Thursday, July 05, 2007

Throwback Video of the Day

Yes you make my love come down all the way down. I met a nice looking bird yesterday the 4th and this song popped in my head, yes corny. Anyways this song is a lot better than that fake R and B trying to lean with it and snapple with it. This song has strong westcoast ties, growing up here in the Barrio the odds of hearing this song at a Vato party was always 100 hundred. Say what you want about Ese's but I give them credit on their taste in old school R and B they are always on point. Enough with the love for the Ese's. Yesterday was probably the longest day eva(excuse the Hyperbole)drinking early and the hot sun can do that but by the time 9:30 roled around I was sound asleep, missed the fireworks not that they are my thing i.e. "Fuxie really loves Fireworks he never misses them something about ish exploding gets him off", no suicide bomber. Unless I am kissing someone Fireworks dont do ish for me, I love and at this point there is no such a person. Maybe the girl I met can be the one to get caught up in the Matrix with, yes Neo. Who are we kidding that chick is already forgotten!

1 comment:

BELIZE said...

Ohhh..u make my luv...cum down

Thug Shyt

Yeah mayne, fireworks suk bolas this year (nbt)...