Thursday, May 10, 2007

Straight Bangin's Top 25!

A few weeks back I did a top 25. The reason the top25 came up was Straight Bangin' asked all "hip-hop" bloggers and contributers to come up with a list and then cumalitively Straight Bangin' through a point method would come up with a definitive Top25 according to the people who know i.e. us. I cant really disagree with their list I actually think this is as probably as close to a definitive list we will ever get to. So here is Straight Bangin's Top25

Negro Please! this clip is something that got me thinking(I usually dont think)how many times can a person say "nigga" in an interview. Got Damn Tru Lizzy takes it to an obscene level here, I think I counted 60 times in 5 minutes thats an average of 12 times a minute. Either Lizzy needs to step his vocab game up or really slow his roll the sh!ts disgusting B. I do tend to drop a "nigga" here or there and really there is no excuse(I can say its how I grew up) but the word carries a lot of negative connotations and I know we have desensitized the word over the years but to use it in such a manner is irresponsible. 1

Ohhh and Prom season is back WTF!


omar said...

Thats that nigga shit pun was talking bout!

BELIZE said...

That Winnie the Pooh has got to go