Monday, May 14, 2007

Hip Hop Video of the Day: Respect West Coast Hip-Hop MothaFocka's!

So yesterday I was watching Entourage and in this one scene Turtle is picking up a Lincoln and as soon as he turns it on this song was blasting. The scene was less then 10 seconds but I couldnt get the snippet of the song out of my head(no BBD Poison). So this morning I get on my grizzly and sure enough I find the artist and title: Elevation (Free Your Mind) Artist: B.U.M.S.. This is a personal favorite, 1. I didnt even know they had a video for it.

By the way this song "freely" sampled Teddy Pendergrass's: Close the Door, a banger in of itself.


BELIZE said...

Yo..might have to swagger jack this for one of my daily vids

I Fux said...

Belly I might have the link still I will look to see if its still active.....1