Thursday, May 03, 2007

Nas Concert Cancelled?

I am hugely disappointed, The show was cancelled last night. I hadnt been that hyped about a particular concert since Kanye came to San Diego for the College Dropout Promo tour. I had a wierd feeling the concert wasnt going to pop off because at around 11pm one of the main bars closed and the bartenders skiddadled up out the place. Sure enough 30 minutes later the anouncement was made and then pandemonium, I was surprised a riot didnt erupt but security was heavy so I guess that tamed any thought of the people causing too much of a ruckus. Word was something went down with security something about them trying to check his bags and being somewhat racist and NaS cancelled(isnt that always the case with hip-hop acts as far as security treating them like criminals or some ish).

My people and I chilled with Marcos from POD(thats my cousin Tony and him in the pic) for a minute chopping it up after the concert and he let us know that he is back in POD and that Sonny Chopped his Dreds, No homo. Here is my favorite POD track, filmed right in the middle of the hood and that barbershop is where my boys and I go.

I am convinced I am probably never going to see NaS perform live and that completely sucks especially since my boy was in Anaheim the day before and said NaS killed it. Well here is a clip of one of the most important battles in the history of Hip-Hop. All I wanted was to see him perform Ether and I would have been good.

Big up my boy from You been blinded who put me up on that video clip.

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BELIZE said...

Yo they said that Nas was Bin Laden so Bush had to pull d plug on the show