Thursday, May 17, 2007

A big Thank You!

The Blogging game can feel like a huge new city and besides the obvious i.e. getting my feet wet, creating a routine and getting to know new people and making friends; the most difficult part is finding your own identity and persona to make your very own blog different than the rest. I have been trying to find my own little niche and to say I am anywhere remotely close to where I want to be would be ridic, but I am getting more comfortable in my own blogging skin. I want to reach the comfort zone where my thoughts when put to print sound as close as possible to how I want them to be read. The reason I mention this and one of the main influences in me deciding to blog a few months back; Dallas gave your Boy Fuxie Gillespie a huge Alley-Opp (check it here) and Thank you again Dallas.
This one is for You D and the reason Spanish News Stations have to be the most informative show on television, viva Telemundo and iCandy Barbara Bermudo!



the-xfacta said...

Feeling your page dog, keep doing your thing!

I Fux said...

Yo I will add you to my links Homie. 1

elgringocolombiano said...

Props Fux on your props. Keep up the good work holmes!

elgringocolombiano said...

yo Fux, I like Dallas suggestion of "iCandy"

I got another branding suggestion:

Fux News
for your news roundup posts

Dallas said...

Keep grinding homey, you are gonna make a lane for yourself. Peep how El Gringo got that tennis and tech nerd shit popping.

I appreciate the Barbara Bermudo flicks. Makes me want to watch Sabado Gigante

elgringocolombiano said...

yo Fux, pls write a post about the Maxim100 list.

I wrote about this on my blog, but you follow this topic more closely with your iCandy posts.

I Fux said...

Yo Gringo I think I just might but I usually hate those lists and their perception of beauty and whats hot, I most of the time dont agree with their "hot chicks" i.e. Lindsay Lohan, Olsen twins, paris hilton those type of bitches I dont find any beauty in.

Dart Adams said...

Barbara Bermudo is NO JOKE, son. I like what you're doing. Check my blog out @


BELIZE said...