Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Carrying on with the Bilal Love, this is Bananas!

I had to up this Common feat Bilal "Play your cards right". I mentioned the other day that Bilal is my dude and all. I found this track and almost Babied myself(you know when he sees Weezy rocking a red bandana like his daddy)N/H Naturally. The best part is Ari on the Congas, Lmao.


BELIZE said...

This was on "Be" right? Anwayz, why does bilal look like a swole (nh) method man?

Anonymous said...


check out the pic of jessica biels ass that i captured and corrected from the trailer of that new movie w/ adam sandler and the king of queens guy. now that u got a mack u can do it too. hold shift+command+4 then your cursor will turn into a bulls eye.
i forgot ur email thats why i wrote it here.

-the panch

elgringocolombiano said...

per wikipedia Calle 13 has a new album. I got a few random tracks, but I don't have either the old 2005 album or the new one. By chance got lainks?

elgringocolombiano said...

peep the new Bol article on African immigrants. I put down a Savage Schiavoing of Bol in the comments, kinda comedy

Jennifer: Ruthlessly Absurd said...

That was some real classy shit. But I need pure, unadulterated, straight hen rock Bilal - no diluted shit.

All homo intended.