Monday, July 16, 2007

My Hood "Celebrity" Look-alikes!

My hood has plenty of look-a-likes(see here). Yesterday while drinking somebody brought up that young Javier aka Java aka Turtle looked like DJ Khaled and I agree completely. I tried to get him on tape saying "we the best" and "listen" but he wasn't receptive. I told him I was taking a picture and putting him up here, he didn't care he just asked if he would get any leftover blogger groupies. I let him know the minute I have any type of groupie, I will swing the chocha his way because I am unselfish like that. So here is Java, DJ Khaled's long lost brother. 1 Hundred!

SIDE NOTE: Visit, the sites Founder Nate showed your boy Fuxie some love *pause* the other day. So make sure you take a swing his way and check what they are doing over at Hip Hop Remix.


BELIZE said...

hahah...good post..keep these regular..

Just Panch™ said...

Yo, I couldn't get my email to work so I'll post them here, feel free to post them up on your blog.

I feel like these pictures capture more of the essence that is Java Khaled. No homo.

I Fux said...

Thanks Paco

elgringocolombiano said...

peep how Ray Hudson makes the most pauseworthy comment ever

Anonymous said...

yea they were seperated at birth

by why is ur man riding a bike?

I Fux said...

just a lowrider bike I got, nothing major

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