Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Game's Brother Big Fase getting knocked the fuckout for bringing Crips to the hood!

Here is an interview with Fase aka Mr.Outcold........'>Part 1 and'> part 2 ..............Growing up on the WestCoast you are pretty much taught that you shouldnt wear the oppositions colors when you are in a rival neighborhood in order to prevent ass kickings. So Big Fase should be well versed in such; being that he is "Piru" but I guess he thought it was ok to bring Spider Loc and his crip homies to the hood and of course one of the Big Heads felt disrespected and took it out on Fase's face....anyways........ Catch ya'll on the come up going to the Mexico vs. Venezuela Futbol game tonight should get interesting!


Anonymous said...

Fuck this nigga, he done robbed game for a million dollars now he mad cuz blood left his bitch ass there a reason he got knocked the fuck out

BELIZE said...

Mr. Outcold..i like that nickname

Omar said...

Mr. Outcold mad cuz game didn't want to buy a house in the hood. He says he lives to keep it real niggaz is getting more ignant now a days