Monday, May 21, 2007

Brazilian Soccer is beautiful art!

I was watching the Mexican Soccer League semifinal last night my Chivas vs America and sure enough my squad lost and I was bumming afterwards, But while watching the game I had a thought about some of the most influential styles and or recognizable things on earth and the one that stuck out was A Brazilian Soccer player(ya a brazalian booty too) and how you can tell just by watching a regular game who the Brazilian player is by the style the swag that they play with it is very evident and recognizable(you can even see it in someone who plays basketball check Leandro Barbosa). I have a lot of love for Brazilians and latinos in general but my love for Futbol is unconditional, thats why I wanted to show you guys a couple of commercials that Nike has made over the years that I think best capture the essence of Brazilian Futbol Players! Also that song playing in the backround I have on my Ipod and bump it from time to time to get on my swag.

To manipulate a ball with you're feet in such a manner is a level of artistry comparable to Mozart, Divinci, IMO.

Check Carlos Tevez who is from Argentina but went to Brazil to play his club ball and sure enough he caught the swag, I say if you're not born with this swag, it cant be taught but I do believe you can catch it, No 28 weeks later(which I watched last night and as far as scary movies go, 28 weeks is pretty good).

Some of the players in this clip are not even Brazilian but they have the Swag. I guess one of the best compliments that can be placed on a player who isnt Brazilian would be to say "they play like a Brazilian"

TiTi Henry one of my favorite players ever and he happens to be French but dude is one of the best on the planet and he plays at a different pace, makes me think he is Brazilian or something.

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Anonymous said...

Yo Fuxarama,

While I agree that South Americans, particularly Brazilians and Argentinians are incredibly skilfull but you are neglecting some of the finest footballing talent ever to have played the beautiful game.....which comes from Europe. Platini, Gullit, Van Basten, Bergkamp, Beckenbauer, all of these players had unbelievable ball control. Then you got cats now like Giggs, Ronaldo, Rooney, Aaron Lennon, Thierry Henry, Dimitar Berbatov, all of which are unreal. What you forget about South Americans, and this is nor disrespect to you my brother, but what you forget is that these dudes are cheating, slimy, greasy bitchmade muthafuckas. Examples : Maradonna, Simeone, Roberto Carlos, all of which have cheated their way to success. Football is measured not only with skill but heart and the only South Americans I can honsetly say have that are Carlos Tevez, Gilberto Silva, Kaka and Adriano. Cats with heart by the bucket load = Steven Gerrard, Wayne Rooney, David Beckham, Thierry Henry, John Terry, Rene Gattuso, all mint. Good looks on the football post though son.

Best Mexican football player ever = Blanco. Best player at the moment = Jared Borgetti. Biggest ever loss for Mexico = against England 8-0 to the 3 Lions in 1961. Gotta love it!!!

Peace mate


I Fux said...

Yo England one thing the greatest Mexican Footballer is Hugo Sanchez, Word! and the best current players are Salcido from PSV and Marquez from Barcelona ...... I was mostly talking about the swag of a Brazilian player but I would ask you to please elaborate on Roberto Carlos as far as I know that little midget has a ton of heart.

I Fux said...

ohh and Gattuso is a beast along with Cannavaro

omar said...

blanco the best mexican ever that loses ur credibility son

BELIZE said...

I have nothing to say...Belize sucks at qualifaction matches

Anonymous said...

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