Monday, May 07, 2007

Whats Happening, the lowdown!

New Common track The People: This track is scorching produced by Kanye and it seems Common is picking up where Be left off and thats a good thing. Big up Eskay for the track.

New Calle 13 album (download here) courtesy of El Gringo.
I listened to the album in its entirety yesterday and its definetly a banger and you should cop it if you like good latin music. They sort of remind me of Cafe Tacuba if you dont know who they are they dropped a mother of an album a few years ago called Cuatro Caminos, Get familiar!

Byron had an article on a woman who caged up her son and put one of those dog shock collars around the kids neck. She would leave the kid in the cage and then go strip and do drugs. With the government calling for decency amongst the hip-hop community I am surprised they didnt try to flip this on Hip-Hop and say the Mom would strip to "Tip Drill"

De La Hoya lost and so did my Pockets(no pockets), end of story.

It seems there is trouble in paradise, Internal beef within DickSet, Jimmy decided to put Cam in Timeout. Illseed drops some inside sh!t

If anyone knows how I can get ahold of these "Fruity Pebbles" in size10, Holla at me....

SI got some pics up of fans and there crazy ass tats. The gayest one is of a Vato that has "I slept with Shaq" on his forehead, No Leaning like a cholo.

Is this Picture Real, WTF! Its like one big gang bang of who is who in the rap game.

Great RZA interview here.

*Snatches Late Pass* Termanology feat Trife da God - Think About it. I Have no clue how old this song is but damn its Congas.

According to Jay Leno all Mexicans look alike. Big up Icon for the link

Apparently I was the only person not to watch Spiderman this weekend as it raked in 59mill in one day. I am anti going to watch a movie on opening night, I will catch it sometime this week or on Nabolister. 1 ...........


BELIZE said...

That Jay pick was baaaallliiiinnn and dem tats were nutz

elgringocolombiano said...

Just to be clear, I noticed that Calle 13 EXISTING LINK. It is not my link, I did not create that laink. No bitchmade RIAA lawsuit just in case.

BELIZE said...

yo i need dat link again..i just tried to get it and it dissapeared ed o'bannon

elgringocolombiano said...

yo Jus Belize, check my original blog post. If that doesn't work, check HHB & rapgodfathers to see if they got an alternate laink