunday morning. Not the greatest of choices because nothing good ever happens at 3am. Start a story any story with "it was like 3am" and you will know what I mean. Its a holiday week this week so their will be more interestings things going down.

I wanted to take a moment to shout out my boy Joel Jones doing it big playing pro-ball in Puerto Rico, ya wipe him down. He told me recently that Marcus Fizer is killing down there and that Tractor Traylor is the wierdest dude ever. JoJo is putting in work so hopefully an NBA team invites him to join their summer league team, Hold down San Diego over in PR homie! Check this video of my boy JoJo and some hot Puerto Rican reporter chick.


Were Read 2 Def said...

Chick is bangin.

BELIZE said...

Fuck M. Fizer...great Bulls Reject